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    On the first day of school in 8th grade my teacher decided that i would be his moniter he gave me his role book and told me im in charge of grading.Well lets just say nobody got less then a 90 and everyone was always on time and no one cut class either ha fool! He quit after two months he wasnt really teaching material


    3 girls were really misbehaving 1 day so the teacher sent them out. the girs got bored so thry decided 2 go outside & pick dandelions=weeds, & give them 2 the teacher as a bouket of flowers. they found a cart(a waiters cart) & they put 2 girls on top & 1 girl pushed. the 2 girls on top were holding a huge bouket of “flowers”. by the door of the room, there is a step so when the girls opened the door @ the end of class their cart went flying accross the room!!!!! the girls quickly ran 2 the teacher 2 “beg 4giveness!” (the teacher was a 22 yr old young unmarried shnuck, teaching a class of 10th graders!!!!!! big mistake!!)

    anothe rprank was that they put up a sign on the front door that the first day of finals were cancelled! the teachers thought it was real till the principal saw it 2 days b4 finals started & had a cow! he suspended the girl who did it!


    bbyg –

    “the teacher was a 22 yr old young unmarried shnuck, teaching a class of 10th graders!!!!!! big mistake!!)”

    that’s NOT true!

    i know someone who taught 10th grade her first year back from sem. (how old are you than? 19? maybe 20?) some of the girls in the class knew her from before because she was friends with their sisters/whatever and it worked. She actually really enjoyed it and they loved her! It really has to do with each individual case. Sometimes the girls are excited and happy with a younge single teacher because they’re usually (no klals here ) much more energetic and spunky and into it. Sometimes yes, there is problems with control but it has to do with the individual class and teacher.


    In tenth grade we recorded our recess-break conversation on a tape. Right before the teacher came into class we turned the tape on and stuck it into the ceiling (we had the “rice cake” ceiling).

    The teacher came in and demanded silence so we all shut our mouths but the noise continued… it was hilarious to watch the teacher trying to figure out why it was so noisy when we were all sitting quietly at our desks!

    BTW-I’m all for funny classroom pranks but I am horrified at some of the posts I read here about pranks that involved physical harm to ppl! Li8ke the prank with the blood capsule- what would have happened if this teacher really would have had a heart attack?! Or getting a teacher to sit on a broken chair- do you realize how dangerous that is…?!

    Dr. Pepper

    This story was going around in the early 90s. It probably never happened as each time there was a different ending to the story.

    The teacher was late for lab and when he was heard coming some guys turned on the gas and they all slumped over (either their desk or the floor) with their tongues hanging out the side of their mouths.

    Here are the different endings I heard:

    1. The teacher got up on his desk and danced a jig,

    2. The teacher grabbed a chair and smashed a window,

    3. The teacher went home and called in sick,

    4. The teacher came in, gave his lecture as usual and left.

    Feel free to make up your own ending.


    The teacher sat down by his desk and slumped over with his tongue hanging out waiting to see how the principal would react!

    p.s. next to him was a note that said- this what happens when you don’t get a raise!




    We had the old type of light fixtures in our classroom – the ones that are suspended with cables from the ceiling – and there was one that was directly on top of where the teacher sat. in the middle of the winter right before class started we put a snowball on top of the light and ….. drip…….drip…… Ha! Ha!


    Here’s my ending to Dr. Peppers story: The teacher came in, rubbed his hands gleefully together, then went over to the boys and sniffed, ” I think they need a bit more salt and pepper… we’ll let them roast another ten minutes… then they should be done. I haven’t had such a good meal since the last time I roasted those three studends in ’89. MAWAHAHA (evil cackle) !!!”


    I heard this one, sometime back in the 60’s yarlmukas had buttons on top. Someone tied some fishing wire to it and strung it over the lights and the guy next to him would pull on the string and the yarlmuka would go up and down.


    Heard, but not verified. Banner hung one year above the Ezras Nashim in the Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal one purim. HaNaaros Hallalu Kodesh Hem, Vain Lanu Rishus LiHishtamesh Bahem, Ela Lirosam, Bilvad.


    i think pranking is immature and not a jewish concept. Since when is having fun at the expense of someone else allowed in our society??? I dont think that any of the rebbeim or rebbetzins we look up to wud play pranks. Imho.


    From this whole thread this was the BEST post

    as seen on page 1 (written By d a):

    A teacher asks the class a question. No one offers an answer. The teacher says “There are 30 dumb people in here”. One student from the back says, “Your wrong teacher, there are 31 dumb people in here.” The teacher gets angry, and throws the student out.

    The student sticks his head into the door, and says, “The teacher was right, there are 30 dumb people in here!”


    Bracha the great

    My sister’s grade blew up thousands of little balloons and put them on the floors of the entire hs and the next day there was NO where to walk… mamash really funny…


    Bracha the great; Are these the balloons that got away and were airborne In Westchester County, making everyone think they were UFOs?


