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    Y.W. Editor

    The following was submitted to YWN from the executive director of UJCARE. It must be noted, that YWN spoke with the board at UJCARE, and told us that this was written & publicized on the Internet without the organizations permission:

    As Aharon HaKohen did, I delve where I have no business delving. I am no Aharon HaKohen; I do not profess to be, not even close. And I am sure many a blogger will remind me of that once this is posted. But I feel just as strongly about the issues that tear us apart that I need to speak out. That of which I speak can be applied to any two individuals or group or any community, but I focus now on a particular issue so close to my heart.

    A condition of my acceptance of this position was not to be confrontational or adversarial. I was to build an organization that would serve those in need in the capacity to which I was accustomed. Certainly, I had no interest in being part of any propaganda or any street wars that were to ensue within the communities I was to represent and serve. Unfortunately, I am engulfed.

    Now I serve UJCARE. At UJCARE, I serve alongside the well-respected Rabbi Leib Glanz, an Askan, a servant of the community who will go to any length to help another Jew.

    I have no intention of competing with UJO or Rabbi Niederman. I believe that the need in the community is so great, that no one organization serves all. But the war between the sides portrays the other as the rival. No matter how much UJCARE accomplishes within the short time since they were established, all reports of their achievements are claimed to be exaggerated and they are denied the right to exist. On the other hand, claims against the UJO, with their 35 years of experience are that they have nothing to show for it, leaving a very dissatisfied community.

    I am no Aharon HaKohen. I am no Talmid Chochom. I am no Reb Ahron. I am no Reb Zalmen. So how dare I lecture? How dare I preach Mussar to the Rebbes?

    Each side boasts how powerful they are and they are confident they will win this fight. Well, just imagine if we unite those powers. What can we accomplish then?

    The Rebbes have the power. I beg you. I implore you. I beseech you. Tell your armies to lay down their weapons. Find a way to resolve your differences and mend the wounds of your communities.

    It is time to stop it!

    Dear Rebbes, I beg you. I implore you. I beseech you. Tell your armies to lay down their weapons. Find a way to resolve your differences and mend the wounds of your communities.

    Kol Tuv.


    Well written. What can someone add to such an honest, thoughtful and heartfelt piece? All I can say is Amen, Kein Yehi Ratzon.


    Such an eloquent article, mamesh a masterpiece!!! Rabbi Katz, I wish you lots of hatzlacha and that you should be zocheh to accomplish for the sake of Shalom, you sound like a real mentch, “Oseh Shalom B’mromov Hi Yaaseh Shalom Aleinu” AMEN


    I totally agree with Joseph. No good will come out of this!

    Besides ‘Ain Chodosh Tachas Hashemesh’

    Disputes amongst us have been going on since the beginning of time and an article like this, although its meant with the best intentions can only lead to more damage.


    What a beautiful, heartfelt post! Amen!


    Y.W. Editor –

    Joseph raises a valid point. Since comments are being allowed, please be extra-careful as to which comments are allowed to post.

    jphone –

    Amen, agreed.


    Beautifully written, but I share the same opinion as Joseph and nameless.

    Ther was an unfortunate case in the 80’s when a chassidic journalist wrote an article with negative comments about a certain Rebbe.

    The results were devastating. He ended in the hospital with broken bones just because he gave an opinion the Chassidim didnt like. I know we log in with annonymous names, nevertheless please be cautious!

    Think BIG

    I add my name to the list above in endorsement of this message. With a heavy heart I think of how many families that are out their that have bitter enemies among their close relatives. The question is, can anything else be done in this situation?

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