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    A Capitol Police officer has died from injuries suffered at the hands of Trump’s terrrorist mob. 馃檨

    馃崼Syag Lchochma

    Well thats a poor attempt at connecting unrelated points. You must really be desperate for devicive topics now that the election is over. What a shame.


    There is so much 砖拽专 in this world that no oneknows what is 讗诪转 anymore


    Don鈥檛 get me wrong

    I鈥檓 not saying he didn鈥檛 die, I鈥檓 just wondering who killed him

    (This is in continuation of my previous post which hasn鈥檛 been approved yet)


    He was MURDERED. I hope they find the murderer and all of his accomplices.

    Although there were free buses from Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Lakewood to the protests, Jews were warning people not to go due to the incendiary situation and that some of the protesters would be wearing AUSHWITZ CAMP t-shirts.
    I hope Jews that stayed home take comfort in that they saved themselves from being part of such a protest.

    Sicknick was injured Wednesday when a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol. He died at approximately 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday “due to injuries sustained while on-duty,” Capitol Police officials said in a statement.
    The death is being investigated by the DC Metropolitan Police Department’s homicide branch, the US Capitol Police and their federal partners.
    “Officer Sicknick was responding to the riots on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol and was injured while physically engaging with protesters. He returned to his division office and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,” the statement read.


    Mrs Syag,

    Stop already. You do not run the CR . If you want a safe place, go to parler.

    The election is over but the officer that died (and the 4 other people) are never coming back.

    It is current events and is 100% a topic for the CR .

    Much better than talking about the quality of goyishe writers and their books .


    <i>A Capitol Police officer has died from injuries suffered at the hands of Trump鈥檚 terrrorist mob.</i>

    First of all based on the what the liberal has been telling me all summer , they were no terrorists mob.
    They were a group of “protesters” and “resisters”.

    In fact unlike the liberal belief that the only difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is which side you are on, the actual difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is that freedom fighters limit their actions to government representatives and property whereas terrorists focus on civilians and civilian owned property. As such the liberal publications which were defending violence all summer should have a much easier time defending ransacking the capital than a random business district. But of course they won鈥檛 because the people in the capital are the wrong ethnicities and have the wrong political views.

    Secondly there is obviously a lot of garbage and coverup so I’m not sure the police were innocent. Aside from the unarmed women who was shot in a manner guaranteed to kill her when there plenty of police who could have subdued her in other ways I don’t believe for a second that we are being told the truth about the three other people who died on capital hill. Three people don’t just suddenly die from medical emergencies at the same time and place without foul play.

    There is an obvious effort to block information. A lot of the footage of the unarmed women getting shot dead in the capital was removed from Youtube. The police are not getting the benefit of the doubt this time.

    But as above we are talking about the people with the wrong ethnicities and wrong political views so everything the liberals told us all summer about rioting/protesting and correct police behavior is now out the window. Some of the liberal publications even deleted their prior articles supporting violence. So did some of their politicians. AOC’s director of communications asked Twitter to BAN ACCOUNTS for merely quoting a tweet from her that seems to condone political violence.

    But don’t worry. All liberal articles and tweets supporting violence and police hatred will be back up the next time BLM riots

    馃崼Syag Lchochma

    More proof that you don’t bother reading posts before vomiting responses


    Charlie, that’s only a fair point if you agree that a loss is a loss, regarding if it’s from a select from BLM, Antifa, Trump’s supporters. Your issue is that you are so much into politicizing, that loss or destruction from BLM doesn’t get any attention from you.

    馃崼Syag Lchochma

    TGIS- thank you, thank you, thank you


    I would like to see the Felony Murder Rule applied to these who breeched the Capitol at teh instigation of the LOSER, Donald Trump.


    A police officer’s life isn’t blue.


    Slight difference between BLM riots and the one at the capitol.
    Not a single Democrat condemned the BLM riots, (until they realized it was hurting their poll numbers), and MANY actually encouraged it.
    Not a single Republican approved of the riot at the capitol, and MANY actually vocally condemned it.
    A slight subtle difference, hard to catch, you really have to have a keen eye to notice this one.
    (Btw I wouldn’t assume so fast it was a trump supporter who killed the officer, there were plenty of antifa/BLM at the scene…)

    anonymous Jew

    Charlie, ct lawyer where were you for the last 9 months? What happened in Washington was an inevitable outgrowth of the continuous unchecked rioting and violence in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and elsewhere. Police were told to back off as noone was prosecuted. People were assaulted, raped and murdered in the peaceful Seattle autonomous zone. A CNN reporter reported peaceful protests in , I believe Wisconsin, while fires raged behind him. Did you protest when BLM looted and destroyed businesses with impunity? When they killed that retired cop in St Louis ? When BLM rioters in LA branched off to deface shuls and day schools in Fairfax?