    This is the best!!!

    some boys got into the principals office took out his couch, got into everyones lockers took out all the textbooks and built a couch in the office out of the textbooks

    Bracha the great

    no they are NOT

    (yeah right!)

    d a

    Hashem’s Son, thanks for the mention!


    d a – your welcome!


    When I was in high school we hosted the annual Bais Yaakov Convention. As part of the decoration some girls built a 7 foot “girl” with an arm that waved, who we nicknamed Bertha. (Sounds fancier than it was, it was really some painted plywood and simple engineering.) On Rosh Chodesh Adar a group of boys from the local yeshiva stole our Bertha! They took pictures of themselves together with her, blacked out their faces and hung copies all over our city. The high school girls were really upset, especially the group that worked hard to make her!

    Rumour has it that Bertha is still sitting in the yeshiva dorm, smiling and waving to those who enter.


    Pranks which hurt others’ feelings or cause physical pain are all osur. Needless to say, those which cause Chilul HaShem also are osur!

    so right

    mdd: What about those that cause Tzar Balei Chaim?

    d a

    bychick, how did the hand wave?

    (As a BY girl, I think you should reconsider your screen name.)


    Oh…we also put(medal folding) chairs by the door so when the teacher walked in …hold you ears!….BANG!!!


    just trying to revive this thread…yes,i know its not gonna work-as usual:)


    this is one cute thread!


    See Igros Moshe re cheating on Regents exams and apply to the first posting in this thread.

    I really hope you don’t do such things!

    Something that doesn’t hurt anyone is one thing. The story goes that one year the girls strung up fishing line from the ceiling and attached funny hats to the fishing lines. So, when the teacher walked in, the girls were wearing the hats – and when they sat down, the hats remained hanging.

    That doesn’t hurt anyone. But a lot of the other pranks are really wrong, immature, mean, cruel, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    (Just a side note – if you ever heard of game, Truth or Dare, I think it’s a similar concept of something that is terribly mean.)


    This is a good prank to do on teachers who are very makpid on not letting you eat in class. Take a bag of chips (or any food) and eat all of it except for one. than in front of the teacher eat the last one and he/she will take your empty bag and thrown it in the garbage for you. After falling for this he/she will be more cautious before confiscating snacks from people in the class. Than you take another bag and do the same as before but this time fill the bag with tissues so it appears full. Than eat the last piece in front of the teacher. This time the teacher will see that the bag looks full and will confiscate it again and will once again be tricked. From than on, the teacher will not take away anybody’s snacks that they are eating during class because he will be scared that it is a fake.


    2 of the guys who used this user name are engaged!!!! MAZEL TOV!!

    am yisrael chai

    We had 17 subjects one semester in high school…a classmate had absolutely had it with such a rigorous schedule: stuffed an alarm clock in a locker in the classroom, it started ringing almost exactly as the bell denoting the end of the period, and we all filed out. Approximately 25 minutes early.


    emlf- how do u know that story about the girls with the hats????

    i was in that class and i brought the hats and the fishing line and thought of the idea!!!!


    ‘2 of the guys who used this user name are engaged!!!! MAZEL TOV!!’

    to each other???


    I taught the book Stone Fox to my class. We decided to grow potatoes to understand the story. We finished before Pesach and in all of the prePesach school assemblies, cleaning and preparation I forgot all about the potatoes. When we returned to school the entire building smelled like rotten potatoes. The teachers were called in for a meeting to help discover the culprit of this alleged prank. I realized immediately that this was our class project gone sour and in front of the staff had to admit what happened. Mortified does not quite define the emotion I felt. When the staff realized the hilarious irony of this being caused by a fellow staff member they couldn’t stop laughing. Even the principal was cracking up. It took the janitor several weeks before he would forgive me-he had discovered and removed the bulk of the project…….


    last year for a senior prank they got 4 chickens and brought them to a school. they labled each chicken #1 #2 #3 and- #5 THEN they let the chickens loose in the huge school and the teachers were running around trying to find them. they found all four but they KEPT LOOKING FOR CHICKEN #4!!


    I ran the school darkroom when I was in high school (yes, back in the day when we took pictures using film for the school yearbook). I tried several times to evacuate the school by claiming I had inadvertently mixed several hazardous chemicals. Never did succeed though, especially because the darkroom was a large closet in one of the science classrooms. The teacher there knew full well I did not have access to any of the deadly chemicals I claimed I had mixed :).

    I did, however, excuse myself a couple of times from boring classes by claiming I left something or other on in the darkroom and that a fire would result if I did not run to turn it off. Somehow it took me a full 20 minutes or however much of class was left to turn off a simple switch on the enlarger :).

    Then there was the teacher who threatened to seal my mouth with strapping tape for talking out of turn. I quickly produced a roll and dared him to do it (which would be at least a misdemeanor). He chickened out.


