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    Tzvi Hirsh

    I am from Israel and when I was In NY at a wedding most of the women (even elderly bubby types) had light colored blond sheitals. In Israel almost all the sheitals are brown or black

    What is the reason!



    [insert generic comment about staring at women here]


    first of all if that is your name why are u looking, second in israel for some reason they dont just go black, brown they wear JET black- they think it looks good here in the states u actually wear your hair color


    People want to make themselves more attractive.


    The real gene-pool for Jews is of darker hair and eyes. Blond entered the Ashkenazic pool because of years of persecution and attacks (rape during pogroms) in Europe. The Jews in the Sephardic communities may have had the same experiences, but the Arabs had the same dark hair/eyes as the Jews, so there were essentially no differences in the makeup of the genes.

    There are definitely more Jews of Sephardic lineage in E”Y than Ashkenazic. But I am not sure that the number of sheital-wearing Sephardim contribute to the difference you are seeing demographically (I think Sephardim tend to use scarves and kerchiefs more than wigs).

    There may be an economic factor as well. Darker hair is easier to come by, and therefore darker wigs are cheaper than blond ones (especially in the custom/semi-custom market). In an economy like Israel, it may be that those women who are natually a darker blond will opt for a cheaper brownish wig.

    minyan gal

    What difference should it make to you? It is obviously a local fashion preference. As long as these women were dressed modestly, the color of their sheitels should be a non-issue.

    am yisrael chai


    “Blond entered the Ashkenazic pool because of years of persecution and attacks (rape during pogroms) in Europe.”

    Do you have a source that says that all blonds are products of rape?


    AYC: Not all but probably the vast majority. Converts could also bring blond into the gene pool.


    On what basis do you make that assertion?


    You people are way too bored. Most of those people were blonde as girls – Should they become black after they got married? Some do get a little lighter but very few go from brown/black to blonde.


    flyer: Why do they get lighter?


    1.Most women look for a sheitel close in appearance to the way they look in the mirror.

    2.The most unnatural look for an older face is a sheitel that is too dark. If we don’t choose to wear gray, a softer color hair is a lot more flattering.


    In general shaitels get lighter as they are worn (sun exposure) – automatically if you wear a shaitel for a year it will be lighter than when you started so if you are wearing a shaitel for five years and want to get a new one you might not get one according to your original hair (which has gotten darker from being covered) but more similar to your shaitel now. That is one reason. It is also usually easier to find a blonde shaitel with more highlights which is automatically lighter unless you go the over 2 k route….


    flyer: What are highlights?


    kgh5771, sam2, the light hair and eye pigment genes seem to eminate exclusively from the center of the I1 and somewhat through to the I2 haplogroups likely indicating its original origin(if the online frequency charts are correct). i seriously doubt they’re the ones responsible for persecuting jews. its autosomal and therefore spreads like wildfire, most that have those genes today are not the original creators of those genes themselves especially those in the usa and mainland europe.

    i dont consider the i1 haplogroup to be a natural instigator of antisemitism, when I1 is paired with its “original” xdna (and not the extremely genetically distant western european xdna) they’re peaceful and full of common sense. please investigate it. i consider them an ally against the true cause of the problem.

    go talk to them yourselves. they arnt the evil slave owners of america, they arent the ones who killed ALL the ASIANS on 3 possibly fully populated continents, they absolutely were not the majority in germany and europe in wwii. rather they have the same problem as us (and everybody else).

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