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    So is anyone here waking up early to chap a metzia? If yes, what and where?


    Why would I tell you where, I don’t want you to beat me to it. Or wouldn’t either want you looking out for me.


    I believe this thread already exists…right ????HERE????


    one goal- I looked through ” ????HERE???? ” and didnt see a single post that would answer the question. I’m not asking for the best deal out there, or to have a discussion on the specs of a particular laptop. The question I asked should elicit a five word answer- The item one intends to purchase and from which store.


    Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with that thread so I didn’t realize.


    If anyone sees a life on sale…and make it a long one


    I’m going in forty five minutes until about 1:00, then at 3:00 I’ll probably go out again until about 7:00. I’ll keep everyone posted.


    Not a Black Friday deal, but…

    Anyone looking for a lower-mid-range laptop, here’s a fantastic deal:

    Brand: ASUS

    Price: $309

    CPU: i3

    Memory: 4GB

    HD: 320GB

    CDRW, dual layer

    15.6″ screen

    1 USB3, 2 USB2 ports

    May sell out fast

    IMO, great price for the specs – a “metzia”


    Correction: CD-RW should be DVD-RW

    Also, rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by 35 reviewers (FYI, that qualifies as great reviews by people who bought it).


    Does it come with a filter?


    Thank you, ICOT. I ordered this product yesterday. I see that today the price went up to $400.

    Out of curiosity, how did you find this metzia?


    Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, so still 1/2 year away.

    BTW the best deal I ever received on Black Friday, was B’H the birth of my daughter.

    Fortunately, with an entire turkey for thanksgiving dinner, we had plenty turkey that Shabbos despite mother & baby being @hospital that Shabbos.


    ummm is it just me or does this whole thread make no sense cuz black friday is sorta in novemeber….


    I thought we were supposed to be boycotting Best Buy?


    Huh, why?



    No, you need a plumbing supply store for that. Make sure to ask for the .000003 micron one.


    Getting a great deal on something whose price then goes up is always a good feeling.


    You win!


    i luv teenspeek cuz itz fun to desyfer ?


    That’s a valid point – their sponsorship of a CAIR dinner is disturbing.

    I don’t know what the proper approach is when Best Buy has a sale on something you need and their price is significantly lower than the competition’s.


    Best Buy runs an auction site where they sell used computers.

    These PCs have their hard disks wiped clean, and they are sometimes missing their power cords.

    The prices laptops are going for seems to be very low today.

    You will need to be somewhat tech-savvy (or have a friend who is) in order to restore the operating system and drivers for these PCs. YOU SHOULD NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THE O/S ON MOST OF THESE PCs SINCE THE LICENSE KEY IS INCLUDED. A legal download of the o/s should be doable.

    One big advantage these auctions have over other auctions is that Best Buy accepts returns, no questions asked, for thirty days. (Returns need to be shipped back – they can’t be returned to Best Buy stores.)

    the URL is:


    Friday June 15, 2012 11:00 AM

    Nice deal on an Asus laptop at Best Buy today.

    Here are the specs:

    Price: $309.99

    Manufacturer: Asus

    CPU: i3, 2nd generation

    Screen size : 15.6″

    Memory: 4GB

    Hard disk: 320GB

    USB: 1 USB2, 1 USB3

    Dual layer DVD-RW

    For more info, please use the following link –



    How does today’s deal compare to the last two deals you posted above?



    It’s the exact same deal as two weeks ago (I didn’t notice that until I scrolled up).

    It’s not comparable to the deals I posted a day or two ago.

    Today’s post:

    -a new item

    -selling for a specific price

    -doesn’t require downloading and installing an O/S, drivers and utilities

    Prior post:

    -used items

    -selling at auction

    -requires some technical knowledge (not much, but some) to set up



    Cowboom sells used computers and other electronics. I had noticed that the prices seemed very cheap, and their thirty-day return policy would seem to cover any customers who had been sold defective merchandise.

    I now retract my endorsement of the site.

    While the prices do seem to be good, there have been many customer complaints at review sites concerning defective merchandise.


    Wouldn’t the 30 day return policy protect you if you make a purchase with them?


    Metzia Alert

    I believe this is a mistake on their part, because they are oversaturating the market. This mistake can be turned to your advantage by scooping up a really good buy.

    A few caveats before you go ahead and buy:

    1) Read the description of the item carefully. Some are selling without power supplies and cords (you can usually buy these elsewhere for under $10).

    These netbooks can usually be bought for about half or less of what a new one would cost.


    1) go to

    2) move your mouse over the “computers” link

    3) click on “Laptops / Notebooks”

    4) click on “Auction Items”

    None of the acutions that close today end on Shabbos ?

    July 9, 2012 14:26


    How’s a netbook different than a notebook?




    How’s a netbook different than a notebook?

    Netbook             Notebook

    Small, usually @ Anywhere from @ 12"
    10" diagonally to @ 18" for some
    really large ones

    Underpowered CPU. Can be quite powerful.
    Good for internet, High-end laptops can
    word processing, even run demanding 3D
    email and other games.
    undemanding tasks.

    Cheap. Usually Anywhere from $300
    $200 - $300 range. and up. A really
    loaded one can be
    $1,000 or more.

    Won't have a DVD Most have internal
    drive. You'll DVD drives.
    probably need an
    external drive if
    you have to read a
    CD or DVD.

    Light and easily May be heavy and
    portable. bulky.

    Runs 32-bit Runs Windows 7
    Windows 7 Starter Home Premium,
    (usually). Professional,
    or Ultimate,
    all of which are

    Only 1 (usually) 4 - 8 GB memory
    or 2 GB memory. (usually).

    Smaller hard disk. Larger hard disk.
    (160 - 250 GB, (320 - 1,000 GB,
    usually). usually).

    Slower CPU, 1 or Faster CPU, usually
    2 core. multi core.


    Thanks, ICOT.


    ICOT, I like your use of code! Very creative!!

    And thanks for helping people out!!




    Thank you for the kind words.

    FYI, forcing a fixed-width font in order to get columns to line up has been done elsewhere on this site, too.


    ICOT: Your post gave me some new info. I had a basic idea of the difference, but not the details you provided. Thanks again



    Always a pleasure ?

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