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    yoishi – good to have you back. 13.5 miles is great! You sound like your well on the way to a great marathon. BTW I heard registration for the marathon opened today.


    yoshi: welcome back!!! wow!! that’s awesome you run so much!!! i’m still doing my 1.5hrs a day-still never calculated the miles though!!! i love running in the cold with the wind blowing in my face, way better then in the summer heat!!!


    Thanks for the welcomes!

    Yep, I’m training for the NYC Marathon, I sent in my application today, hoping to get accepted! I never knew it was a lottery thing. I thought anyone can run if they want 🙁 . So now I have to wait till around June to find out. But, I’m still going to train no matter what. Got my bodyfat % checked last night by a nurse doing free screenings, and I have 11.1 % body fat. WOO HOO!


    ames – For random runners, it’s a lottery system.

    However there are several ways you can guarantee yourself a spot. One is through getting sponsored to raise money for approved charities. Another is to be a member of the NY Road Runners and run in at least 9 of their races/yr plus volunteer at one event – I think.

    yoshi – If you don’t mind my asking, what’s your minute:mile pace?

    Also, now that you’re going the long distances, how true is it that it’s harder to go from 0-3 miles, than from 3-26?


    yoshi: was it your BMI that was tested???? hope you get a spot in the the NYC Marathon!!!


    I’m not sure, but I know there are charity groups that do it so maybe they get a discount. I have to pay $11 processing fee, and $171 for the race, but I think that includes the chip that costs $35 which you get back once you return the chip. I hope I get in too! I’ll keep you posted on my status 🙂


    Right now I’m not at a very good pace, I keep to an 8 minute mile, and the beginning is kind of hard because my body’s not pumped yet until I’m past mile 2 or 3, once that happens, it gets a lot easier, but that’s until I run 13 miles then I start to get tired, and push myself until I nearly fall to the ground.


    8 minute mile is GREAT! Gosh, I’m barely pushing a 10 1/2 minute mile… I guess it will all come with time. How long have you been running for?


    Since last summer. I guess I’m still pretty much a newbie. I ran a few times, then entered in to a 5k, and have been hooked ever since. My stats are on the 5k website. I think I had a 10 min mile back then as well.


    Hi there,

    yes, it’s really me. I logged on and the only thing I can add is that I’m feeling

    sluggish, un-run, lazy, tired and outta shape. That might have something to do with all the simchas, eating and get-togethers that’ve been happening around here.

    ARGH!! Any tips on actually getting to bed at a decent time to facilitate waking up like a lion (or at least a decent human?) Being rudely awakened by a a bone-rattling decibeled alarm clock is NOT the most conducive way to start a day! Lately, that seems like the ONLY way to get up. Jolting awake, fuming at the sly snooze button has become de riguer. I’ve come to putting a BIG note on the alarm that says, “NO!” in big bold letters. It’s a note to self – DONT TOUCH THAT SNOOZE BUTTON – just collect those exhausted bones of yours, pull yourself together, feet on the floor…yaaawn…..It seems that relying on the biological circadian rythm is so last year……………help!

    <end rant/>


    Ashreinu: ha nice to see ya!!! good luck with that!!!


    Ashreinu: keep working on yourself.$


    well, still working on the sleep thing. Even making myself a bedtime chart with a prize at the end – and havent been able to put a star on it yet. Except for Friday night’s early bedtime:)

    Here’s a question for the running olam – any ideas for good running music that’s Jewish? I’ll take any genre as long as it works for hitting the pavement with greater alacrity and is cardivascualarly pumping…

    Please share specific tracks….I’m in a bind here w/ this one…



    Ashreinu – how about wedding music? 😉


    Ashreinu: here are some of my favorite fast running music, i like fast type of music like wedding songs, that the whole cd is pretty much all fast songs! The Double dance Track, Sameach At The Wheel, The next Project X-Lipa Schmeltzer, Project X 3-Shloimy Daskal, The Double dance Track, & i got a lot of remix cd that i transfers to my ipod as well! check out the mostly music site to preview the songs to see if you like the cd before purchasing it! hatzlacha with your running & the marathons!


