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    until today i’ve made myself crazy to leave work on time, run to the babysitter to get the little ones, rush home and quickly put up supper, take care of kids school work (too young for homework so i just go over what they learned that day), baths, short play time and then bedtime (ranging in time until 7pm) and not stopping to take a breath until my husband gets home from yeshiva a short while later.

    my dilemma is, its time to ask my boss for a raise. although we really need the money, should i ask to leave a bit earlier each day instead of more money? or should i keep up this marathon for another year?

    how many of you women out there or your wives/mothers work full time and manage to get all housework done as well as taking care of children by a normal time (meaning being able to get the children in bed by their bedtimes) in the evening? any tips on how to make it a bit easier?

    Abe Cohen

    Go home early. Not even a hard question.


    You have to make that decision based on what is important to you.

    I was in the same situation for years but each family’s dynamics are different. I didn’t take my children out but instead had a babysitter in the home who helped with the housework and my husband pitched in as well. I was not so makpid on getting my kids to bed early – because by the time I got home at 5 – I wanted to spend some quality time with them – so they went to bed more in the 8-9 range. I was out of the house by 7:30-8:00 and usually got home at around 5.

    I always felt that it was important to be more relaxed than tense with getting the perfect suppers ready and keeping the house perfect – clean was very important – neat not as much – but again I did have help in the house. If that is at all possible – it is a huge help.


    If u do hire a babysitter please hire a Jewish one who will not serve traifus to your kids and can cook for you too. Try to have hubby help out and I agree with aposhitermaidel

    Mr Taxman

    A couple of things:

    1) Leave early – Don’t wait another year to start leaving early.

    2) If one can avoid letting a stranger in a house, you shoudl avoid it and i don’t care whether it’s jewish / nonjewish babysitter.

    3) Your husband can also help you


    Do you want babysitters to bring up your children? Or do you want to bring up your children?

    a mamin

    Would your employer allow you to keep your job and stay an hour less?


    Don’t you think your kids also want to see there father before going to sleep? Keep them up a litle longer and let him chip in with bed time. Give yourself a little break.

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