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    What does it actually mean to be “Frum”?

    Does it mean to keep Shabbas or maybe it means going to Shul daily?

    People use it too often and dont even know what it means

    Please explain me what it means


    Depends on who is using the term, and in what context…



    It is a made up word and can mean whatever you want it to mean.


    There are so many levels of “frumness” but at the very least in order to be called Frum you must be Shommer Shabbos and keep kosher, the rest as they say is all in the details….

    Feif Un

    I’ve heard from many Rabbonim that to be considered frum a person needs to be an honest person, and keep Shabbos, Kosher, and Taharas Hamishpacha.


    Do you understand the opposite term better – to be frei?


    Keeping the Torah,to the best of your ability,based on all that your psrents and teachers have taught you,or what you have learned on your own.



    That is the best definition given so far

    spot on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What is meant by a “Frum Goy”.

    And it is common usage.


    YFL:Thank you,sir.


    it means a goy who relates to his religion, lhavdil, in a parallel manner to which a frum Jew relates to his


    This will be a “mind blower”

    One of the Belzer Rebbes abhorred “Frunmies” who displayed their “Frumkeit” in our language “Holier than thou”

    He said ???? stands for ???? ????? ??????? ?????

    Much ????? very little ?????

    Frum Goy is common usage ?? It might be a Goy who is very strict

    about ???? ????? ???? ???? ?????


    there’s somethig cute i heard about the word “frum”


    F anatically Religious

    U (you – in the middle there)

    M odern


    Mr. 80:

    So the word “frum” has nothing to do with “Torah” per say.

    Just like someone can be a “frum” Catholic or Unitarian, they can be a “frum” Reform Jew.


    no gavra i said exactly the opposite of that

    frum refers to Jews

    when applied to goyim it is used (mostly tongue in cheek) as a parallel to the meaning which applies to Jews and really only to Jews


    i think frum means shomer shabbos


    and note additionally gavra

    nowhere did i mention or imply anything about what the word “frum” means. this was done deliberately.

    i only explained that whatever it means the meaning is sometimes applied as a parallel in describing non-Jewish behavior.

    are you a lawyer?

    i knew as soon as i saw your first post you were expecting a certain answer to which you planned on springing your logic trap.


    Man you are quick 🙂

    I don’t divulge what I do (other than work :-), but everyone who has learned Gemora for real is a natural Lawyer. It comes with the job.


    and yes you could i suppose use the word to describe anyone, a mafia chief, a murderer, a reform person, a policeman. but again it would merely be to describe a mode of behavior which is parallel to a frum Jew, which is the only place the word is really used in its basic sense.


    You could probably translate frum as ‘religious’. It pretty much has the same ambiguity.


    So from the parallelness (is that even a word?) we can figure out what the original means, no?


    that would be one way i suppose, probably not the best, but might be helpful by providing a different perspective.

    there probably is no perfect answer as, like most words (but even more so), it is used differently by different people.


    If you are shomer Shabat and have a kosher home, you are part of the orthodox community.


    I can’t think of any definition.

    If someone keeps shabbos and kashrus, but not any other mitzva, is that frum?

    If someone keeps shabbos, kashrus, nidda, yomtov, and wears teffilin; but, doesn’t daven, doesnt fast on any fast, doesn’t wear tzitzis, doesn’t have a bris, is married to a goy, steals from the government, steals from business partners, denies G-d, and doesnt keep any other mitzva, is that frum.

    My point is, there is no list you can give which is all inclusive of what you need to do, and is all exclusive of things which can make you “frum” even if you don’t do all those things.


    Frum is a relative word. Just like there is no proper temp for hot or cold – Its all relative to the extreme.


    “If someone keeps shabbos and kashrus, but not any other mitzva, is that frum?”

    No. But that person is a part of the orthodox community because he can host people in his home, be counted for a minyan, serve as a witness, etc.



    I wasn’t trying to disagree with you.

    I am saying that there is really no definition that will be definite enough to use.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that person could not serve as a witness, nor host people.


    sort of real-brisker

    but the word frum may have several madreygas but no one would use frum meaning non-shomer shabbos.

    then again frum can sometimes mean finishing sefer tehillim every day.



    U in the middle

    Fanatically Religious on one side of you

    and Modern on the other side


    To quote my rebbi: Anyone to the right of me is a frummak, anyone to the left of me is a shaygetz. I am perfect.


    blueprints- “but no one used the word frum meaning non shomer shabbos” Correct, and no one used the word cold when its 100 degrees outside! Get the point?


    A frummak?

    never heard that one before

    what does it mean?


    IMHO, Frum means shomer Torah u’Mitzvos


    ?????? is a pejorative word for someone who is extremely frum, sometimes refers to someone who is like that superficially, but has bad middos. Similar words in “der shprach” include: greasy, farfrumpt, ????? (not actually sure how to spell that one. never heard anyone under 60 use it.)


    [frum | frim]), from the German fromm, meaning “” or “pious”, is a Yiddish word meaning committed to be observant of the 613 Mitzvot, or Jewish commandments, specifically of Orthodox Judaism. …

    The word “frum” can have other specific meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Often the terms frum and frei indicate one’s social associations as much as his/her actual religious commitment.

    taken from wikipedia…:) feel free to google as well


    Frummie or frumak is a badge of honor worn by those who unabashedly try to follow Kol HaTorah Kulah to the best of their abilities, when it irks the less observant and they yell these names at the more observant. Those of us bestowed by this term, proudly put it on our resume.


    Even a Conservative Jew can be “frum” in the sense that he adheres to his religious beliefs. In my understanding, one is frum if he is shomer shabbos, kashrus, and taharas mishpocha/morality. if he is following those mitzvos, chances are, he is following the others, too.


    TMB: Those of us who are interested in God and His Torah rather than your holier than thou theatrics don’t “yell names at the more observant.” We laugh quietly behind our hands at your performance.

    Mods, please don’t delete it this time.


    ItchySrulik: Those of us who are interested in Hashem and His Torah rather than your what can I get away with today theatrics, don’t take seriously those who laugh at our observance. We smile broadly with the knowledge of our Torah-true conduct.


    ok ok you can all cease now I know what a frummak is!

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