    I was one of those students that the teachers loved to see absent but was also charming so i got away with tonz a lot but there was a 9th grade teacher who we were mean to and I still feel bad about it. we would just talk and she would be calm and teach- listen or dont she did not care. you think i should track her down and call her?


    can we revive this thread?

    This is THE best thread!!

    ED IT OR


    and tomorrow I might add some of my own


    k, so when i was in 7th grade I had this teacher who was incredibly gullible it was so funny! So one day a girl pretended to find a bug in her loose-leaf and she was shrieking for about 5 minutes and we realized that it wasted class time. So every day girls would go around and find bugs and put them in different girls binders each day. This went on for about two weeks and one day she said to us It’s official, I’m becoming the class exterminator! She did Not get it what so ever and our whole class each day was rolling and everyday she would ask us what was funny. One time we felt bad for her so a girl said to her i figured out the problem there’s a bug in my binder and she was like yup that will do it! It was so funny!


    My cousin’s class had one of those ceilings where you can lift up a panel and there’s an empty space between the ceiling and the next floor. So one day in Adar they put an open popcorn popper up there, right above the teacher’s desk, and turned it on just before the teacher came in.

    I heard a rumor also about a class who brought in a CD player with a CD that said “Help, help” on it and kept repeating it, and then hung a stuffed pair of pants with shoes off the windowsill of a classroom on the nest floor. I don’t know if it really happened but my cousin swears it did.

    And of course, there’s the old trick of Saran wrapping the secretary’s desk.


    an answer to the shidduch crisis (relevant to this post) – read the story by Tamar Ansch, Riding the Wave, on Israel bookshops blog – go to their website and click on blog. Amazing story

    Menachem Melamed

    You guys have plenty of teshuva to do for a long list of aveiros. It is apalling that so many of you think that making a chilul HaShem, making people lose their jobs, shaming people in public, etc. are cute pastimes. You are so busy laughing at how smart you think you are, that you don’t take out a minute to worry about after 120!? For your information decent people don’t think you are either smart or amusing.


    what about ALOT of confetti in air conditioner (those who don’t have central) and putting it on money saver… everyone should be far away from a/c… and also instead of recording conversation make a special recording with everybody screaming for five seconds and then 5 minutes of quiet till 5th time where teacher is waiting for it to happen so everyone screams for a minute(harder to find the recorder).

    Shut off the main breaker for all lights on that floor and when everyone comes out to check spray them with fire extinguisher.

    ha ha ha ha

    Menachem, A clever prank is a good cute thing….. no i don’t agree with the ones that hurt/insult people

    but a cute prank every teacher “EXPECTS” it !!!!

    there is nothing wrong


    the best prank we ever pulled was actually the teachers fault! it was a year of double adar and R”CH aleph was right after midterms and break so no one had their books in school the first day back (last day of shvat). the teacher wrote e/t on the board for the day and was fine but for HW told us to bring in our books and calculators for class the next day. a few periods later, we got a message from the teacher that b/c tom was R”CH, we don’t have to do our HW. (had this teacher for 3 years and her policy is no HW on R”CH) OK fine. we went home that night and didn’t do our HW but we all remembered to bring our books and calculators to school. but during lunch, someone pointed out the teacher said we don’t have to do our HW…. so we decided we would bring our stuff to class but put the books under other stuff, in the desk etc. when the teacher came in and told us to take out our books, we told her you told us we didn’t have to do our HW, and part of our HW was to bring in our books…. so she had to read the problems out loud to us again.

    at the end of class, she told us she liked the shtick that we did b/c she wasn’t expecting it and it also mean or a/t. and then we took out our books from where they were and she started laughing.


    As a teacher I can say that I still find most of the cute/clever pranks cute. I obviously would be taken aback if they would be done to me but if they have a chap its cute especially around purim time. But the ones that are insulting, i dont think students realize how much teachers actually care for their students.


    Wow. I have to say REALLY not very funny or clever. I’m a little embarrassed. We never did anything so not nice in school.


    When I was in high school, one day our math teacher was yelling at us, when he suddenly started looking very pale, and clutching his chest. Then he collapsed.

    So, we took his body, and hid it in the closet where the rebbi kept his coat.

    You should have seen the rebbi’s face when he opened the door!

    We were laughing so hard! It was so funny! I mean, imagine you open the door to the closet, and a dead body falls out! And so clever!


    sorry i meant cookie!! not bug!


    PBA, some kids did something similar to my husband when he was teaching in a chassidish yeshivah. Only in his case, what they actually did was remove the hinges from a class closet door, put the door back, and were waiting for him to open the door and have it fall on him. What a riot, right? Just hilarious!

    What actually happened, however, was the Rosh Yeshivah came into the class for something, and opened the closet door to find it, and the door fell off on HIM! It was NOT a pretty sight, and the boys got into deep trouble. My husband was mortified, but he had no idea the boys had done this before he came into the classroom (apparently they were unsupervised for some time after limudei kodesh). What kids think of as harmless pranks, may not always be quite so harmless.

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