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    Just some food for thought.

    If you follow A”T BA”SH GA”R DA”K.

    day 1 of Pesach – “T”isha B’av (A”T)

    day 2 of Pesach – “Sh”avuos (BA”SH)

    day 3 of Pesach – “R”osh Hoshana (GA”R)

    day 4 of Pesach – “K”rias Hatorah(simchas torah) (DA”K)

    day 5 of Pesach – “Tz”om(Yom Kippur (HA”TZ)

    day 6 of Pesach – “P”urim (VA”P)

    that always seemed to be where it ends…..

    however if you look at a calendar you will see that

    day 7 of Pesach will always be the same as 5 Iyar(“A”tzmaut?)

    Just sayin….


    Wow that is so amazing! That must be a awakening for me, a sign from G-d that there are implications in ???? ????? of Israel Independence Day. I will begin to observe and honor that day with barbeques, just as i observe the other holidays.

    I will stand up to the most learned rabbis, and let my position be known.

    oh a sign from g-d, it is a sign from g-d

    Maybe I will start a new religion,- ’tis a sign from g-d.

    la la la


    And I’m just saying that if the Rabbanim Geonim who instituted this great Yom Tov would have known how much animosity and rift it causes between klal yisroel… they might have held back.

    ?? ???? ?????

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Yom Haatzmaut, min Hashamayim??? The Atbash cipher.

    In other words, if the ones who set 5 Iyar knew A’T BA’SH, there is absolutely zero mathematical significance.


    DY: I agree with you. But the ones who set up our calendar knew At Bash. Then again, I don’t think there’s any significance to the whole thing. It’s just a useful mnemonic device. So too here, it’s a useful mnemonic to know when Yom Ha’atzma’ut will fall out.


    BetShemeshInExile:- I was already Zoche to hear this facet at a Yom ha’Atzmaut speech during the 1970’s.

    But it was great reading this most fascinating item yet again, as we go into Iyor. Thank you so much.

    Of-course Israel’s founding fathers had no idea about this, but haShem who orchestrated this wonderful event was absolutely 100% aware of this facet.


    5 Iyar was set by the British, as they decided when to end their mandate and get out.

    We will ask them if they knew A”T Bash.


    Josh31 – The point is that they didn’t know. Nor did the non-religious founders of the state know. Had they known and done it on purpose then it would not be meaningful.

    The only reason it is meaningful is because this is how it worked out, without it being planned to coincide


    Building onto BetShemeshInExile great insight, I should also add, it is stated that each Regel has a corresponding holiday:- Shovu’os has Purim [Both had a Kaboloh undertaking]; Sukkos has Chanukah [Porei Chag go down 1 in # everyday as does Beis Shamai’s candles]; Pesach has Yom ha’Atzmaut, as both entail a new founding & Liberation.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Josh, the declaration was read the day before the mandate was set to expire.

    How often doed it actually come out on 5? The last few years, it hasn’t.


    In the current system, Yom ha’Atzmaut is only observed on Iyor 5th when it is a Wednesday [Happens in years when R’H shall be Shabbos].

    When Iyor 5th is Shabbos, Yom ha’Atzmaut is Mukdom to Thursday Iyor 3rd.

    When Iyor 5th is Friday, Yom ha’Atzmaut is Mukdom to Thursday Iyor 4th.

    When Iyor 5th is Monday, Yom ha’Atzmaut id Nidche to Tuesday Iyor 6th, so that Yom haZikoron does not come out in juxtoposition to Shabbos, and hence is held off until Sunday nite.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Thanks, 147.


    Pesach has Yom ha’Atzmaut, as both entail a new founding & Liberation.

    No, you are reading the A”t Ba”sh wrong. He notes that the first day of Pesach’s At Bash is Tisha B’av. The corresponding holiday should be the one that corresponds with the first day of pesach.

    And the connection is that they are both about reshaim taking over eretz yisroel.


    We are now “Tauch Sheloshim Yom” of Yom ha’Atzma’ut” so have have to commence our preparations for Yom h’Atzma’ut in earnest.


    <groan> How did I know that 147 will be getting excited here before I even clicked on the thread?

    Little Froggie


    147 said (ok, wrote) that he was zoche to actually see the holy Chafetz Chaim…

    Just wondering what his closest Talmid had to say about the medina… (don’t recall anything the Chafetz Chaim said about it, though)

    Little Froggie

    And for the world at large:


    I didn’t start it this year. Left it for someone else. But now I can…


    Just wondering what his closest Talmid had to say about the medina… B’H a safe haven for stateless Jews to flee to. If the Medina had been around before the Holocaust, think how many more Jewish lives would have been saved by the Medina.

    Little Froggie

    I don’t think R. Elchonon was too happy about it!

    “If the Medina had been around before the Holocaust..”

    We all know what would have happened. Those truly fit for farming, political leaders… etc. Oh yeah, and the one cow for Palestine…

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