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    hocker mom

    We can always find good in times of crisis. Does anyone have any good stories of Am Yisroel banding together to help, making a Kiddush Hashem?

    i am here

    Went to a wedding sunday night with a four wheel drive, on the way back from the wedding we were driving by and a van in front of us got stuck in the snow so we asked if we can give a hand. Imagine the sight 5 girls (the waiter also got stuck there we couldn’t do anything to help him) the waiter and another guy pushing a van out of the snow while it was snowing. WE SUCCEEDED Its to bad we don’t have it on video. Baruch Hashem we were able to help another yid in need.


    From what I have heard: Lots of kids were stranded at the airport on their way to Israel.The Five Towns Community and its environs, opened their homes to pick up many of these kids for overnight accommodations, and a local kosher store owner supplied meals to those who were stuck at the airport.


    This is from the Far Rockaway/5 Towns organization ACHIEZER:

    12 AM Sunday Night/Monday Morning:

    By 12:45 AM, their heat was repaired and food was delivered to their home.

    8:30 AM Monday Morning:

    A 78 year old woman was trapped in her home in Lawrence. Four volunteers were dispatched to the house, where they shoveled her out, had her vital signs checked (through the help of Hatzalah), and one volunteer delivered her enough food to last until Shabbos.

    8:45 AM Monday Morning:

    10:30 AM Monday Morning:

    We received a call about a man who had passed away on Sunday. The family wanted to have him buried, but due to the blizzard conditions, the burial was delayed, and as of Monday morning, it was impossible to get a minyan out to the cemetery.

    11:30 Monday Morning:

    10:15 Tuesday Morning:

    A gentleman from the Five Towns was scheduled for surgery which had been approved by insurance and setup through our office. He had no way to get to the hospital, and furthermore the pre-arranged babysitter had no way of making it to their home.

    We arranged for a driver to take the man and his wife to the hospital, and paid for caring babysitters to be with the children for the remainder of the day until tomorrow morning.

    We give thanks to Hashem for allowing the Achiezer team to be there for those who need us, though we continually pray for the day, when we will no longer be needed.

    As the 2010 calendar year draws to a close, we ask you to help us, and allow us to continue to help all those around us who require our assistance. As you will see in our newsletter, which should arrive at your homes over the next few days, our call volume is expanding, and we are in the midst of rolling out some new, innovative and vital programs for the members of our community.

    The support that you lend, will allow us to continue this great mission, and I thank you all personally for enabling us to make the dream called Achiezer come true.

    If you know of a friend, neighbor, or relative who is stuck in their homes, lacking basic staples, in need of shoveling, or even some bread and milk, please let us know.

    Additionally if you know of anyone that would like to join us and volunteer with this initiative, please call our office right away.

    Call the ACHIEZER hotline at (516) 791-4444, and Esther or Eli will be glad to setup assistance for those who may need it.


    Speak to any hatzoloh member, im sure they have plenty…


    i think the way all the orginizations were working was amazing!! Hatzolah getting to people so quickly…. (it made such a kiddush Hashem… i heard one of my goyish neighbors complimenting their quick response….) Chaverim helping Hatzolah members dig their cars out…. all these orginizations are amazing all year around but the way they stepped up to the plate during this storm is UNBELIEVABLE!!! i look at them and i feel proud to be part of their nation!


    My wife drove to work at her clinic yesterday. The roads had been plowed (we both live and work in the Bronx) but although the main roads were clear the side streets had snow on them partly because people would shovel snow back into the plowed streets! As she was looking for a place to park, the two wheel drive car in front of her got stuck on ice. (My wife and I both drive all wheel drive Subarus.) And then, to make matters worse, a Sanitation Dept. truck with a plow pulled up behind both of them.

    My wife got out of her car and discovered that the driver of the car in front of her was the other physician at the clinic, another frum woman! The Sanitation Dept. driver got out of his truck and the two of them helped my wife’s colleague get un-stuck. It took the combination of the Sanitation driver banging on the ice with a tire iron to break it up and my wife wielding a snow shovel and walking her colleague through the process of rocking her vehicle from first to reverse and back. That no doubt made the Sanitation driver late for his plowing route but as a result the clinic was able to open and see all its patients!

    May we all learn to help one another.


    I shoveled my neigbors snow.


    mi k’amcha yisroel!


    Last year, during the first huge snowstorm in Baltimore (the one on Shabbat Chanuka), the Rav of one shule stopped davening in the middle so some of the men could shovel a path through the snow so paramedics could walk someone on a stretcher down the block to the medic unit.


    My sister watched as 4 Hatzalah men shlepped an old man down the block to their van. They slipped and tumbled a couple of times but they got him there!

    tomim tihye

    I made sure that a bunch of children had a cheerful, loving mother looking after them!


    Tomim Tihye-

    Although what other posters wrote seems more glamorous, the real heros of the storm are the poor mothers who had to look after their broods of school-less, home-bound and bored children!

    You really got the brunt of it!


    tomim tihye- your comment is not only true chesed but probably the hardest job of all and i admire all the mothers who were not only able to “survive” 3 days in the house with their stir crazy children… but to remain… as you said “a cheerful, loving mother” it’s really amazing so thanks for all your hard work all you mothers out there!


    My neighbor had an emergency and had to drive somewhere, however their car was completely stuck in the snow. I singlehandly shoveled, and manuevered the car out.

    tomim tihye

    pumper and cofeefan, thanks for the divrei chizuk. iy”h, bkarov mamash by you!

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