    Anonymous -“What happened in Washington was an inevitable outgrowth of the continuous unchecked rioting and violence in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and elsewhere. Police were told to back off as noone was prosecuted.”

    This was the last attack on our Democracy.
    The riot was started by Antifa.
    But the Lib Leftists are getting smarter.
    Instead of just ignoring the Violence that they did All last year, they blamed it on Trump and his supporters!

    Reb Eliezer

    Health as with fraud no proof that antifa started the insurrection. We are seeing the contrary by Trump flags and hats.


    I agree, but I looked at the DC Code and could not find a felony murder statute. Then again, I am not a lawyer so I might have missed it.


    I have been criticizing BLM since 2014, and I have criticized every riot at every university where the rioters claimed to be Antifa. They even prevented the Never Trumper Charles Murray from speaking once. I even criticized the peaceful BLM protests this summer because I thought it was irresponsible to be having big events during the pandemic. Baruch HaShem I was wrong; it turns out that outdoor events with everyone wearing masks don’t spread the virus. I have also been blasting the stupid idiots who want to defund police and everyone here knows that.


    “What happened in Washington was an inevitable outgrowth ”

    No it wasn’t. This was an attempted coup instigated directly by Trump.


    “The riot was started by Antifa.”

    That is one of the biggest lies from the Big Lie campaign.

    Lin Wood, Trump’s lawyer, claimed to have found proof. He tweeted a picture of two guys who had appeared on a web site called “” who were also photographed at the coup attempt. The photo went viral. The Republican Leader of the California Senate even retweeted it, blaming Anitifa.

    Except that the page on was their page outing and sometimes doxxing neo-Nazis. One of the people Wood claimed was Antifa is Matthew Heimbach, a white supremacist neo-Nazi who is notorious enough to have his own Wikipedia page and his own private page on the Southern Poverty Law Center web site’s hatemonger section. Among his past offenses was to defend the violence by the neo-Nazi marchers in Charlottesville. Oh and if you read his Wikipedia page you will find that his personal life makes Trump’s look moral by comparison — he has multiple convictions for violent crimes and had an affari with his mother in law! The other person identified as Antifa is Jason Tankersley, a skinhead neo-Nazi with SS and swastika tatoos who has been the subject of TV news reports of his hatemongering in Maryland. A third person in the photo of the coup mob is Jake Angeli, a well known QAnon proponent who is a regular participant in pro-Trump demonstrations.

    More and more people are being identified as being present at the rally and they are all either Trump supporters and/or members of hate groups that are so extreme that they find Trump excessively moderate. You did see the Camp Auschwitz guy right? And the 6 M W E guy? These people are coming for you. And you are encouraging them. 馃檨


    RE -“Health as with fraud no proof that antifa started the insurrection. We are seeing the contrary by Trump flags and hats.”

    That’s why I wrote this in my topic called “R.I.P. US of A”.
    “I鈥檓 Not going to discuss this 鈥 until you watch yesterday鈥檚 鈥淔lashpoint鈥.”
    There’s plenty of almost Irrefutable Proof.
    But once you believe in something, like the DemonCrat Party, it’s very hard to see the Truth!

    Ben Levi

    It’s extremly hard for me to understand how this is an attempted coup instigated by Trump when throughout the day he tweeted out calls for peace and even recorded a message.

    Seems to me if you wish to instigate a coup it’s now a good thing to try to stop the coup.


    charlie if you really criticize blm, why wont you criticize democrat leaders who encourage and approve of their violence?

    Amil Zola

    Ben Levi, a point of information. There were no through out the day communications from the president. IRRC there were three tweets and a taped message in the evening. I’m sure you can find them by googling.

    Avi K

    Charlie, don’t you know that “blue lives matter” is a white supremacist code? You could be banned from social media for that.

    Avi K

    Jackk, what we are having here is a parler (French for “to speak”). Actually, that is what is done on parlors. In fact, that is the root of the word.


    Charlie>> outdoor events with everyone wearing masks don鈥檛 spread the virus.

