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    Busy As A Bee

    If you allow your child to read non-jewish books,

    would you take them to a store like Barnes and Nobles or only to the library?


    Nobles? Is that a yeshivish bookstore?


    Well if money is the issue, the library is the best option

    Sender Av

    Let me just say this, Barnes and Nobels has some inappropriate books on display which could very likely catch the sight of children. This is one reason I will try not to enter their stores anymore.


    Why not search for the books you are looking for online? Then you don’t have to see everything out there and you don’t have to see what you are trying to avoid.

    On the other hand, a store like Barnes and Noble has books laid out according to category and they are very helpful. You could probably go right to the section you are looking for without having to wander through the entire store.

    Either way depending on what your needs are I would suggest that a parent go on a field trip themselves before taking their children with them so they can decide whether or not they feel the store is age appropriate or spiritually appropriate for the child in mind.


    and the difference between the 2 is…..???


    So far in this thread it has been spelled:

    Barnes and Nobles

    Barnes and Nobels

    Barnes and Noble

    The 3rd is correct.

    My theory is that the “s” at the end of the 2nd word of “Kew Gardens Hills” often gets moved to the end of Barnes and Noble. Sort of like the yud from Sarai going to Hoshea.

    basket of radishes

    more PREPARED to enter a world where there is evil sophistications that are a temptation to ones yetzer hara. That is a fact and if you want to keep the party line of not keeping your children in any store where they may see something that is secular or different from the Jewish Nation, you will ultimately lose in the long run.


    either one, but I would supervise their choices.


    What about the Kindle or the Nook. Would anyone allow their child have access to one?



    basket of radishes

    Kindle = awesome. Nook- slightly designed without real utility.


    1) the point is that it is not going to ruin your jewish neshama to visit a bookstore

    -Guess what? Those in the know, know that it will. The smallest glance. The more, the worse it gets. Till one doesn’t feel the neshama anymore. Then they think they know what Jewishness is all about.

    2) But I disagree that our lives must be lived in an insular way

    -Guess what? Rambam disagrees. He says to distance oneself from all evil surroundings and influences. (don’t have the source at hand now, I’m not that scholarly)

    3) I personally disagree that Torah was meant to be sequestered in a community that does not see the remainder of the living.

    -Guess what? Hashem (G-d) saw differently. He had us Jews in the desert away from civilization from our start-up. ?? ?? ???? ?????, we are separate and meant to be separate.

    4) more PREPARED to enter a world where there is evil …

    -Guess what? The way to avoiding the evil inclination is by avoiding the evil inclination.


    ZK, please don’t take this as an attack because in no way is it intended as one. This is not the first place you’ve been pretty harsh on “basket of radishes” and I think you’re taking things a little too far. I would tend to agree with you (in general- and I usually enjoy your posts) but I don’t believe in going around with a hammer and knocking everyone down.

    To be honest, if I were reading some things posted here I don’t know that I would be attracted to Yiddishkeit. No one wants to be told they will burn forever. My point is please go a little easier in the future. Thank you.

    Please be mochel me if I hurt you in any way. I just felt this needed to be said.



    Kapusta that was a little preacherish


    “I just felt this needed to be said.” of course you did.

    Let ZK express his opinions, the Mods allowed it


    whoa didn’t mean to call ZK a “his”… sorry bout that


    KKH: You’re right. It was the best way I could think of to get the point across. You might have noticed I apologized twice for possibly coming across too harsh.

    of course you did.

    What does that mean?


    basket of radishes

    Living in a world of evil does not mean that you will be doing evil yourself. The evil inclination is to be conquered. You must face it head on and send it far from your soul. That said, the world may have evil influences, but that is NOT YOUR YETZER HARA. And the more you are attacked, the stronger you get.

    Busy As A Bee

    Zeeskite I agree with part of what you said but is there really harm in letting your 5 year old read a book like curious George?


    apologizing doesn’t diminish the gag-worthiness…

    and that last thing i can’t really explain you kinda just would have to get it


    I’ll try to answer you.

    ???? ????? ???? ??????, Yes we must be aidel, I try too. Believe me, it’s an avoda, a lifetime of work to talk (and write) soft, letting such an attitude sink in. ??????? ?????? ?? ??????? or something like that. Using such tones, such an attitude, a pleasant countenance, a nice word, will definitely draw people to ???? ??????, to Yiddishkeit.


    First, I’d be much more likely to take them to a library than a bookstore. I spent a lot of time in the public library – I inhaled books, my mother a’h used to say. So too did most of the yeshivishe and frum velt in my neighborhood. at the time, it was not only considered appropriate, it was encouraged. Not too many people had televisions, and of the homes that did, responsible parents didn’t let their kids watch much at all. Movies were a rarity, and kids played outside. (I’m not talking about the 40,s, I’m talking about the 70’s).

    I’m certain that the quality of some of the books in the library has declined, in both appropriateness and simple style, but the vast majority of materials available for kids, taken by a parent who can scan books before they are taken out, is still quite good.

    Bookstores, especially the big chains like B&N, cater to a broader market, and carry what sells. If inappropriate sells, they will carry it. So I’d be very careful, and maybe go if you need to without the kids.

    HOWEVER, let’s not make the assumption that every thing that is not heilige is evil, as some posters here have explicitly stated. There is a huge amount of knowledge in the world that is neither pure nor evil. Is there something evil about calculus? trigonometry? chemistry? instrumental classical music? landscape paintings? a children’s story about a big red dog? Of course not.

    We do not live in a dualistic world, like the Zoroastrians or the Gnostics believe. We live within the creation of the Aibishter, who is the source of everything, and he gave us the knowledge to distinguish between the heilige, the evil, and everything in between that we have to use our seichel, our judgement, and our Torah education to assess and determine its worthiness.


    Do you go to the supermarket??

    They have magazine staring you in the face at the checkout line there while you are waiting so you will buy them.

    Barnes and Noble you must hunt out this things and might not even know they were there unless you looked for them


    Barnes and noble DID ruin my Neshama and i regret it every time i think about it.

    It’s hard for me to say this but:

    I went with my mother and a woman who worked there suggested some books to me based on my age. -The most horrible and inappropriate book i ever read :'( PLEASE be careful if you take your children!!!

    🙁 it is not a place for a religious child, go yourself and know what you’re looking for, That’s my opinion.

    Sender Av

    Zahavasdad, not true. Bookstores actually do display inappropriate type books on shelves that one must pass by in the middle of the store. Also in my community,some members kindly asked the grocery store managers if they would mind covering up the inappropriate magazines, and while they have not go it down perfectly, they do try to do so. I can not see a book store covering up their books.

    Brother, been there, Not doing it again. As I said, I try to avoid even entering a book store. Thank G-D Borders went under.

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