    Curious: welcome back runner! the cr missed ya!

    Pashuteh Yid

    Tip for going to sleep early. Cut out all rituals, or do them early in the night. Then lie on couch with a book or sefer, and fall asleep the natural way. After an hour or two, run to bed and sleep soundly.

    Trying to force yourself to go to sleep never works. Worst is the day before a big interview or flight or something. Many times you will not be able to fall asleep under that pressure. But the couch really works.


    If want restful sleep trying cutting out caffeinated drinks and noshing on a lot of sugary foods after dinner and substitute drinking a more calming beverage purchased from the local health food store. When you want to go to sleep at night open the window in your bedroom a crack, so you can breathe nice refreshing night time air. Pleasant Dreams!


    Good running music- hazman katzer by meydad tasa


    Hi all! Thanks for posting the fast music suggestions. I’ll look into those…

    Curious – GREAT music choice!!

    Shaatra – Looked up Meydad Tasa. He has a good voice and it’s nice Israeli music! Thanks for the suggestion…

    Hey – Mostly Music has a Dance/Fitness section. Check it out.

    Though I don’t care for their “dance/aerobic” mixes. They’re too techno/synthasized. doesn’t even sound like music!! I’d go with regular music that happens to be fast…

    PashutehYid – I would do the couch but its just not the same… and it’s so true that it’s nearly impossible to force yourself to go to bed… Though i try to do night routine things like washing up very early, so it starts the gears towards actually climbing into bed… I just have this mental block that you can’t go to bed until it’s waaaayy past midnight… thats where the bedtime chart comes in:)

    yankdownunder – I do all those. No caffiene, sugar at all anyway.

    I’ve decided it’s the mindset that needs working on… I’m getting there….


    try a brisk walk just as its getting dark, you’ll want to go to bed and be asleep in no time!




    Here’s a real-life exercise playlist that meets your criteria:

