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    How about if we had some kind of thread for humorous photo’s? Like an extention of the Good Forwards thread?


    Over the summer there was a terrible car accident. At shiva someone was overheard saying “the body bag, they had pictures of people carrying the body bag”.

    Regarding “boys of hatzalah” i admit to glossing over the original comment that used this line, but i assumed it was a condensending remark aimed at all the boys who have scanners and run to every call.

    I stopped looking at photos of accidents when most of the photos were of hatzalah guys shmoozing, pictures of “ois gepimpda” cars and other such “newsworthy” photos.


    I still see these type of pictures in recent stories in the news section here and it is most unfortunate that they are taken let alone published.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    I think pictures of accident scenes that don’t show victims is a good thing. It reminds people what can happen if they aren’t careful while driving. Note- some accidents are truly unavoidable, due to technical failure or medical problems. However, most accidents are preventable and we should do what we can to keep more from happening.


    I still don’t quite understand the infantile behavior of many of our own snapping pictures and gawking at scenes of accidents. Do they need someone to explain to them that this is not an appropriate form of entertainment?

    Maybe YWN can be the first to bravely refrain from posting photos of this nature and start a trend of more considerate, decent behavior in our community.


    I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t think the victims should EVER have pictures posted, because of the additional tzaar it causes. BUT – when it is a car accident caused by drunk or otherwise deliberately impaired drivers, or reckless teens (or not so teens, who may have been on cellphones talking or texting), then it could be a real wake up call to see the aftermath of the totalled car, and a view of EMS or Hatzalah taking accident victims away, without showing their faces.


    Gamanit, oomis

    I agree wholeheartedly, before I take my kids driving for the first time , I show them pictures of totaled cars and explain to them how much of a responsibility it is to be driving a vehicle . And boruch hashem all of them drive safely ( we are the ones doing exactly 50 on the palisades)

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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