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    They condemn Abbot and Desantis’s bussing of illegal immigrants to their cities. Superhero Adams declared a state of emergency.


    Is there any defendable way to claim that Texas and Florida should be stuck with them more than NY and DC? Just what exactly is going through their heads when they complain? What logic–or emotion–are they attempting to express?

    And then I read jackk’s post. And laughed.

    KNIVES OUT: Ted Cruz Calls Biden “Biggest Human Trafficker on the Face of the Planet”


    I wasn’t so clear what was funny. So i’ll explain:

    In a sense, what are they fuming about…..a whole list, nothing too terrible, just the one big complaint:
    “They are fuming because the 3 Wicked, Wicked Rulers of Sedom and Amora and Adma named Abbot, DeSantis and Cruz” …are the ones doing the dumping.


    I see both points of view on immigration and not very anti immigration per se but this time the hypocrisy on the liberal side is just overboard. You can not support illegal immigration and complain when immigrants are dumped off on you. You cannot expect others to just accommodate immigrants where and when they show up but then complain when they expect you to do the same . Particularly when the others who you are expecting to accommodate immigrants, unlike you, oppose immigration.

    I’m not so anti-immigration. I’m just opposed to the hypocrisy here. The Republicans seem to be giving a perfect solution to the immigration debate. They are saying “We oppose immigration-you support it so we will facilitate the immigrants way to your state if they come to ours” What better and more bipartisan solution to the debate where everyone gets what they want can there possibly be? But still the Democrats complain. Not only do they complain, they complain with the exact same talking points used by those opposed to illegal immigration like “we don’t have the resources to deal with this” … “illegal immigrants just show up and expect us to deal with them” etc.

    ☕️coffee addict

    What makes you think that the democrats run on logic as opposed to emotions?



    You obviously didn’t read what I wrote.



    Make sure to give extra time for those that are against this checkmate move in order to reply.

    That have a lot of chazarah to do on CNN, NYT, the Atlantic…etc , in order for them to have a formed opinion given to them.

    emes nisht sheker

    What does supporting or not supporting immigration have to do with being opposed to a political stunt that is trying to make a point by hurting people who have nothing? Sending them to places without notice or any coordination with the people there and seemingly under false pretenses is just plain and simple evil. Frankly, NYC’s food establishments have plenty of demand for illegals as well as numerous farms in conservative areas who are all dependent on illegals so not necessarily that big of a deal to figure out what to do with them, but treating people like this is just plain evil.


    Maybe Republicans should be more positive when doing that. Explain to everyone that they send them to good states, warn those states when the buses are on the way (or almost there) – or are they afraid that Dems will not let them out of the bus? Make sure the driver gets out of the bus with keys. Maybe have a remote control to stop it from moving.



    He was responding to a post that I wrote that delineated some of the evil things that Bera , Birsha and Adma had done to immigrants in the name of owning the libs and checkmate.
    Even in Sedom the most evil practices were given great philosophical justifications. In America with the Republicans, it is just pure wickedness.

    Emes nisht sheker summarized many of them.

    We don’t need to look anything up. Treating immigrants badly goes back over 3 thousand years to the 5 cities that were overturned.
    Maybe you should do a little research into the evilness of these 3 people against immigrants.

    The support that these 3 evil people get for abusing immigrants is really astonishing.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Sending people voluntarily from an overcrowded processing facility where they sleep on bedrolls with tinfoil blankets in 100 degree weather to a not overcrowded city to stay in a hotel in a decent room on a real bed where you are processed by people who declared themselves sanctuaries is NOT evil. And it is not proven true that the receiving cities were not informed. Forwarding them on without choice pretending you don’t have blankets, and flying people in the middle of the night to places who did NOT declare themselves sanctuaries and WITHOUT informing them even AFTER they landed…that may not be evil but it sure is disgusting, inhumane and political.

    Zap – just made that true post disappear for the sake of any democrats who don’t want it to have happened.


    Jackk, is it your or my responsibility to take these people in after they broke the law?

    How many illegal immigrants have you invited to your home?

    Why should the people of Texas be held responsible for the mess the federal government has created? Are they responsible because of mere proximity to the border?

    If anything this was the kind thing to do, as the locations they are being sent to cities where the leadership has proclaimed they care about these people the most, now everyone is discovering that is mere rhetoric, much like your feeble response.


    In addition to what jack said, democrats say that border states receive millions in funding to build infrastructure to receive these immigrants.

    What they don’t realize is that there is nothing inhumane about taking an immigrant who dropped themself off in a random city whose infrastructure is too overwhelmed to properly handle them and dropping them off in another random city. The point is being made very loudly and clearly yet many choose to remain deaf eared to the source of the problem. The borders are open and the US can not absorb the about of people entering with any semblance of dignity. If the lesson learned here if that Republicans are evil you simply blindly feeding your bias. Democratic leaders need to wake up and understand what the issue is because until they do this will not stop.


    if someone can take them over mexican border, kal vehomer, someone else can take them over NY state border.