    You can’t prove this from BLM. There is a paper that looked at cities with BLM violence over summer, comparing COVID and mobility statistics with other comparable cities. They conclude: BLM cities have decreased COVID stats due to decreased mobility. That is, most people were _NOT_ at the protests and was staying at home due to violence.

    emes nisht sheker

    The duplicity of Trump supporters here is simply amazing.

    He (and others, like Ted Cruz, Hannity, Rudy, Tucker Carlson, and others) lied to his supporters constantly riling them up with nonsensical claims of election fraud.

    His supporters believing the lie marched on the US Capitol because it was the revolution (per the words of one naive supporter). Trump said he would march with them, but he went home to watch on TV.

    There they invaded the Capitol and Trump by all accounts cheered this from his TV and refused to take action to stop it until lots of time had passed.

    Later after they were cleared out and the rioters received condemnation from all and Trump realizing that this does not look good, he calls for prosecuting them severely. Hannity and Cruz alike also call for them to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Face it, fools, you got played by Trump and Co. Those that bought the lie and went forth after being riled up, when it did not work out, get tossed under the bus. That anyone should still support Trump, Hannity, Cruz and the like is simply amazing. These people are just using you.

    Oh, the moment police decided to stand up and do their job, Trump supporters very quickly went from being on their side to wanting to attack and kill them. Now they are trying to differentiate between police that walk the beat and those that would protect Pelosi and Schumer.

    Ben Levi

    My apologies I thought three separate tweets in one day and a video taped message qualified as “throughout” the day.

    I will be more specific


    ENS -“The duplicity of Trump supporters here is simply amazing.”

    The duplicity of Libs here is simply amazing!

    Why would Trump & his supporters want to Stop the Congress from hearing about the Massive Fraud in this Election?!?
    Actually the Riot was started by Antifa, paid by N. Pelosi and other Lib Leftists!


    <i>The duplicity of Trump supporters here is simply amazing.</i>

    Actually the only consistency I’m seeing among the liberals is that apparently they truly believe the only difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorists is which side you are on. And this side the protestors are not on their side…

    Everything else is so contradictory to what they have preached to us all summer about violent protests.

    It contradicts everything they preached about riots since always like “A riot is the language of the unheard” or “people don’t get themselves in dangerous riots unless they feel desperate” and many other sentiments of theirs.

    It contradicts their reactions to riots which is usually inviting the political leaders who identify with them to present their views in Washington.


    but whatever, this time for a change the protestors aren’t on their side so all their principles can easily be thrown in the garbage. Like they always do.


    obvious differences btwn blm riots & trumpies’ riots:
    blm was protesting (be it true or not) unfair treatment of their people on a fatal level. their riots had potential (and did) to change it.

    trump’s riot was the sore loser’s protest of an election which was not proven to be unfair. there was no chance anything would be accomplished with his tantrum (besides for waking the gop to its senses.)


    Actually the BLM riots caused and continue to cause the fatal deaths of who knows how many black people.

    Aside from the acts of murder done by the BLM rioters themselves, the police “reform” they brought about caused a skyrocketing murder rates in many cities. But whatever, black lives don’t matter unless they are lost in confrontation with law enforcement, anyway.

    The rest of your comment, Participant, boils to what I said before, the only consistency liberals have shown in this is their fidelity to their false belief that only the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is which side you are on. If riots are (more) acceptable for a “good” cause than anyone should have the right to riot because all people who riot believe that they are right. Whether they are in fact right or not.

    Those involved in the capital riot believe they are standing up for democracy and preventing an illegal stolen election. They are only the bad guys because you don’t agree with them about that.


    “they are only the bad guys because you don’t agree with 8them on that.”

    I’m not sure8what to make of that statement. there are things for which rioting could be excused, or at the very least, looked at in a lenient light. there are causes which don’t excuse rioting or even garner sympathy.

    what would you say if someone says “killing is great. don’t we kill terrorists? so the only problem you have with my killing my neighbor in order to steal his treasures is because you don’t agree with me about that.”?


    Saying that there things for which rioting could be excused, or at the very least, looked at in a lenient light boils down to “if I agree with you it’s OK to riot if I don’t then it’s not.”

    That is in fact the liberal position (when it suits their purposes) but it is totally unacceptable. The ends don’t justify the means!

    The difference between killing a terrorist and a killing neighbor in an act of theft is that killing a terrorist is inherently justified. Even if someone is on MY side but killing innocent civilians I would agree that he deserves to be killed. And even if someone is on MY side rioting is unacceptable. There is no double standard.

