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    my problem is that i find it EXTREMELY difficult to daven well. i am always in a rush to get out to work in the morning, and my tefilla is often lip service. and it pains me greatly. ive tried the makom kavua, ive tried concentrating on one small part of davening, and i even tried getting myself an interliner siddur so that i can read the translations of the words. nothing seems to help. and i know, especially in this time period of my life, that i need my teffilos. everyone always says that teffila is a direct connection to Hashem. the thing is, i dont feel in any way that my connection with Hashem is suffering. i talk to Him all the time. and i have a much easier time with saying tehillim then i do with davening. i guess because i dont know the words of tehillim and i HAVE to look inside and concentrate on what im saying. but i REALLY want to improve my daily davening. any suggestions?


    just saying that it wasnt always like this. when i was in school and we had a davening room and a set time and place to daven, it was so much easier. and i hate to admit this, but i also find it easier to daven when other people are whatching me….. 🙁


    can u take a break at work and daven then?

    holyland- dont feel bad, I also did. Actually watching other ppl daven helped me.. Maybe we should start goin 2 shul 🙂


    i daven mincha at my work break…..thats when others are watching me, so usually i daven well. same with shul… 🙁

    Shticky Guy

    my problem is that i find it EXTREMELY difficult to daven well. i am always in a rush to get out to work…

    Is this the problem perhaps? If you are “always in a rush to go to work while you are davening” then how can you expect to be able to concentrate on davening when you cannot be focused on it properly. Try getting up half an hour earlier and leave yourself plenty time for everything, which you do not appear to be doing at the moment. Then you wont just love the holy land. You’ll love davening also.

    Finding a ???? ????, concentrating on small parts of davening at a time and getting an interlinear siddur are very good ideas. But if you are too pressed for time then nothing will help.


    I have the opposite and i dislike when people watch me when i daven and i like to be alone. People are always around me and i dont know what to do especially since it takes me around an hour just to say shemoneh esrei so its hard to get away for that long.

    any suggestions?


    i also find it easier to daven when other people are whatching me….. 🙁

    If so maybe you can go outside in, by that I mean set your outside appearance of body, face hands etc. as you imagine a super concentrated person would look and (even if you feel silly inside at first) hold that external appearance for the first few brachas of shemoneh esrei and see what happens, you really need to work physically to give this a serious try.

    on the ball

    This always works: Leave time before Shemonah Esrei for 2 minutes to completely empty your head and medidate on the fact that you are literally standing in front of G-d to ask Him for your daily needs and those of the Klal.


    One thing that might help is to create a tune to Daven with. This helps focus yourself. The Gemara says that a Teffila is not answered when it is not said with Tachnunim (beseeching tone).


    Try focusing on one part of davening at a time and go little by little.


    Still looking

    Menuchas Hanefesh is very important in order to have a good davening. Real menuchas hanefesh means living in the moment, not thinking about what you just did or what you’re about to do. Just think: right now, I’m here! Right before Hashem!

    It also means that when you wake up halfway thru shemona esrai and you realized that you didn’t concentrate on 1 word yet, you don’t start eating yourself up over it. You right away shift to the present, to what is NOW! And that is your conversation with the most powerful Being that exists in whose hands every human being is a pawn. Good luck… and don’t forget to ask Hashem to help you work on your Tefillah!


    i think you need to find an earlier minyan if possible


    my teacher said that one of her old students came up to her and said that the teacher really helped her with kavana. The teacher told her (back when she was her teacher) that to have one beracha that she’s going to have total concentration EVERY time, once she did that she went to another beracha and it took a long time but she finally finished the whole amidah and she’s soo proud of her accomplishments-maybe this will help for u 🙂

    me- i like praying alone, i feel like if people are watching me, i’m not doing it truly for Hashem but so that people will think better of me -which is just fake so i’d MUCHHH rather pray alone with no one there except me and Hashem.

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