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    We once all brought in dolls and put them on our chairs and put up a big sign that said “uhoh we shrunk ourselves,” then went out to the backyard. Our teacher found us there and thought it was very funny.


    My husband put his teachers car up for sale. He put the yeshivas pay phone as the contact. Problem was, noone called.


    Menachem melamed: As far as some of these are concerned, you are emphatically right. As far as others are concerned, I disagree. As far as the ones I posted are concerned, they were all, to the best of my knowledge, performed in Adar, in schools where they weren’t exactly expected but at least weren’t really out of left field.

    In my school, if you’re the senior class and you DON’T have a good prank, you’re ‘shvach’.

    Added note: In the case of the popcorn, after the initial reaction one girl held up a bowl to collect the popcorn and recovered most of it. The rest was cleaned up by the girls. The Saran wrap was removed by the girls.

    One bad prank I heard of was someone pretending to hit someone else with a car(prearranged by both, with the intention of scaring a third person). Unfortunately, they were a bit too realistic, and scared a fourth person, who happened to be the fake victim’s yiddishe mama. That is not the kind of prank I personally condone.


    My class in elementary school did the same thing, except we all piled into the closet. Then one the teachers we did it to decided to pull shtick right back on us and announced (in a really angry voice) that she was going to the principal to get us in trouble. We totally freaked…it was funny. 🙂


    we once had a project to do, we had to write about 1 of our grandparents who went through the war.

    As a class, we decided someone should present as Avrohom Avinu who went through the war with the 4/5 kings. He was our grandfather!

    I was the one chosen to present to the class…

    My grandfather was born in 1948…. his name was Avrohom Terachson.

    Unfortunately, the teacher had caught wind that something “interesting” was going to happen in our class, and didn’t think it was all that funny. She didn’t want to let me present do my real report. (at the end she did…)

    We actually thought she was the type to for sure enjoy such a “prank”

    oh well.

    nice try.


    Isn’t it Adar?!?

    This thread should be on top of the page! 🙂


    um…the prank that i remember most is one that didnt turn out well my class was annoyed at my teacher for various things so we decided to run away from our classroom BUT in addition we taped the whole thing by putting a camera in the corner of the class and so we did but our teacher was a young sweet substitute and she was really sensitive and she went to our principal and CRIED

    and so we of course apologized but nothing was the same with her afterwards so…..

    were we wrong for doing that


    How do you know that she cried?


    lol oy.

    the principle probaly told them.

    100% wrong, its deff not mutar to make another Jew cry.

    but dont worry you were probaly young, and didnt know any better. The teacher should have realized this and not taken it to heart.

    so frustrating nothing CRAZY happend in yehsiva this year for purim. maybye cuz im not with my guys? we all went to diffrent yeshivas in ertz yisroel. it would have rocked if they were here… the pranks would have been epic

    baron fritz

    i have a teacher that last year we heard this ringing noise through the vents and we decided to pretend it was a phone going off in class so we took my friend scientific calculator and pretended it was a phone over and over sometimes he would “answer” it sometimes i would she nvr caught on she actually told us to put it away and stop eventually we decided to let her in on the joke as the whole class knew but when we told oh its just a calculator she smiled and said oh that’s so funny (with a smile in an amused voice) now turn it off and put it away (in a serious and annoyed voice) she thought we were joking about it being a calculator from then on occasionally we would still get “calls” on the “phone” and she nvr realized till the end of the year


    Lol! Pretty funny…;)


    Hiding in the closet.

    I know of one teacher who got wind that the class were planning on hiding in the closet, so as he walked into class, he casualy walked over to the closet, locked it, sat down and had a peaceful session with the few that couldnt fit into the closet!

    Daring, but cool!

    I know of another, where the class were plotting something, so the teacher asked a substitute to walk in as if the sub was taking the session – giving the kids a feeling of “what a waste”. After a couple of minutes the real teacher walked in!

    Shopping613 🌠

    This isn’t a prank but it’s pretty funny, my friend was in school the other day,they have two floors in the school . During recess one girl grabbed another girls shoe and threw it over the railing on the top floor. A teacher found it and confiscated it, she gave it to the principle! The principal Was very angry! She called the Rav of the city and said to the girl ” you can’t get your shoe back until your mother comes to get it!” her mother found it stupid to come to school over a shoe, the girl had to walk home with one shoe, she still hasn’t gotten it back, maybe she’ll get it ack at the end of the year!

    Shopping613 🌠

    This isn’t a prank but it’s pretty funny, my friend was in school the other day,they have two floors in the school . During recess one girl grabbed another girls shoe and threw it over the railing on the top floor. A teacher found it and confiscated it, she gave it to the principle! The principal Was very angry! She called the Rav of the city and said to the girl ” you can’t get your shoe back until your mother comes to get it!” her mother found it stupid to come to school over a shoe, the girl had to walk home with one shoe, she still hasn’t gotten it back, maybe she’ll get it ack at the end of the year!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Peerimsamaech I haven’t heard enough of your stories, did the principal confiscate your iPad? Maybe along with a shoe? Lol.


