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    Pro schnapps

    I think a spy visited my work today. 1. She did not make eye contact. 2. She was walking around and touching everything. 3. She was trying not to smirk but i caught her a few times. 4. She was feeling everything and asking random questions. 5. It was her second visit in less than a week.
    How do i know if i can trust her? I think she may have bugged my office. Maybe she was sent by the mossad? Or the CIA/FBI.


    What does your company or you do that would interest anybody? I work for a company that designs an builds power plants but our technology is so old that even the Chinese don’t want it.

    Someone in Monsey

    The description fits more with someone mentally ill. Then there’s your paranoia.


    If you think someone is a professional spy, it is almost certain they aren’t. Spies don’t act like spies. If they do, they flunk out of spy school and have to something else for a living.

    pro geshmake yidden

    How old was she? After 40 spies usually retire

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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