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    Joe katz

    Look at the headlines I took off YWN

    “Iran Offers Navy Escort For Next Gaza Convoy”

    “Iranian Army to Hold Massive War Games”

    Do you realize what this means?

    It means Israel will be at war any day.

    It means that our bbethren in Eretz Yisroel will be in danger.

    It means that our Brethren in the army will be laying down there lives for us.

    There is so much Sinas Chinum these days.

    I propose that in a merit for geula and yeshuah, we pledge to take on a mitzva or Midda, any mitzva or midda and we work on it. on this thread we can write down what we will work on.

    Remember how we all rallied behind Marten Grossmen, Look how we are rallying for Rabbi Rebashkin, let us make this ahavas chiunam- the love we have for each other bring the geula.

    I will work on Bitel Torah, and learning more.


    That’s an excellent idea to work on a mitzvah or middah for the zchus of easing our way toward the Geula.

    I’ll try to work on emunah, plus try to control my temper.


    Perhaps those who can learn should limit their time in the cr?


    Sorry but I was with you untill you gave your example.

    Ahavas chinnom does not mean violating the Torah by supporting cold blooded murderers.

    I hate to say it but that really was the worst example someone could have given.


    But you are right, I am trying to be more accepting of those who it looks to me like may not be ‘trying’ to follow Torah as carefully as I think I and the rest of us all should.

    If it does not look much different on my part, plaese understnd this if very hard for me, I did not choose something light or easy just to say “I did it”.


    i’m working on shmiros sedarim/bitul torah

    One of the chevra

    The original poster wrote: “let us make this “ahavas chiunam” – the love we have for each other…

    Rav Shlomo Volbe zatza”l said that the term “AHAVAS CHINAM” is a mistaken misquote! it is a takeoff of what chazal call “sinas chinam” but while sinah – hatred can be “chinam”- for nothing – which means without a reason enough to hate another jew, AHAVAH on the otherhand is NEVER chinam, especialy for a jew, just the fact that he is part of the am hanivchar Hashem’s chosen children is more than plenty of a reason to love him.

    Our problem is that we think that the Ahavah is chinam and therefore have a hard time with it.


    True, we should remember the importance of ahavah. That’s why this project of working on our middos is so important because we need to unify in order to be strong, like in the Purim story.

    Joe katz

    To hereorthere

    i agree with you 100% that He was a murderer, i was just pointing out the fact that so many people united.


    I agree. We have to increase all the ahavas chinam toward clalyisroel that we can while eliminating sinas chinam.


    And we must be dan lkaf zchus.


    @Joe katz – Thank you for sharing this message. I hope a day will come when our nation won’t need tragedies as a motivator to unite.

    Bli neder, I will work on judging others more favorably.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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