    O-some Stories


    This is my favorite. in one school the kids brought in 3 goats and labeled them 1 2 & 4. Then they had the entire school searching for goat #3

    Der Rav

    in acertain yeshiva the guys brought 3 chickens and marked them 1 2 and 4 and let them loose in the school. The principle spent weaks looking for number 3!!!


    ha ha. very funny


    The best prank I know of was actually done by university students.

    It was April 1st, the brittish equivalent of Roish Choidesh Adar, and soem students found out that the municipitality was planning on doing some road repairs outside their school.

    The students approached the police and informed that some students were planning an April’s fools plank, and they were going to pretend that they were maitenance workers digging up the road. The same studants then approached the workers, and let them know that somes tudents dressed up as Police would try and disrupt the roadworks on the next day. The students went the next day and watched how the real police argued with the real road workers, each side fimly convinced that they were talking to students.


    While in sem in Israel, we plotted to trick the teacher. One girl called out “what’s today’s date?” another responding “March 4th (forth)” upon which time we all did. The teacher did not get it.


    We had a vocabulary test and one of the students claimed he didnt know how to spell a certain word. The teacher then gave him a dictionary (ON A VOCABULARY TEST) in order to help him spell the word (since of course she didnt know how to spell it?. The whole class then began to ask to borrow the dictionary.

    Shopping613 🌠

    That’s so funny! Once we had a substitute for a vocabulary test….it was a multiple choice, guess the meaning test. Anyway we ‘d ask her what one of the vocabulary words meant and she’d ask “is that one of your vocabulary words? ” and the girl said “I really don’t know what it means! Im gonna get a bad grade cuz of you ” since the teacher didn’t bother looking at the test she thought if wasn’t the word and defined it for the girl, this happened at least 15 more times until the teacher realized something was up! So funny! And we all got 100%!


    …a calendar that is in alphabetic order…with the days of the week in alphabetic order. So you have April,August,…..

    I actually got one of these from a 3rd party vendor that sells a Data sorting package. The message was something about sorting that makes sense, e.g. you wouldn’t want your calendar sorted alphabetically!



    A while ago, on RC Adar some bachurim got a car into the Yeshivah’s lobby, I’m not sure how they managed that

    Dr. Pepper

    This story is in response to this post.

    When the high school I was in built a new building they decided it was time to get a master-key system for all doors on campus. The old system of each door having a different key proved to be too unorganized and too costly (copying a key for each faculty member for each room they need access to).

    The new system would have one key that worked for all doors which was meant for the highest echelon, we named this the Great Grand Master Key. The next key worked on all doors except for some offices and was meant for administrators, we called this the Grand Master Key.

    One level down was what we called the Master Key which was issued to Rabbeim and worked on all doors except for the administrative offices. Then there were lower keys which we just named after the position title that it was issued to- Sanitational Engineer, Secular Teacher, Dorm Counselor, Macher…

    The new system was supposed to be very secure and with each faculty member only having one key there shouldn’t have been too many floating around that may end up in the hands of a student.

    One of the administrators claimed that it was impossible for a student to get a copy of [what we later named] the Great Grand Master Key since there were less than 5 keys made. I made it my goal to get myself a copy.

    The first thing I had to do was figure out the different tumbler configurations for each lock and the depth of the teeth on the different keys issued. Once I had enough information I’d be able to extrapolate from there as to what the teeth on the Great Grand Master Key looked like.

    It took about 9 months but I finally had what I felt where accurate diagrams off all the tumbler configurations of every doorknob on campus. (I found out later on that I made one slight mistake- the secular teachers didn’t have access to one faculty restroom that I assumed they had access to.)

    There were only three knobs that the Grand Master Key didn’t have access to- two were on the two doors of one office where one was always kept unlocked since it had a Simplex Combination lock on it (which we had the combination to) and the book room / records room which was in a rarely used office that the Grand Master Key had access to (we could have climbed through the drop ceiling when we needed access). I was willing to settle for the Grand Master Key but my friend Zevy (click on his name if you’re not familiar with him) wouldn’t hear of it.

    One Friday Afternoon I offered to help out with a mailing and when the administrator I was working with stepped out to buy some stuff for Shabbos I went over to the drawer and looked for a key with the cuts that according to my extrapolation calculations the Great Grand Master should have looked like. I compared it to a copy of the Grand Master and the first tooth was cut a drop lower as I thought it should have been. It was also mislabeled as Zevy had predicted.

    Fast forward a few months.

    One of the Rabbeim “misplaced” his key and it was suspected that it got into the hands of the student body.