    These discussions about forwardig, lack of blankets is stam silly. This is a country where anyone can order blanket delivery overnight or even within one hour. any place should be able to house 100 unexpected visitors. Shtetls did it every shabbos.


    You can have all the sympathy in the world for these poor people, but facts are facts. And the fact is that the United States is a sovereign country with laws. The US government’s job is to enforce those laws, and anyone entering the country illegally is breaking those laws. So as far as the government is concerned there would be nothing wrong with putting illegal aliens on buses and dropping them off right across the border.
    Another point: I don’t think the immigrants who were shipped to Massachusetts were victimized. Governor Desantis said they have signed consent forms, and the immigrants were provided an actual map of where they were going. But even if everything the hysterical left said was true, and the Venezuelans were lied to, this doesn’t automatically make it wrong. The border towns are dealing with a massive crisis, and if they think that doing could help spur action, then they have every right to do this.


    1. The busing of the somewhat illegal immigrants is a (very successful publicity stunt).

    2. One should note that many people on the “blue” side are not supportive of increased immigration, and many on the red side are. The complication is that the “illegals” tend to be hard working and upwardly mobile (meaning they may take away jobs from less industrious American workers), and that they tend to be economic conservatives (most are from socialist-leaning governments, which is why they tend to be pro-capitalism) and social conservatives (anti-abortion, anti-gay and pro-religion).

    3. If the government were run by rational people, and given that the US has a serious labor shortage, the federal government would place them in jobs which are otherwise going unfilled, with the federal government bearing the costs (rather than state and local government located by the border). However rationality seems to have gone out of style (it was so 20th century).


    They want to destroy the essence of America and make it a communist country.


    To Participant: Learn to spell. “Bussing” is an act of intimacy involving lips. Busing is, among other things, a cheap political stunt that uses the persons bused as political pawns.



    I’ve noticed when people longer have grounds for an argument they resort to pointing out minor flaws in spelling and grammar. I hope your antics have fulfilled your superiority complex.

    Please join the debate and defend illegal immigration.


    @jackk I most certainly read your post. I’ll give a more detailed review, though it no doubt will land on deaf ears.

    “They tricked and lied to these people into coming to NY, Martha’s Vineyard, and Washington DC with promises of jobs, housing and food.”
    A) Does NYC, MV, and DC not have jobs, housing, and food? B)What’s the issue? That they lied or that they’re not providing them with jobs, housing, and food? If the answer is the latter, then read OP. If the answer is the former, yeah sure, lying’s bad. Shame on those sedomites.

    They sent them without proper medical care or food.
    …..Again, does NYC, MV, and DC, not have medical care and food?

    They dropped them off in the middle of nowhere without anybody knowing they were arriving.
    Oy vey. Terrible indeed. Shocking, actually. But Sedomites? Hmmmm.

    They paid at least 1/2 a millions dollars to send them by plane when they could have used the money to actually help these people instead of treating them worse then dogs.
    Finally, a valid complaint. That the Floridians should be raising, not Eric Adams. Side question: Has the airline industry really plummeted so low that only dogs are fit to ride planes now?

    The migrants are already in the immigration system and need to show up in courts in the US for their cases. They are now guaranteed to miss their court dates which is a strike against them.”
    Gee, you’re getting desperate.

    All this is of course just being totally thorough and meticulous and superfluous, because the complaints listed by the libs had nothing to do with this. Adams declared NYC at “breaking point.” Was that because the illegal immigrants were lied to? Or Because they arrived when no one anticipated it?

    Keep up the creativity.


    I just googled “define bussing”.
    Definition 1 – “transport in a communal road vehicle.”


    @ca didn’t I write “–or emotion–“?

    ☕️coffee addict


    I think you need a new dictionary

    From Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus (2014)

    Bus vb. Bused or bussed busing or bussing: to travel or transport by bus

    So both spelling suffices

    And Lostspark has the added point


    I would believe it that the 3 of them ( bera birsha and shinav ) gave the migrants stacks of fake dollar bills that wouldn’t be accepted.
    Then when the children die from hunger, the 3 will take the fake bills back and give it to the next group of migrants.


    And I know realize I’m debating someone who has deeper issues than I realized.

    Jackk please get the help you need.


    Dont get angry at Jackk – he is simply channeling what he reads. some other smarter people found how to misdirect a losing discussion about migrants into a discussion about DeSantis. I would suggest not to respond. Jackk has previously admitted that he has no problem posting one-sided arguments the way non-Jews do, aka freedom of speech, why would we encourage him to do more by responding? This is pure lifnei ever, and maybe then jackk will start posting something more responsible.

    ☕️coffee addict


    You’re right I misread it



    (A) “Does NYC, MV, and DC not have jobs, housing, and food? ”

    The problem is that they abused immigrants and did not treat them like human beings. The migrants were in Florida or Texas where they were being given their basic needs as they need to deal with the American immigration system.
    Lying to them to remove them from such a situation, putting them on a plane and dropping them in the middle of a town that was not notified that they were coming and did not expect them, is the exact way you treat a person that you don’t care if they starve to death.

