Best way to mouseproof a basement in BP, with Shuls and schools on every block?

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    Whats the best way to mouseproof a basement in BP- with Shuls and schools on every block?

    The house is 30 years old and we never had a problem that lasted this long, even after a good exterminator putting poison.

    My usual exterminator says all he does in basements is put poison because you cant really keep mice out of a basement. Meantime, months later, we still have mice.

    Is that true or false? What should we be doing?


    Adopting a couple of cats would probably put a very quick stop to the issue. (Though it might be dangerous to the cats, since modern urban mice carry tons of diseases…)


    Adopt a bobcat.

    Feif Un

    Buy mint oil and some cotton balls. Soak some cotton balls in the oil and place them in every corner, and at intervals along the walls.

    Mice naturally run along walls because of their poor eyesight. They also have a natural aversion to mint, and will avoid it.

    I have friends who got rid of mice using this method. They claim it worked within days.


    I live in apt building nex to an overgrown lot in BP. When we had a mouse problem, an exterminator, I think his name was Mr. Shafier came. He went through the entire apt, found a few holes and covered them up. We have not had a problem for the past few years since then. I think you need an exterminator whose expertise is mice.


    A priest had mice in his church. He didn’t know what to do! So he went to his friend the Rabbi who he know had mice problems earlier but no longer did. The priest asked, “Rabbi how did you get rid of the mice and make sure that they wouldn’t come back?” The Rabbi answered, “I Bar Mitzvahed them.”


    1. A cat. Cats are cute and scare mice. If you have cats that weren’t fed mice as kittens, they won’t even eat the mice, though they might kill them. When the mice smell the cat, they leave.

    2. Bobcats are either: 1) large wild cats that could attack children and not domesticatable; 2) very small Cub Scouts who tend to leave lots of crumbs, which will attract mice (unless there are cats around, infra)


    I had an exterminator come a few years back. He did a through check of the house for holes and sealed all of them. He moved the oven and sealed all around the pipes. You can do this yourself. Get some steel wool,(Like brillo, but no soap added) break off pieces and plug in. Make sure you wear gloves as the steel wool can give you splinters. Mice can get in through holes the size of a dime.

    yaakov doe

    Why are there so many mice in Boro Park? Michoel and Mindy Mouse?


    You must find and close up all the holes. My exterminator told me if there’s even a small crack,like under a door where you can see the sunlight poking through,that’s all a mouse needs to get in. They can squeeze through very tiny holes/cracks.

    Good luck!

    ☕️coffee addict

    I second feif un’s idea


    I hired Mr. Berman from budget exterminator. He is not cheap, but he did the job. I lived above a shul and all my neighbors in the building were infested. They hired other people because they didn’t want to spend that much and they had big problems. I never saw a mouse after he finished, and I lived there for another 2 years. I told the neighbors it was worth it to spend the money and know the mice were gone. A neighbor recently called me for his number and hired him to redo the apartment. Now he is mouse free. (He is Jewish but not yet religious) 917-709-9038


    GN & MT are both correct… It all depends on how “finished” the basement is. If it’s full of gaps or the walls or floor are “soft” enough for mice to dig through, it’s virtually impossible to mouseproof short of a full renovation. If this is the case the best you can do is try to figure out where they are coming in from and plug those holes (quarter size and up). Concrete is great for sealing boiler rooms, a common point of entry. You can also add mouldings (1/4 rounds or whatever fills the gap) between the floor and wall.

    If there’s construction nearby that’s probably the reason for the persistence of the problem as they are being disturbed and finding other accommodations. Once the construction is over and you (and hopefully your neighbors) are placing poison, the problem should ease up. I’ve never tried this before but it’s also possible to inject poison into the walls, assuming they’re not solid. I assume you’d need a commercial exterminator for that. Good luck!


    2. Bobcats are either: 1) large wild cats that could attack children and not domesticatable; 2) very small Cub Scouts who tend to leave lots of crumbs, which will attract mice (unless there are cats around, infra)

    Bobcats are small and cute. Google image them.



    Bobcats are indeed small and cute. The feline type are nice to watch, preferably at a distance – not suitable for petting. The other type (found in Brooklyn, even in frum communities if you look hard enough) are also quite small and cute, and remain so until they turn into teenagers whom we then then try to eat us out of house and home until we find a shidduch for them.

    golden mom

    I find that in bp cuz there is always construction going on it gives the mice someplace to live and when they get hungry they come to the neighbors to eat (cuz an empty house has no food) when my neighbor was gutting and rebuilding oh was I infested I was scared to walk into my kitchen didn’t wanna make anything on my counters anyway I called on time exterminator who mouse proffed the whole house from basement all the way up and then work on catching they family that had to way to get out it took some time but was well woth it I blei ayan hara have not seen anything for years!!! And there has been plenty more contruction on my block. His # is 7184372767 and he is a frum yid

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