    If however you believe that rioting is sometimes justified then your issue with those who broke into the capital is that you believe they were on the wrong side so that makes what they did wrong. They don’t think so. They are just as entitled to their opinions as you are. Putting current events aside a stolen election is no less important and worthy of an issue than police brutality.



    whereas I agree that blm crossed many many lines, the actual fact that they rioted is tolerable, or at least doesn’t compare to the trump riots.

    to say that either rioting is unexcusable, to say the end doesn’t justify the means, is a valid opinion. but a politician who condemns trump’s riot but not blm’s doesn’t make him a hypocrite.

    and I love how selective rioting ‘comes down to whose side you’re on’. can the end never justify the means? you may think so but I certainly see the other side . at some times someone may see no other alternative to saving their lives than reporting to unbecoming behavior. (yes they crossed many lines . it was more than unbecoming behavior. I’m saying inherently the act of rioting)

    emes nisht sheker

    BLM = 2 deaths (protests and riots triggered in response to George Floyd being murdered on camera by police)

    Benghazi = 4 deaths

    Trump Insurrection Riot = 5 deaths so far

    Only one of these actually threatened democracy. Since folks here have a hard time with this, it was the Trump Insurrection Riot.

    Oh, the BLM protests resulted in 604 arrests. I am expecting many more arrests for an insurrection riot that resulted in 5 deaths so far, or is insurrection okay but protesting racism a more serious crime.


    ENS -“Since folks here have a hard time with this, it was the Trump Insurrection Riot.”

    That’s your mistake.
    It was the Lib Insurrection Riot at the Capitol.
    The Trump supporters came later into the Fray.

    “Oh, the BLM protests resulted in 604 arrests.”

    Lucky for them – that they did it in Lib States.
    No Punishment or Jail Time!


    ENS-You mister, are FAKE NEWS! I see Cnn has trained you well…youre arguments are so wrong on many different levels
    First point-lets learn about the 5 people who died.
    1-Officer Brian Sicknick. He sustained injury while protecting the Capitol. He is an American hero, and the thugs who killed him will hopefully be caught.
    2-Ashli Babbit-An UNARMED woman shot while climbing thru a window in the capitol. Dont feel all that bad for her, as she had no business being in that position, and deserved anything she was going to get. But if instead she was a black woman, and shot while climbing through a window at some sort of federal building by the BLM protests, they would be painting murals of her face, and she’d be a national hero.
    3-Kevin Greeson-Trump supporter attending the rally, died of heart attack, had a history of high blood pressure
    4-Benjamin Philips-Trump supporter attending the rally, had a stroke.
    5-Rosanna Boyland-Trump supporter attending the rally, also died via medical emergency.
    Yet you paint the picture of Trump supporters brutally murdering 5 Police Officers. There were at least 2 officers that I am aware of, in addition to non-officers, who were murdered during the BLM riots.
    Second point-Absolutely NO ONE condoned the violence, while in regard to the BLM riots, you actually had elected officials, including Kamala Harris, ACTIVELY supporting the violence! Why no impeachment for them?? Double standard much??
    Third point-participant, you say the BLM riots were tolerable-what is that supposed to mean?? Would you say that if it was your business, which you spent your whole life building up that was looted and burned down? The idea that there were merely protesting racism is GARBAGE! Do you know that George Floyd had fatal levels of fentanyl in his system when he died? Do you think for one second that these blm thugs would actually be interested in that inconvenient fact? By burning down black-owned businesses, and attacking black cops, by them totally not being interested by the amount of blacks killed by other blacks, they have been pretty clear-THEY DONT GIVE A DARN ABOUT BLACK LIVES!



    I actually said that the fact that they rioted was tolerable, not the excessive thuggery that they did . ie had they done what the trumpies done – storm government buildings and put their feet on Pelosi’s desk, I wouldn’t blame them.

    my sole point is comparing the 2 riots is wrong. that’s not to defend blm’s actions. its to say blm had grounds to work with. trumpies didn’t.

    maybe I should rephrase. my anger is less with those rioting for their lives than with the law & order prez’s sore losing to this degree. by all means go ahead and give it 2 blm . just imo its 2 different ballgames.

    oh and about the fact that they don’t actually care about their lives, that they’re making it worse…entirely possible. for what it looks like on paper though its not the same category as the capitol hill riot and politicians (no one ever claimed they’re) may have viewed it as such.


