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    L’maaisa, what are people doing about going on with the Chasunas that were scheduled months ago for now? Are they going on as normal? Abbreviated in time and/or in number of permitted participants? Are many of the invited guests now being told not to come? Are the weddings and other simchas being moved from their original halls to smaller venues (shuls, homes, etc.)?

    I’m not talking about exceptional cases; I’m referring to the two dozen plus chasuna that normally occur every night just in the New York and New Jersey areas. Not to mention the countless L’Chaims, vorts, tenaims, bris milas, vacht nachts, upsherins, kiddushim, Bar Mitzvahs, etc.


    Yes as reported here

    NY UPDATES All Schools Including Yeshivas MUST Close; Inspectors Shutdown Multiple Weddings

    I personally know of a bar mitzvah seuda scheduled for later this week that has been cancelled and in lieu of that a dinner for immediate family only has been scheduled.


    Perhaps these changes can lead to a permanent reduction in the cost, size and ostentatiousness of Chasunas and other simchas.

    It’s now proven that small Chasunas and Simchas can be done.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I attended two weddings and hope to hear my friends son leun . People have sent out links to watch in real time and post messages if you are comfortable with that. I am grateful for any simcha someone sends my way.


    Do not congregate for them.

    Weddings should be done with a rabbi, the couple, and two kosher eidim. No more. Schedule the celebration for the one year anniversary. Brit milah only requires the mohel and the baby.


    Omg the famous Charlie Hall!!!


    Weddings should be done with a rabbi, the couple, and two kosher eidim.

    You need a minyan in order to say the 7 brochos.

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