    I immediately got back to the drawing board to try and figure out what the locksmith would do to disable the “Rabbeim” key in the most cost effective way. The method I came up with swapped one tumbler in most locks and filing down tooth number two on all keys from “Rabbeim” and lower. For some reason the decision was to replace all the tumblers is most of the locks involved and now faculty members would have to have two keys. (I could never figure out why it was done like that, but I wasn’t about to ask.)

    Zevy said that we should give them a two week grace period to enjoy their new locks before we get the new key. The faculty members were told to be more careful with the keys and not to lend them out but two weeks was enough time for me to prove something crucial- the first two teeth had to have the same cut. During lunch (after the 14th day) an administrator asked if I could help him with a mailing, they had gotten some invitations back due to an incorrect address and they needed to get them out ASAP. I agreed to help as did another friend- let’s call him Rafi.

    When we met Zevy later on her told us that the grace period is up, I took out the key and waved it at him. You should have seen the look on his face.

    The next year two kids were caught with lower level keys and they decided to change all the locks under the Grand Master Key level.

    Before my computations were even done and well within the two week grace period I got a knock on my window in middle of the night. It was Simcha, another friend who needed to borrow the new key. Luckily, there was a new administrator who thought that the more keys you have the more chashuv you are, so he hung his keys outside of his pants. I had gotten a good look at the key while he was standing in the hallway talking to someone. I explained to him Zevys rule so we woke Zevy up to see if he was going to grant an exception- he did.

    There were some more complications- after the two kids were caught with the keys the maintenance guy built a wooden box where the keys were kept and the box was kept padlocked at all times. (Unbeknownst to us we had the key to the padlock before it was put on- I’ll have to get to that part later.)

    I gave Simcha the key to the office and told him how the teeth on this key should look. I also told him that the box was padlocked but the hinges were screwed in from the outside. To make things more complicated the screws were spray-painted so that if anyone tampered with them it would show- or so they thought. (I wouldn’t call this being paranoid since they didn’t just think that guys were after they key- they knew it!) Although Simcha had delicate fingers (he trained me in the use of soldering irons) he couldn’t pick locks, what he did do though was cut tiny slits in the paint so that chips wouldn’t fall out when he removed the screws.

    He then went across the hall where an administrator was still working (he saw the lights on from outside and looked into the window), ever so slowly he silently slid in the key, turned it to see if it was the correct key and then removed it.

    After replacing the screws on the box the damage to the paint on the screws was only microscopic.

    To end off- some may be wondering how we got the key to the box before it was built. The key was one of two keys (I’m not sure which one) so here are both stories.

    Someone forgot to cancel the milk order before Pesach once and it kept on getting delivered over Pesach. The policy was that the fresh milk couldn’t be served until all the spoiled milk was consumed (and the order still kept on coming). Finally I had an idea- the lock on the fridge was a medium security lock (it had wafers inside instead of tumblers). After getting a good view of the key I was able to file down a bedieved copy (wafers are more forgiving than tumblers). I’ll let the reader figure out where all the spoiled milk went.

    That may have been the key; the other possibility is that it was from the same family of padlocks used on gates in the fence that surrounded the campus. So how did we get that? One of the Rabbeim had the key on his Shabbos belt since he didn’t use the Eruv. I think I’ll have to leave the rest to your imagination…


    my class went into the class above classroom. we hid behind mechitzas that were in the back of the classroom. in our room we left a sign saying gone fishing. then we hid there for about 45 mins and the older class was passing us notes and books to read etc. it was soooo funny!!!!!!

    then we all jumped out and the teacher was laughing away. =)


    I don’t see why this topic was ever allowed by the moderators…

    Or why people like to revive topics that have BEEN DEAD FOR A YEAR! Seri-rous-lyyyyyy…


    why shouldnt this topic be allowed? whats wrong with having a little fun??


    one hilarious prank my father did: he got 3 live cjickens and they painted on them numbers 1,2, and 4. then they let them loose in the school and the staff spent all day searching for chicken #3. 😀


    In my class, on the last day of school before a break, we had a substitute teacher. The sub let us do our own art project: a fake teacher, very intricately made out of a garbage bag and a balloon with a face, complete with paper glasses. The day we came back, the morning teacher scooped up the competition and threw it into the garbage. We were mad with anger because we had wanted to bring it home and take photographs; it was ours.

    Later a piece of the ceiling fell off. We wrote on a paper, taped on it,

    “Dedicated in the memory…A teacher with a calm demeanor and never an unkind word…may its memory live on”

    Some of us even put (fake paper) flowers on it and cried for effect.

    Shopping613 🌠



    Any new pranks that developed recently?


    Do we have any pranksters among our ranks?


    Pour a cup of orange juice and give it to the teacher. He’ll drink it thinking it’s egg yolk, but it’s orange juice! He’ll be stunned.

    Avi K

    These are all not funny but cruel. They are a violation of “v’ahavta l’rei’eicha kemocha”, geneivat daat and onaat devarim for starters.


    School’s back in session.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    why is the rest of this thread missing? helloooo?

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