    the literal translation of”riot” is is exactly that-“excessive thuggery”.
    And being that they are not actually “rioting for their lives”, your entire premise falls apart.
    Oh and btw the blm riots took place at other federal properties around the country, not much better than the capital…


    And just to add another point, you say they are “rioting for their lives”, while trumpies are just being sore losers. This is entirely incorrect, because while YOU may believe the election was clean-you have that right-the tens of thousands (in addition to millions around the country) that traveled from all over were protesting what THEY believe was a stolen election. Whether or not the election was stolen is not the debate here. The point is that those protesting in DC believed it was, and I’d go so far to say with 110% confidence, that those protesting at the capital, believed in what they were protesting a LOT MORE than those “rioting for their lives”…

    Amil Zola

    Amidst all of this angst and foment we have a sitting president who refuses to address the nation via normal means. Surely a man who was concerned about healing a nation would put his personal feelings aside and attempt to communicate to the citizens of America. Prior to our current presidents election our leaders took to the airwaves, TV and press conferences. The sitting president has foregone traditional means of communication with his constituents and instead has become dependent on social media.


    AZ -“Amidst all of this angst and foment we have a sitting president who refuses to address the nation via normal means. Surely a man who was concerned about healing a nation would put his personal feelings aside and attempt to communicate to the citizens of America”

    He tried that with Many speeches before the 2016 election.
    But what happened right after he won?
    Mobs of Libs gathered together – Screaming – Not My President!

    Reb Eliezer

    Who brain washed them that the election was stolen?


    “But what happened right after Trump won in 2016?
    Mobs of Libs gathered together [outside the capital] 鈥 Screaming 鈥 Not My President!”

    Health: For perhaps the ONLY time I agree with you 100 percent.
    There were MOBS of women (and some men) wearing silly-looking pink wool hats carrying not so nice photos of the Trumpkopf yelling not my President (and a few other chants inappropriate for the CR. There were even some frum women attending. However, I searched all over the news sites (both left and right) and couldn’t find the videos of them storming the capital, and bashing the heads of police with fire extinguishers or dragging them down a concrete staircase while they were beaten with bats and flagpoles. I couldn’t find videos of a son or daughter of a frum federal judge running through the capital hallways carrying stolen items and giving interviews to the media and then returning to Brooklyn to adoring crowds.
    I guessed i missed it all so could you provide the links (if the mods allow) to the coverage of these left wing terrorists in D.C. after Trump’s election (and not some links to BLM rioting in Portland or Minneapolis)


    Reb eliezer, you mean to say any one who holds a different view than you, must have been brainwashed? Sorry, not how it works.
    Amil, tell me why in the world any one would use the mainstream media to connect to the nation, when the mainstream media will only twist his words to make him look terrible?
    The double standard in which the BLM and capitol riots are being handled is frankly, everything wrong with the state of our media, our elected officials, and our country.


    GH -“However, I searched all over the news sites (both left and right) and couldn鈥檛 find the videos of them storming the capital, and bashing the heads of police with fire extinguishers or dragging them down a concrete staircase while they were beaten with bats and flagpoles. I couldn鈥檛 find videos of a son or daug
    hter of a frum federal judge running through the capital hallways carrying stolen items and giving interviews to the media and then returning to Brooklyn to adoring crowds.”

    When you evaluate a Riot or violence, that we saw on the US Capitol, e/o looks who started it.
    That’s why started the Topic -“R.I.P. US of A”.
    It was started by Paid Aggregators, paid by Leftists.
    Yet not one Main Stream Media covered this!


    “the blom riots took place at other federal buildings…not much better than the capitol”
    oh6sorry. I had heard it was a lot worse than the capitol riot. okay I’ll be more sympathetic toward blm.

    your 2nd post-
    2 points:
    1. election fraud vs murder
    2. even if they believe it with all their heart, surely they understand that without proof they have no case?


    Participant, when I say “not much better than the capitol”, I don’t mean in terms of violence and damage, the BLM were far far worse, I was responding to what you said in post #1937668, “had they done what the trumpies done 鈥 storm government buildings and put their feet on Pelosi鈥檚 desk, I wouldn鈥檛 blame them.”
    Again, being that the the narrative that they are “rioting for their lives” is complete nonsense, rather they are rioting because they are bored, hate America and love being portrayed as the “victims of systemic racism”, your entire basis for their riots being “more tolerable” , falls apart.
    And they feel, just like I feel, that there was never a transparent, honest investigation into the many glaring question marks, rendering this election no better than venezuela’s. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you can’t, and won’t control ours.

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