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    Anyone ever experienced a blister like pain in your throat or on your tonsil? Anyone have info on this before I go see a doctor?

    Every swallow I give is excruciating. (At least I’m losing weight!)


    nope you sld probebly see a doc but there is a good side(the weight loss)!


    If she was decapitated she would lose weight too but its not worth it, smart i hope u have a complete and speedy refuah shleimah.

    basket of radishes

    I dont know that there is a lot that can cause blistering of the tonsils, but there are things of an infectious nature that can apply. Herpes is a possiblity but I would think rare. There are things such as auti immune symptoms and rheumatic symptoms that could get this type of presentation so see your doctor and consider asking if its a long term medical illness if you have had it for a while.


    My son had it. It’s viral so no medinicines for it and it takes abt a Week to go away. Refuah shelema!!! (Not that I’m diagnosing you….just sharing our experience)


    keep us posted we want to know what it was and what you did so it should go away, thanks.


    hope it’s not strep, refuah shelaymah!


    Are you sure its not strep or tonsilitis?

    always here

    I was thinkin’ strep, too. refua sheleima b’karov!


    Thank you all for your suggestions and well wishes! I don’t think I have strep because when I do have strep I can hardy move, and now I’m feeling fine B”H. I do have a low fever though.

    It’s not my throat that hurts, it’s only that one spot in my throat where I have a big blister(I see it in the mirror!).

    My dr isn’t in tomorrow so I guess I’ll have to wait it out until friday. But I hope I’ll feel better by then.


    Refuah Shilema


    refuah sheleima hope you feel better soon.


    SC -Try gargling with something.


    Try gargling with something.

    Something like salt.

    Not something like the water from after giving your kids a bath.

    minyan gal

    It doesn’t sound at all normal and I would suggest that you find a walkin clinic. If you need antibiotics (or something else), the sooner you begin treatment, the better. If it is strep it is very important that you have a throat swab to find out which type of strep it is because untreated Group A strep can lead to health problems.


    Something like salt

    definitely do not do this

    but gargling with saltwater is a good idea.


    What’s wrong with just salt? It will definitely burn the germs out, that’s for sure.



    similar reason why, when i have a cold in the winter i sit outside for a long time with no coat hat or gloves.

    i figure the germs cant survive in freezing temperatures.


    Ok, so my dr was extra nice and let me come to the office today although he wasn’t accepting patients.

    Surprisingly enough, the throat culture is positive for strep. This is the third time I have strep in the past 3 months.

    I also took some bloodwork to make sure there isn’t some other infection that we’re overseeing.

    Thank you all for your help!

    basket of radishes

    Sure, it could likely be strep. Get yourself to a doctor huh?


    i figure the germs cant survive in freezing temperatures.

    Ooh so you do agree with me. It sounded before like you didn’t.

    This is the third time I have strep in the past 3 months.

    Would you say that all three times that you got it were in the same week of each month?


    I think strep might be going around now. If its a problem, maybe look into a vitamin…?

    Refuah Shelaima. Hope everything comes back good.



    DM- do you mean that you can get strep at a certain time each month? how would that make sense? does your body become weaker to fighting germs at certain times in the month? never thought there was a connection.


    do you mean that you can get strep at a certain time each month?

    I got strep and/or strep like symptoms including sore throat and mild to high fever on approximately the same week of every month for about two years. My fevers hit highs of 104 sometimes.

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