    Name			Artist	Composer		Album
    Hatov Meir Sherman A Little Bit Of Everything...
    Od Yishoma Meir Sherman A Little Bit Of Everything...
    Simen Tov Meir Sherman A Little Bit Of Everything...
    Ashira Yoel Sharabi Ashira
    Borchi Nafshi Ruach Borchi Nafshi
    Yerushalayim Ruach Borchi Nafshi
    Chazak Avraham Fried Chazak
    Didoh Bei Avraham Fried Chazak
    Hashata Avraham Fried Chazak
    Yehei Shlomo The Chevra Chevra
    Ki Malochov The Chevra Chevra
    Kein Yehi Rotozon The Chevra Chevra
    Seventies Medley Shloime Dachs And Dov Levine Dachs And Dov
    Yesterday's Favorites Shloime Dachs And Dov Levine Dachs And Dov
    Simcha Medley Shloime Dachs And Dov Levine Dachs And Dov
    Wedding Hits Shloime Dachs And Dov Levine Dachs And Dov
    Dov, Dachs, & Ding Shloime Dachs And Dov Levine Dachs And Dov
    Late Sixties Shloime Dachs And Dov Levine Dachs And Dov
    Mazel Tov Medley Shloime Dachs And Dov Levine Dachs And Dov
    Boruch Hu Avraham Fried Forever One
    Invei Hagefen Avraham Fried Forever One
    Yehay Avraham Fried Forever One
    Kol Reena Suki & Ding Hallel All Star Cast
    Saperu Suki & Ding Hallel All Star Cast
    V'Sain Suki & Ding Hallel All Star Cast
    Yiboneh Mordechai Ben David Jerusalem Not For Sale
    Kimt Aheym Mordechai Ben David Jerusalem Not For Sale
    Hallelu Kesher Kesher
    Od Yishama Kesher Kesher
    Pischu Li Kesher Kesher
    V'Samachta Kesher Kesher
    Achakeh Lo Kesher Kesher III Chazaka
    Hatov Kesher Kesher III Chazaka
    Ohr Chodosh Kesher Kesher III Chazaka
    Yiboneh Kesher Kesher III Chazaka
    Sois Asis Dovid Gabay LeGabay
    LeGabay Dovid Gabay LeGabay
    Ma Tovu Dovid Gabay LeGabay
    Havii Dovid Gabay LeGabay
    Mitzvah Dovid Gabay LeGabay
    Tamshich Dovid Gabay LeGabay
    Yerushalaim Dovid Gabay LeGabay
    Asher Bara Lev Tahor Lev Tahor 2
    Lev Tahor Lev Tahor Lev Tahor 2
    Ma Yona Lev Tahor Lev Tahor 2
    Modim Lev Tahor Lev Tahor 2
    Im Laven Garti Lev Tahor Lev Tahor 4
    Chaveirim Lev Tahor Lev Tahor 4
    Atah Echod Lev Tahor Lev Tahor 4
    Kol Hami'oneg Lev Tahor Lev Tahor 4
    Yaish Sachar Yehuda! Oh Yerushalayim!
    Uvechain Yehuda! Oh Yerushalayim!
    Uvo Letzion Regesh Regesh Gold
    Ve'yaazor Regesh Regesh Gold
    Kumah Regesh Regesh Gold
    Niggun Regesh Regesh Gold
    Hakol Yoducho Regesh Regesh Vol III Shabbos
    Rachem Al Regesh Regesh Vol III Shabbos
    Mi Hoish Shalsheles Shalsheles 1
    Yodu Shalsheles Shalsheles 1
    Habotchim Shalsheles Shalsheles 1
    Asher Bora Shalsheles Shalsheles 1
    Shalom Shalsheles Shalsheles 2
    Gadol Shalsheles Shalsheles 2
    V'nocho Shalsheles Shalsheles 2
    V'haya Shalsheles Shalsheles 2
    Tzadik Shalsheles Shalsheles 2
    Gadlu Shalsheles Shalsheles 3
    Yhi Shmo Shalsheles Shalsheles 3
    A'aleh Shalsheles Shalsheles 3
    Hodu Shalsheles Shalsheles 3
    Chai Shalsheles Shalsheles 3
    Shamati Yakov Shwekey Shamati
    Shehechiyanu Yakov Shwekey Shamati
    Sos Tosis Yakov Shwekey Shamati
    Boruch Hagever Yakov Shwekey Shamati
    Pisome Shwekey Shwekey2
    heenay shwekey Shwekey2
    lech ami Shwekey Shwekey2
    Hamelamaid shwekey Shwekey2
    Yerushalayim Shwekey Shwekey2
    Shenemar Eli Gerstner TekNoy
    Da Lifnei Eli Gerstner TekNoy
    Horiu Eli Gerstner TekNoy
    Sapru Eli Gerstner TekNoy
    Hokel Ovinu Eli Gerstner TekNoy
    Hu Yiftach Eli Gerstner TekNoy
    Tanz - Lemaloo... S. Cohen, A. Fried... The Wedding Album
    Hora - Hamelamaid... Shwekey, L. Shmeltzer... The Wedding Album
    Zman - Zman, Maminim... Yeedle, MBD, Shwekey... The Wedding Album
    Hu Yiftach Yaakov Shwekey Yedid
    Ben Bag Bag Yaakov Shwekey Yedid
    Yedid Yaakov Shwekey Yedid
    Yiree Yaakov Shwekey Yedid
    Sameach Medley Eli Gerstner Yosis Orchestra


    i can only try: go explain your name in screen names!


    I personally love running to music where I know some or most of the lyrics.

    p.s. How have you all been with your running routines?


    ICOT, that was a great list!

    for very recent songs, try from

    Baruch Levine, try Chasan HaTorah, (the first song)

    Dovid Gabay, don don,

    sheves achim, vehu, ogil

    Dovid Stein, melech

    I’ll try to think of some more not that it’s going to help you because sefira is pretty soon.



    yoshi: welcome back! b”h my running routine is awesome lately!


