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    Does anyone know if any posek permits using baby wipes on shabbat? And if you do, who? And which ones?


    Please see the following thread, where it is discussed extensively:

    The above thread’s original post has been deleted, but based on the first reply it must’ve been about using baby wipes on clothing.

    (The Shabbos vs. Shabbat spelling caused this “thread duplication”)


    They have companies that have a hechsher for use on Shabbos. I remember seeing the advertisements. However please check into the Rabannim who are matir,

    if they are reputable, for this seems to reek of a business venture, rather than

    a serious restructuring of a product, to create a new worry free, L’katchiloh,

    Super Wipe, that manages to miraculously contain moisture yet avoid any possibility

    of Chillul Shabbos.


    the kirkland brand is very good, and doesnt rip on shabbat someone told me those ones are good for shabbat.


    Tamazaball but I heard they’re made out of cotton. So I think you can’t really use them.


    The ones accepted are the Sleek Sensation baby wipes. they have an acceptable for shabbos logo on them.


    mybat- as always, ask your rabbi. In the thread mentioned by “i can only try”,this isuse was discussed extensively by various posters. There certainly are poskim who allow it ,regardless of what they are made off. as you can see from some other posters, there are even some that have a hechsher. Good luck.


    Thanks jothar but I can’t get those here.

    Rabbi of Berlin I went through that thread. But I was told that under no circumstance does any posek permit them at all so I was wondering who actually does permit them? This way I can have an answer that I can verify (I guess people in mexico are very BT so everything is assur.)


    Rabbi Dovid Weinberger says he took baby wipes to Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT”L and he always mattired them. But he’s a daas yachid. Other talmidim of Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT”L say lo haya velo nivra.


    Found on

    I don’t know who wrote or if they are correct, but they bring some heavy hitters in the realm of psak

    — “Shoshanah M. & Yosef G. Bechhofer”

    <sbech…> wrote:

    > While I do not wish to get involved in long discussions of the

    > issue here,

    > I will give some brief background notes:


    > 1. May Poskim hold there is no sechita mishum mefarek by niyar,

    > including

    > R’ Moshe, the Har Tzvi, the Tzitz Eliezer, RSZA and the Shemiras

    > Shabos

    > K’Hilchoso. Even if it were an issur d’rabbonon (which these poskim

    > do NOT

    > hold), we shall see, b’nidon didan yesh l’hattir.

    Could you please give me mar’ei mekomot for these poskim?


    > But even if it were a d’rabbonon, the halocho is that for tzorchei

    > choleh

    > she’ein bo sakono one may transgress d’rabbonons on Shabbos

    > (tzorech – not

    > just refu’ah!). The halocho is that a tinok has the status of a

    > choleh

    > she’ein bo sakono. Therefore, it is permitted to use baby wipes

    > even if

    > one might think that it would be assur d’rabbonon to use such wipes

    > (such

    > as Wash and Dries) on a gadol.


    found on

    where it says that the psakim are from Rabbi Webster of Yeshiva Emek Halacha

    Question: Is one permitted to use babywipes on Shabbos?

    Answer: There is a machlokes between various Poskim on this subject. If the wipe is paper then it really is no different than wiping a spill on Shabbos with a napkin. According to Rav Moshe Feinstein (Vol. 1) zt”l, there is no prohibition on squeezing a napkin since the intention is not to get the water, but rather to soak up the spill (although, water will come out of it). Rav Binyamin Silber Shlita, (in his Sefer Az Nidbiru) disagrees and holds that it is prohibited. (For deeper research into the topic, see Shallos Utishuvos Machza Eliyahu)

    The Poskim of this generation are in dispute about babywipes. Some wipes are so saturated that liquid will be squeezed out at the slightest touch. In this case it would be prohibited (one must experiment with the different brands). If your type does not have alot of liquid (usually the first half to three-quarters of the box) than you may use it. In this case, one should refrain from using the last quarter of the box. Wipes that are medicated should preferably not be used since it is a Refuah and the substance on them could smear which is prohibited on Shabbos. If the baby has a rash and needs ointment one may dab it onto the area but not smear it, just cover it with the diaper and the diaper will do the smearing.


    mybat- see the above comments and sources. as they say in halacha’ “jesh al mi lismoch”. there are plenty of good sources to allow baby wipes- If you read the whole thread, you will see that there was a lively discussion on this but, certainly, many,many Poskim allow it. I see you are in mexico- well, just ask your rabbi!



