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    To ayc:

    I know you may feel you’ve been thrown to the end

    And pain has surrounded you that seems unable to mend

    Something was done which was cruel and unfair

    But please know that we love you, we respect you, we care

    You’ve always been able to help us in any way

    We always could count on you to brighten our day

    Whenever someone here was feeling down and blue

    They knew they’d be fine, and that’s because of you

    Your help was always appreciated, your advice was always smart

    You have the special ability to warm someone’s heart

    But now we all feel empty, a smile we all lack

    ayc, we need you, please, please come back

    Shticky Guy

    MP Great Talent

    I also enjoyed this one which was posted yesterday on the Welcome Back AYC thread:

    Ken Zayn

    born Kenneth Solomon Zaynestzky

    Am Yisrael Chai

    You have gone, why?

    You are the most wonderful guy

    But now you make many of us cry.

    So now after the Shem Tov you did earn

    Wont you please return

    From you we all did learn

    And you are now our main concern

    For while you have a justifiable irk

    And this site you for now shirk

    Your reaction is only knee-jerk

    And we know you’ll be back with a smirk

    For now our fingers do clench

    We wait for you to our appetites quench

    So dont let your heart wrench

    Because you are the ultimate mentsh!

    Come back with a confident smile

    We are missing your artistic style

    Which is oh so very vesatile

    With a kop that is so fertile

    Posted 1 day ago #


    Bundled up, going to the park

    On a cold November day

    The weather’s overcast and dark

    This is a place to where I go

    To get together with a friend

    I feel a smile grow on my face

    As I peer thru the park fence

    Where I can let down my defense

    As I look from side to side

    The toys are sloppily arranged

    The cold November wind blows hard

    As I crunch thru the dried leaves

    The empty swings sway in the yard

    Abandoned, one perceives

    Into the still playground

    Some startled birds burst into flight

    At the solitary sound

    And the truth begins to dawn

    I trudge back home under the gray sky

    The chill makes my face burn


    Wow, Shticky, I didn’t see that one yet, thanks for posting it here!

    Ken, it’s beautiful!

    Let’s hope these poems work, and get ayc to come back.


    I’m sure if he reads these he will smile. MP and Shticky, if AYC returns you both get so much credit. Both of you put so much effort, emotion, and heart into all these AYC posts/threads throughout the CR. We all hope for him to return soon and post once again.

    Shticky Guy

    Yes to see that beautiful poem by ken zayn was real heartening. But I still would have prefered it to have been written by Am Yisrael Chai…

    Ken Zayn

    There was once a land

    not far from my PC

    where everyone was

    as happy as could be

    until one sad day

    something did change ‘er

    when posters were warned

    of a horrible new danger

    there were people out there

    as sweet as a doll

    who were really – whats that word

    oh yes its a troll

    they seemed so fantastic

    and a very good talker

    but really in fact

    they were being a stalker

    it was mainly one person

    doing it all the time

    so wait till they find him

    he’ll pay for his crime

    but the damage has been done

    and the cr is wilty

    and the best poster here

    was accused of being guilty

    he is a real mentsh

    of this we all know

    with his middos shining thru

    wherever he did go

    but there was a time

    that he stood accused

    of the crime of being too nice

    and with Joseph he was fused

    to protect us all

    the mod was being cautious

    but the end result

    left us all nautious

    Ken Zayn

    Mods sorry got cut off. Please correct spelling of final word (I think nauseous) and continue without a break as follows:

    Please come back AYC

    by you this place was driven

    it was all a big mistake

    and all is forgiven

    we miss you so much

    its not possible to say

    so do us all a favour

    and come back today!


    Am Yisrael Chai

    Hope you’re OK.

    This is just a bump to remind you that people still feel bad that you left and the circumstances of your leaving.

    Your return would be welcome (and welcomed).

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