    ICOT – WOW!! THanks for those suggestions! Thanks for taking the time to find, copy and paste the list. This definetly gives me a clearer picture of whats out there.

    The only problem is that I don’t have ANY of those CD’s at home. Maybe 1 original shalsheles or Lev Tahor that belongs to someone else in the family…

    Kapusta – Thanks for your additions too! Those are so brand new and out of my realm, I didn’t even know they existed:)

    I happen to be a music purist and carlebach fan. So I went through my library and listened to and chose my favorites with fast tempos. Wasn’t easy as most guitar tracks are slower, but I persevered and found some (among the likes of Chaim Dovid, Yosef Karduner, C Lanzbom/Noah Solomon + Soulfarm, Moshav Band, Simply Tsfat, Diaspora Yeshiva Band, Eitan & Shlomo Katz etc…)

    Yoshi – Keep up the gr8 work!

    Personally, I’m on an inert stretch of track glued into place by a matza overload and feeling the crumbs as they quietly creep into extra poundage. I shlepped along my running stuff for Yom Tov and plan on lugging all the extra matza+me out to a beach nearby and hope to avoid the families on their chol hamoed outings as I cumbersomely make strides to return to the runner I was a few months ago.

    Hopefully, The Buzz (oops. darn it, just gave away my location…just visiting this borough for Pesach:) will have a good MP3 player I can replace my old 1 with and I can load up the tracks and burn those matza crumbs to a crisp!

    Happy Running all and keep us updated of your progress.

    BTW – I saw Bonei Olam is taking part in a 5 mile race in Central PArk on June 28th to raise money. I’m having trouble finding the link rt now. For more info, you can call them or check out facebook if you havbe an account, I beleive they have a facebook group for it…I’m using my host’s computer bec. my laptop aint working rt now. Dial-Up is a real, hard lesson in savlanus…!!!!

    A Good Moed to all!


    I think I need to start running. The matza weight is seriously making its appearance, and I’m NOT liking the way it looks, at all;(

    btw, where’s ames?


    an open book

    she’s a mom, right? maybe busy with pesach & real life?




    Your curiousity can be satisfied here:


    Thank you.

    It’s not my list – it’s “Mrs. Try’s” ipod exercise playlist.

    I’m not into music much.


    You’re welcome.

    It didn’t take too long – I downloaded the playlist, and then just had to format it.

    I’m not even sure if the music is all available on CD.

    Some of the songs were captured from my wife’s old audiotapes, had the sound cleaned up, and converted to MP3s.


    ICOT, you should “try” some music… it’s good for you!



    ames: time to start cleaning for pesach again, then! (Isn’t that when we always find our long lost stuff??)


    Ames, I would be happy if that were my last date…since I gave birth to my son last february, I havent really done any excersize. I’m pregnant now so a built in excuse to get fat 😛


    I’m due in September. Technically, I have no excersize restrictions, but tell that to my morning sickness :-/


    what’s a good place to run in flatbush? (not ocean parkway…i hate having to stop for the lights). Also, I’m planning on going at night or early morning so it shouldn’t be somewhere dangerous @ those times 🙂 Thanks


    dunno, I really “dunno” about this, but maybe the water by Kohls/Toys R us, or on manhatten beach (but theres no boardwalk). Early morning would probably be safer.

    DISCLAIMER: please ask around before you do this and end up in trouble, it’s just a suggestion.



    dunno: read through this thread, people have said good spots to go in this thraed! hatzlacha fellow runner!


    How’s your running doing, fellow runners?

    Had a fabulous Motzei Shabbos run….in the rain, Yay!

    I love when the elements interact with my run. It makes it all the more interesting and interactive, not to mention cools you off and saves you a shower…

    Light snow, rain and wind…. it livens up the run and in a strange way, I feel more connected to Hashem, and in touch with the environment because it’s like running through this stuff that’s coming straight from shamayim… just my musings…

    p.s. totally kidding about the shower thing:)


    Ashreinu: my running is doing awesome! i enjoy it so much! ha about running in the rain! i can’t stand the rain!


    it’s raining? lol, haven’t been out all night!



    anonymisss: it was pouring earlier!


