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    Is one supposed to wear bigdei Shabbos on Chol Hamoed? For example, if one only wears a hat for Shabbos, does he have to wear one during the weekday for chol hamoed? What about a suit?


    Supposed to? I don’t know. I believe the source is the Yesod V’shoresh Ha’avodah. So can that create an obligation? Probably not. Is it a good idea? Probably.

    yaakov doe

    Yes, one should dress as if it were Yom Tov.


    Yaakov Doe:- Correction:- One should dress as if it were Shabbos, but on Yom Tov wear even finer clothing than on Shabbos or Chol haMoed.

    In practice, one basically wears Shabbos clothing, but with some weekday clothe, in view of differing opinions, although for sure, in much better attire than on an ordinary weekday.

    In practice, I wear Shabbos suit & ties, but weekday shirts, as don’t have enough Shabbos shirts, considering for sure, no laundering on Chol haMoed.


    Mishna Brurah says “nice clothing.” The Sha’arei Tziyun goes to great length to prove that one doesn’t need to wear Shabbos clothing. The Chayei Aam requires.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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