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    I spent Shabbos in Henderson, NV. It was a very warm community – about 116 degrees or so by the time we walked back from shul…

    We did a very un-frum thing – we walked back from shul without our hats and jackets. 🙂

    For Shalosh Seudos we took bagels out of the freezer and put them on a plate outside for a few minutes to defrost. It was still well over 100 at 8pm.


    Can you please explain why walking without a hat and a jacket is un-frum?

    You were hot so you took off your hat and jacket like a NORMAL person. How does this make you not frum?


    What a chillul Hashem. Do you think Moshe rabeinu took off his hat and jacket in the midbar?


    I hope you didn’t have a far walk to shul. I was leining and davened for the amud, and walked a mile to get home in NYC, where it was sp that I had to change my shirt when I got home.

    Biology (joseph)

    Why are you sharing with us this experience?


    The poster is conveying his experiences on a shabbos where the news said it was as hot as meah v’esrim. You don’t have to read these posts if you don’t care.


    If you are in the desert, in Israel or elsewhere please drink LOTS of water, at least 2x what you think you need. You can get really sick in the heat really quickly if you don’t.



    Better to overheat and pass out?


    Popa on really hot days Moshe Rabeinu didnt even give his staff the day off.


    By the way, you should be very careful when you speak out against people that are not wearing a hat and jacket.

    There was an alter buchur in my Yesheva who was spotted Bain Hazmanim davening without his hat.

    (I think the Mishna Brira says you have to wear a double covering on your head when you daven.)

    When the Rosh Yeshevah found out, he was so angry at him that he started screaming, “I don’t mind if it wasn’t a borsalini, but chodsht (atleast) a baseball cap…it is an embarrassment for the yesheva, and if you belong to something, either a company, or a yesheva, you have to know that you represent it, etc.. The Rosh Yesheva was yelling at him, and the alte buchur was all red in the face, then the rosh yeshiva slapped him across the face, so hard, that his Toupee’ and yamike fell off. So the Rosh Yesheva asked him mechilla.


    If someone were genuinely concerned that he was being “un-frum” to remove a hat and jacket in sweltering heat, then I would be even more concerned that he has no clue as to what constitutes frumkeit. However, it was clear int his post that the poster was writing just a tad tongue in cheek.


    Playtime, I don’t believe your story. Slapping for not wearing a hat? C’mon, even I wouldn’t do that.


    Goq: Excellent.


    We had to stay home from shul yesterday because of the heat. We did go on Friday night and nearly fainted from heat exhaustion on our way home (no, I am not exaggerating). This is the worst heat wave Vegas has had in 8 years. Iy”h they are saying it should break by tomorrow.

    Incidentally, the shuls here start at 7:30 A.M. in summertime so everyone can get out early before the worst heat of the day settles.


    Oomis, it’s quite obvious!!


    Thanks popa.


    Is chofetzchaim gonna meet up with JF02 while he’s in vegas?????


    Yay Henderson!!!!!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Popa- I think she actually had him as a shabbos guest, but shhh, don’t give them away.


    chofetzchaim, did you go home or are you still in NV? come for shabbos!! lol

    YW Moderator-42

    CC, your hat and jacket were probably brown or gray so they are un-frum even when you wear them. ^_^


    @yw moderator because you have to wear a BLACK hat to be frum?

    I thought being frum was being shomer torah umitzvot

    not by what you wear

    you must be from mars. or utah.


    @mod so your saying that all modern orthodox people are not frum?

    rabbis schachter and willig wear black hats, no?


    @mod and do they say that one has to wear a black hat?


    I cannot think of one RIETS rosh yeshiva that doesn’t wear a black hat. Rabbi Chaim Brovender even wears one.


    PBA +5 … had a good laugh from the Moshe in the Midbar line.

    Anyone seen pics of alter-bochurim from the 40s and 50s in their shpitzy pinstriped gray suits and short brimmed, white, straw hats? Suspenders, tobacco pipes, and all the bells and whistles… Quite the well dressed boys they were, back when today’s gedolim were in still in beis midrash.


    Great Goq!


    Utah, as mentioned by others, that was said tongue in cheek.

    JF02, the Rabbi spoke about feminism in his speech. Our shul started at 8:45am and the walk back was quite hot. One of the Rabbis offered for people to stop at his house for water and AC on the way back for people passing his way.

    Goq, my mother hires a staff on Erev Pesach Zecher L’yitzias Mitzraim.


    R’ Schachter himself wears a hat but if you ask him if you have to he says no. He says when he was growing up you had to for Davening because that was a Kavod’dik way of dress. Nowadays it’s not. He still wears his because he’s used to it and would feel uncomfortable without it. But he says you don’t have to anymore.

    Oh, and the Mishnah B’rurah does not say, anywhere, that you need a double covering for Davening. It is a myth and a gross misinterpretation (and I don’t think it’s unintentional on the part of some) of 91:2.


    We would love to spend a shabbos in Henderson. It sounds like a very warm community. Hopefully we will get there at some point before the end of the summer. It’s only about 20 miles away, but without a car, that’s complicated.

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