    Listen to the Avraham Aveinu in Texas – Mayor Oscar Leeser, from El Paso, TX :
    “Well, the numbers are not 1,300. The numbers are — two days ago we had almost 2,000. ( Jack K’s note – yes, that is 2,000 a day in one town) We had a little bit over 1,900. Yesterday we had — or the day before yesterday we had a little bit over 1,500. So, the numbers have been continuing to increase.

    And, you know, that — that’s continued, the rise. And that’s because a lot of the people in — probably about 80 percent of them are coming from Venezuela. And — and that — that’s where a big part of the– the — the migrant surge is coming from.
    Well, and, you know, and that’s really something important. And I have a great, incredible working relationship with Chief Chavez (ph) from the Border Patrol. And our goal, and it will continue to be our goal, IS NEVER TO DROP ANYBODY OFF IN THE STREETS of El Paso and make sure that No ONE’S HOMELESS and NO ONE’S HUNGRY.

    So we have our NGOs, which is non-governmental organizations that really have opened up their doors and we’ve gotten hotels. And in the last few days WE’VE NOT HAD ANY PEOPLE released into the streets of El Paso and we continue to work that way.

    So, you know, it’s been an incredible working relationship between El Paso, the city of El Paso, and also the — Chief Chavez and the Border Patrol. I spent about two, three hours yesterday driving to the border and talking to a lot of the migrants and talking to the Border Patrol agents that really are down here working today.”

    All Bera, Birsha and Shinav had to do was call ahead to the proper authorities and involved them in the situation. The US Government immigration system supports the care and needs of immigrants.
    In fact they didn’t even have to make the call because NY and DC called them asking them if they are sending immigrants. They refused to coordinate.

    (B) ” NYC, MV, and DC does, not have medical care and food? “. I will repeat that of course they have. But they need to be advised that there are people coming.
    Can a wedding feed even 2,000 guests ? Of course. Can a wedding feed 2000 uninvited guests ? Of course not.

    (C) “But Sedomites? Hmmmm .” Go read Parshas Vayeira again and Tractate Sanhedrin.

    (D) “The migrants are already in the immigration system and need to show up in courts in the US for their cases. They are now guaranteed to miss their court dates which is a strike against them.”
    Gee, you’re getting desperate.”
    Why is that desperate ? The lawyer for the immigrants made that accusation. If you are expected in Immigration court in Texas and you are flown to the Northeast you are 100% going to miss your court date. And I believe that is exactly what Bera, Birsha and Shinav want.

    (E) “Because they arrived when no one anticipated it?” Exactly! Adams said that it is a crisis because they were not anticipated. Here are his own words. “Let’s coordinate in that fashion like we’ve done with others — other large communities we have in New York City, where we’re able to coordinate, get sponsors, work with our nongovernmental organizations. That is what crisis calls for, it calls for coordination. ”
    Adams said that NY called the Governors of TX and FL to try to coordinate but they refused to.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    WOW!! My ZAP button really worked!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    there is something super amusing about listening to people explain why being in a sanctuary city is inhumane and almost equivilent to certain death. And with such a passion, as if it actually makes sense and wasn’t written by cnn writers or the like.



    A ksiva vchasima tova to you and your family and all of klal yistael.

    emes nisht sheker

    Amazing how right before Rosh Hashana that people are finding ways to support using destitute people for a political stunt. It is literally irrelevant your specific position on immigration but what DeSantis did was complete and utter despicable behavior. The people he flew were not even in Florida.

    As to being successful? If you define successful as getting the Trump crowd excited then yes, you were successful. On the other hand you are disgusting by far the majority of American’s with such behavior. Real success might involve actually revamping the immigration system but Republicans have consistently opposed any and all such legislation.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    jackk – the first time you used that line when up against a wall I actually thought you meant it. But now that it is the fourth time you have used the same response when call out for your lack of credibility you sound uncannily like a Joseph clone.
    Can’t believe it took me so long to figure that out.


    @Syag Lchcohma

    But Joseph is a liberal?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    When he’s jackk


    >>>Amazing how right before Rosh Hashana that people are finding ways to support using destitute people for a political stunt.

    Piece of personal advice for you. Keep your political views out of your preparation for Rosh Hashana.
    To quote the famous writer who was frum personally but primarily wrote for for non-Jewish readers, Herman Wouk “In a non-orthodox synagogue the rabbis sermon is a digest of whatever is being pushed on the op ed pages of the liberal publications with some vague and distorted references to Torah thrown in .” Don’t follow that example.


    It looks like the most objectionable part is sending “without a notice”. Otherwise, there does not seem to be an issue sending people from a state neat the bvorder to another friendly state, right?

    I presume no-notice had a reason. Maybe the receiving state would find a way to stop the bus or not let illegals out of the bus. Not sure. If this is not a problem, I would suggest a courtesy notice next time.

    As it is, it may be an emotional storm (in a teacup), but how big is this problem? 100 people show up uninvited…They can wait at a bus stop for an hour – it took them way longer walking over the Mexican border. In an hour, people can bring blankets and food, or order them on Amazon.

    Maybe the point was that Texas got these guys without an advance notice from Mexico, so NYC should feel their pain?

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