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    The article said there is a Mormon practice of baptizing by proxy of deceased Jews; that they did this ceremony on hundreds of thousands of Holocaust victims and continue to do it today. The article also said Mitt Romney performed this ceremony when he was a Mormon bishop, and admitted it to an interviewer.

    It’s weird and disturbing. Does anyone know anything about Mormon practices? I wonder what their interest is in keeping all the geneological records of Jews?


    Mormons believe that the world will be redeemed when everyone, living and dead, has been converted to Mormonism. They believe that they can convert the deceased by a concept similar to Zachin L’Adam Shelo B’fanav. That is why they keep genealogical records of everyone, not just Jews.


    If they can’t get ’em alive…

    Every nation tries to get the Jew to convert.

    The question is, who is the “proxy”? The descendants of the deceased Jews?


    Romney never admitted to posthumously baptizing Jews. The Mormon Church does this type of thing to all types of non Mormons. Romney said that he did perform a posthumous baptizing ceremony but never said on whom.


    I believe this practice stopped some years ago, at least as far as Jews are concerned.

    Ami is tied to certain segments of the Jewish world that must have the Democrats in power in order to get benefits.


    Come on! Do we really think that some Moron…er…Mormon baptism ritual before OR after death, has any validity on a Jew? I would be more concerned with whether or not the Mormons are FORCIBLY trying to make Jews be baptized. That is greater cause for keeping our eyes and ears open.


    For a second I thought the thread title read “Ami magazine article on Morons baptizing Jews

    ED IT OR

    how many of you still read ami?


    If only all our troubles would have been outsourced to proxies…


    While it conjures up some offensive images of Edgardo Mortara, do we really care; should we really care? The Mormon Church is extremely pro Israel. Think Orin Hatch. That’s what matters.

    A Heimishe Mom

    I still read it. It does have an unusual leaning, but I rarely if ever read the editorial/op ed pieces.

    I read the article in quesiton. While the concept is distrubing, and that Romney had obviously participated in it, it really has no bearing on anyone they do it to. As normal as I am sure many Mormons are, this is just one more “weird” thing about them. And it doesn’t even seem to be a discontinued or non-mainstream practice either, which makes it even harder to digest.


    I stopped buying Ami after the Nazi White House Cover.

    This isn’t new news. I believe the Mormons are behind (which is actually a good genealogical resource). Personally I think they can do any weird ritual they want to that makes them think that the world has become Mormon, but that doesn’t mean there’s any legitimacy to their hocus-pocus. At least they don’t think they have to kill us all off (cv”s).


    I grew up in Utah (yes, there are Jews there) and got first hand look of some of their practices. Baptism of the Dead was done using any proxy, including children starting at around the age of 8. I recall once asking a Mormon neighbor if she could come over to play at my house and her response was, “No I can’t today, I’m doing Baptism of the Dead.” I lived in a neighborhood with very “frum” Mormons. Aside from the fact that they regularly tried to convert us and teach us their bible, they were outstanding neighbors. They were very moral, clean-cut and honest. They don’t drink alcohol, smoke or even have coffee! They helped out in times of need (snowstorms, fires, etc.) and raised upstanding children. All of my neighbors had large families and ran their homes with military precision. Every child had a job to do as far as housekeeping, and most played musical instruments. Their living rooms were kept spotlessly clean, and children were not allowed to be in the living room unless there were adults there. The women had an organization called The Relief Society that would meet regularly. At these meetings they had bible study as well time for learning homemaking tips for keeping their homes running smoothly.

    Yes, there was also some weird stuff. They have “garments” that they wear under their clothes (adult men and women). They are like undershirts and shorts with strange embroidery on them. They also have different beliefs about the after-life and different levels of “heaven” they can get into depending on their deeds. In the early days, polygamy was allowed, but was outlawed when Utah wanted state recognition. There are still some breakaway polygamist groups. I never personally knew polygamists, but did see them around town, as they are easily distinguishable by their style of dress.

    Personally, I think that a “frum” Mormon president would be better for the US than some of the cheaters, liars and adulterers we’ve had before.


    They behave properly in EY as well; the famous Mormon center (Yerushalayim is Not For Sale was written about it) is not at all involved in shmadding Yidden.

    Ctrl Alt Del

    I don’t understand, if we went and converted Catholics or Mormons or any other sect after they were dead, they wouldn’t give two hoots. If crazy Jews want to dance around a grave and throw water on it, take video, put it on YouTube and laugh!! Why do we care? If this really bothers us and Mormons believe that those Jews are now Mormon, let just do the exact thing as above. invent a ceremony, walk through a Mormon cemetery, and make all of the yiddin! It’l be a hoot!!


    who cares?

    yaakov doe

    Converting the dead is effortless with no resistance whatsoever.


    I assume the Mormons baptize dead Muslims as well. May they have the zechus to perform as many posthumous baptisms as they want on Ahmadinejad and Khamenei starting today.


    i love the Ami and have a hard time undrstanding what the fuss is about it, but hey, its ur loss…


    lol maybe now that Ami is getting dumped on by so many people they’ll be more willing to publish my content 😛


    Why would anyone get mad at Ami for publishing such an article?


    Ami is tied to certain segments of the Jewish world that must have the Democrats in power in order to get benefits.



    soliek, you should have higher aspirations for yourself.


    The issue with the Mormons baptizing Holocaust victims is an ongoing saga. They have promised many times to stop it but keep on doing it.

    Just today the following was published by Gary Mokotoff in his E-zine of Jewish Genealogy “Nu? What’s New?”:

    Parents of Simon Wiesenthal Posthumously Baptized Last Month

    Elie Wiesel, His Father and Grandfather Added to Mormon Rolls.

    The records in the Mormon ordinance file can be seen at


    Seriously, who cares?


    “soliek, you should have higher aspirations for yourself.”

    got something against Ami? 😛

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