    I hear ya about the rain. Though, I beleive there’s a time and place for enjoying the elements. Getting into the dirt, rain or mud is a healthy thing, when you’re dressed for it.

    It’s a good thing for our planet and I try to view it as that, no matter how dreary it seems or how it’ll ruin my shoes or hair;)

    When you’re dressed for it, like when running, I try to use it as an opportunity to enjoy getting wet and enjoy the blessing of rain. Dunno, i just think its fun and cool. Of course, I like dirt and mud too… camping, mountain biking, kayaking…practically any dirt or water sport:)

    hmmm. I think it’s time to start an outdoors thread……keep an eye out!


    Ashreinu: i hear what your saying! at times the rains not that bad! but rain for days i can’t stand!


    Running in the rain can be challenging, especially where I run, because all the flooding, that goes on there. One time I was running, and not realizing how deep the water would be, I plunged into a waist deep “puddle.” I was so determined to finish my run, that I finished my run anyway, sloshing the rest of the way.

    I’ve got a 5k planned for the end of June, after that I’m going to bump myself up to a 10k race. Let’s hope I got the energy and the nerve to do it!

    P.S. Anyone get any info on their NYC Marathon acceptance? I know that they said they wont tell people till June, but I was just wondering if anyone got a confirmation, or if anyone here has an instant acceptance?





    anonymisss, it was a joke, you said I should go away from the CR and do regents, so I asked where the runners thread was?



    😉 I’m S-L-O….



    you said it, not me… jk! 😉



    Anyone have or had some type of running injury? Such as knee and/or shin pain?

    If you are or were experiencing some type of injury, care to share it with the rest of us, and how you are treating it for the better?

    For me, stretching for about 20 minutes after running, focusing mainly on the whole legs region help tremendously. For any instant pain, I use an ice pack 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off over and over on the injured area.

    The worst for me though are cramps. I still get them some times, and they can ruin my run almost entirely. I know this sounds silly, but chewing gum kinda of helps with that.

    P.S. I’m so happy this thread is up and “running” again. Yay!


    I just discovered this forum and am glad to have found it. Running / jogging is not a very popular pastime in our community and it is a pleasure to see that I am not alone. For what it’s worth, here are my two-cents on various topics that have been raised:

    1. NYC Marathon. If you don’t get accepted, don’t worry about. The Philadelphia Marathon is (always) two weeks later than NYC and a lot of fun. It will take you about 1.5 – 2 hours to drive down from NYC, but the marathon itself covers a lot of the downtown area and is a lot of fun. There is no lottery to enter so you are guaranties to get in. It’s not as exciting as NYC (smaller crowds and far less media hype) but it is a great marathon.

    2. Cross-training!!! When I first started running, my only thought regarding training was to do more of same (i.e., run further and/or run faster). Needless to say, I hurt my knee and couldn’t run properly for months. The problem was that by only training a certain set of muscles (those use to run) the leg muscles get out-of-balance (some very strong, some not). This creates an imbalance that can lead to a lot of problems. Instead, be sure to cross-train your legs! Ride a bike, run backwards on a treadmill, do squats in the gym, jump rope, etc. Make sure you train *more* than just the muscles needed to run and I promise you will do a lot better.

    3. Running in Flatbush. If you are running at least 5+ miles, there are many great places you can get too. Besides the track at Marine Park, the Salt Marshes (entrance at Ave. U and 34th St.) has a great loop (about .8 mile) inside. Also, you can head straight down Bedford to Sheepshead Bay and run along the water.

    4. Cell phones. A suggestion – if you are going on a long run, take a cell phone. This happened to me once, I was about 6 miles out and hurt myself. Without a phone, I was forced to walk home all 6 miles. Not fun. 🙂

    I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts and suggestions. Thanks.

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