    My father makes baby wipes from paper towels. he folds them into 3, puts them into a container- we use a ziploc (not a bag), pours in some baby oil, baby shampoo/soap and water (i dont know the exact amounts of what- but i can find out), shakes it and lets it sit and soak. and that is what we use in all my siblings. You have to wipe off with a tissue after because they are pretty wet, but they work very well.



    neatfreak-how does that differ from a factory made babywipe?


    neatfreak whats the difference?


    well first and for most they are paper towels and not cotten and that takes care of alot of the problem mentioned above.

    and when my father showed it to our dayan he said that it is fine (Our Rav was a talmud of R Moshe)


    May one use baby wipes on Shabbos?

    Some Poskim [see footnote 1] prohibit them from being used due to a suspicion of squeezing.

    However other Poskim [see footnote 2] permit it.

    Regarding the opinion of Shulchan Aruch Harav-see footnote 3.

    Practically: Seemingly it depends on the baby wipe.

    Regarding scented baby wipes: Some Poskim [see footnote 4] clearly write that good scents may be used to remove bad smells, even according to those [such as Admur] that hold of a prohibition on placing a scent on ones skin.


    1) Minchas Yitzchak 10/25, in name of also other Rabbanim.

    3) If the reality were to be that no liquid [Tofeich al minas Lehatfiach] can be extracted from the squeezed wipes, as well as that the wipes are dried to this point prior to the beginning of Shabbos, then there should be no reason to prohibit their use.

    However Tzaruch Iyun why Admur omitted [in 613/ 16] the ruling of the Magen Avraham [brought in previous footnote, which serves as the source for the ruling of the lenient opinions]
    4) Beir Moshe 1/34 [based on Sheleis Yaavetz] rules that good smells may always be applied in order to remove bad odors, and so rules Piskeiy Teshuvah [327/1, 328/26] [ibid] also rules leniently in this, although to note that they hold [unlike Admur] there is never a prohibition to place good smells on ones skin.


    Harav Yitzchak Abadi says it’s fine. However in general I don’t think the right approach to halacha is to seek heteirim without knowing the sugya. I would advise you to get a reliable rabbi and follow him consistently, lekula and lechumra.


    witch hechsher is on babby wipes


    “witch hechsher”?

    Doesn’t sound reliable to me

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Meno – that’s because your name is not haman.


    neatfreak: Only for Shabbos though? It sounds like making them may be more expensive than buying them at the store (unless they are special Shabbos baby wipes which I assume are way more expensive).


    Lb: my usual tirade. Why are you asking something on a comment made 7 years ago?


    Are regular baby wipes made of cotton?

    Also, they sell shabbos baby wipes at Jewish stores and they are not expensive at all.


    iacisrmma: two things please

    1) Because I want to know. Maybe this person will come back. Maybe someone else will respond accordingly.

    Anything can be possible but it won’t happen on my watch if I don’t try.

    Should I wait for another poster to ask? Does it bother you?

    If you know the answer or have experience making your own baby wipes then please feel free to chime in.

    2) Am I the official announcer of old threads even when I wasn’t the first to bring them back in style?

    Fine. It’s not my job so I will volunteer on an as-needed basis according to my availability.

    ****HEADS UP TODAY IS Dec. 7, 2016 and THIS THREAD was Dormant for 6 years****

    Have a great day! 🙂


    LB: If I had your private e-mail I would open a discussion with you about my opinion. Since I do not, I have to do it in this open forum.

    Maybe “neatfreak” will answer, maybe not. But that is my point. If you want someone to try and clarify what someone wrote 7 years ago, then simply state, “7 years ago “neatfreak” stated….Can someone explain what he/she meant?”

    To me (and yes I am stating “me” because it is all about perception) it makes you look less “bright” then I feel you are. For example, in a previous thread about Bounty Paper Towels, you restarted a 7 year old thread with a “What?”. Would it not have been better to restart the thread with “Does anyone know if this issue still exists?”

    Do you now understand why I feel the way I do?


    Re tamazaball’s comment: It’s amazing that those wipes don’t rip on

    Shabbos. Why do they rip on the other days of the week, and how do the wipes know when it’s Shabbos?


    “how do the wipes know when it’s Shabbos? “

    huju: They’re powered by emuna



    (Of course we live in a generation of Kol Hamachmir Tova Aleyhu Bracha..)

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