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    > How can she sleep? Cuz she doesn’t exist!

    well, if she does not exist, she can’t sleep either!


    ready > How can the woman sleep at night knowing that the feeder is upsetting her neighbor?

    that’s the right question!

    Gadol > Alternatively, take an Ambien

    This is by goyishe law. In Jewish law, as ready says, a person needs to make sure that his action is not bothering someone. See Bava Basra – making sure the bird is beyond 50 amot from the nearest house before taking it; a person with the higher roof needs to build a fence …


    Life is a test. the nimshal of the birds here is like a open smartphone. Let us rephrase the question: “my neighbor has open internet in the house. My wife is bothered by it as my children are playmates with the neighbors. Well the govt does allow it and there is no way to get rid of it. The smartest eitzah would be to send them a TAG postcard.
    btw u have every right to not allow your children to play with the neighbors. a good jewish parent has to put thier foot down when it comes to issues like this. we are living in a time when people feel like they can just spread their bird feeders in the public!
    God bless those who get their devices tagged


    Where does the OP say the neighbor feeding the firds is a yid and is subject to the varying admonitions in Bava Basra etc. Nor at last check, is such an admonition against bird-feeders included in the Sheva Mitzos Bnai Noach. Indeed, the neighbor may truly believe she is engaging in tikun olam (the 614th. mitzvah so highly valued by CR readers).


    @ get our device Not sure if your post is a dog whistle for birth control or widly off topic. If your suggestion is that we bad mouth our neighbors and encourage them to be socially ostracised… Well, there is room under the bridge for all the trolls.


    so if u know what omnivore means, why did you imply an omnivore wouldn’t eat seeds?


    @ Participant
    I said that I didn’t think a bear would overlook all of the overflowing dumpsters in favor of my birdfeeder.
    Not that bears wouldn’t eat seads.


    Gadol > Where does the OP say the neighbor feeding the firds is a yid

    OP said that he is hevrusa with the neighbor’s husband. Maye I misread or they are learning mitzvos bnei Noach. Non-jews indeed would not need to show concern about the neighbor by dina demalchusa, but some do. Maybe then need to think how to approach the neighbor in a good way.


    k i understand. Would have been clearer had you said “Although bears are indeed omnivores, I find it funny….”

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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