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    hi, im looking into several high schools in monsey. it looks like the school ill go to next year will b breuers. i just need a little more info to confirm that. first of all, are the girls snobby? do they talk abt movies, celebrities…? is the staff warm? thank you in advance!




    Hi, i know a couple girls there and they are funand nice girls! Not sure about the staff since I never went there…movies and celeberties ummm you’ll probably get that in any girls school to some extent. I dont think its an out of control problem there but the girls are not all yeshivish, its a very neutral crowd so girls do watch movies, some have TVs at home but i dont think its anything more than another bais yaakov such as Misores, Prospect, Ateres, Manhattan, Machon, Lev Bais Yaakov, shevach… Its not Bais Yaakov of Monsey or Ramapo or Bais Rochel though, not sure if those are your other options.

    Correct me if im wrong


    The school has no place in Monsey, and should be moved right back to Washington Heights.

    The Gateshead Rov, Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman shlita was not allowed to open the high school in Monsey, so something is very amiss for the high school to now be in Monsey.



    It doesn’t even have the same name (BYDRH as opposed to YRSRH).

    While many girls from YRSRH do go to BYDRH, they are NOT connected.

    I know a bunch of girls who have gone there. To be completely honest, the three really yeshivish high schools (BY Monsey, Ramapo, and Breuer’s) are more similar than they are different. Most of the girls probably won’t have TVs, or if they do, they probably won’t talk about it. They are MORE LIKELY to, though, but I wouldn’t worry so much about it.

    The people I know of who go there are really happy with it, and honestly, they don’t have just one type of girl- they get people from all over the place and send them all over the place. It seems like a great school.

    And ultimateskier, I wouldn’t group all those schools together- for example, Ateres girls are MUCH more likely to have TVs.

    I think that Lev and Prospect are good comparisons, though. Beis Rochel is in a league of its own.


    Please type in English, not text. thank you


    147- The Gatesheader Rov did not want to open a high school, it was a beis medrash. He was allowed to open it as long as it was under the auspices of the Kehilla and Rav Gelley. He refused to cede control and was therefore not permitted to open a Yeshiva using the YRSRH name. This Bais Yakov was opened under the auspices of the Kehilla.


    You started a different thread two months ago stating that you weren’t accepted into seminary for next year. Now you’re looking into high schools???? What gives?

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