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    Hi All,

    Our son is becoming Bar Mitzvah around shavous time. As we are sure is the case with many boys getting Bar Mitzvah he wants to have certain things at his Bar Mitzvah. Among the many requests he would like to invite 50 of his friends (Between classmates, kids from grade, bunk mates, sports team etc.) He wants his Bar Mitzvah to be in a venue that there will be lots of room for dancing. Keep in mind our family is on the small side and we would probably have like 25-30 couples. Finding a venue has been our top discussion as any venue we suggest he says is too small. It is challenging finding out what a venues capacity is as there isn’t a one stop website with that information as well as taking into account the room he wants for dancing. Does anyone have any input on this? Looking for a Venue in Flatbush

    Thanks in advance.


    The Palace or Tiferes Mordechai.


    why do you allow a 13 year old to dictate his wishes to you.
    you are still in charge.
    or, as the comedian says, freedom of speech? i gave that up when i got married, or, in your case, when i got myself a self-centered bar mitzvah boy


    The Vue on Nostrand Avenue, Young Israel of Avenue K, Kingsway Jewish Center (outdoor option also), Mercaz Hasimcha, Ohr Shraga/Veretzky, Yeshiva of Brookyn…


    Kaminetz is also has a nice catering hall.


    Troller hall, located on TROLL ave

    ☕️coffee addict


    Why do you think he/she is a troll

    To yechiell,

    I take it you don’t have older kids


    The vue is probably smallest on this list
    I would add
    Agudah L upstairs
    Bergman downstairs
    But I’m terms of size kamimetz/kings way/chaim Berlin elementary downstairs and if you want high end YI Ave K


    Mercaz Hasimcha, I think, has an in-house caterer that they work with, which makes it easier (than having to choose your own and price it out).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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