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    why is it considered “modern” to have boby pins or clips in the yarlmuka if it holds it on the head it should be the chumra.


    Simply because most Chareidim have big enough yarmulkas that they don’t need a bobby pin. So it is common to see them on the more modern folks. Nothing more than that.


    Because you cant use bobby pins without having a “chup” (long hair).


    Huh?? I never heard of that one.


    The best thing to do to avoid using bobby pins is to purchase the next size yarlmuka.


    Wear bobby pins and enjoy it if that’s what you like, don’t worry about what others think!


    I love the look

    Jersey Jew

    @ deiyezooger,

    I lost my chup some 20 years ago which is why I need the bobby pin! If anyone wants to judge me due to my bobby pin, let them. I am glad they are not the ultimate judge!


    My son (who is a regular yeshivish bochur) uses velcro inside his yarmulke. It works better than bobby pins or clips (especially when playing sports). They are available in most Judaica stores.


    because modern people have bobbypins and yeshiva guys dont have bobby pins.

    Why are skirts feminist??


    If it’s windy out it doesn’t matter what size yarmulka you are wearing! If you are running or playing ball it doesn’t matter what size yarmulka you are wearing!

    And, deiyezooger, bobby pins work fine with short hair (unless you have a chasidishe haircut).

    bottom line is that bobby pins are just not part of the modern day yeshivish uniform (no need to put down MO guys who want to make sure their’s stays on).


    where i live its considered like your trying to become more modern if you wear bobby pins, like some guys think that its a whole cool look, and those type of guys are generally more easy with halacha in general, and trying to be dead cool in not such a good way.


    I wear a fairly large yarmulka AND use a clip. And no, I don’t have a “chup”.


    because if you need bobby pins you are probably playing sports, exercising, or doing some other “goyish” activity.

    I actually heard a little boy say that he learned in Yeshiva that “wearing bobby pins in your yarmulke is GOYISH”. He didn’t understand why I found that absolutely hysterical.


    I had no idea people judged others and it gives an impression of a lax in halacha if you wear a boobby pin…I thank Hashem that I don’t live in those communities!…


    its not a matter of Halachah.

    its a matter of following the manners of the Tzibur

    they are makpid on this at Telshe Yeshiva

    its just a sign, thats all, a statement.

    like the couple who finally divorced because the husband kept asking his wife to close the toothpaste tube and she kept leaving it uncovered. he felt she didnt care what he had to say about things, that she didnt respect him, of course it was silly but every time he saw the open tube his anger and hatred of his wife welled up.

    its not the bobby pin, its what the bochur means by wearing it


    “its what the bochur means by wearing it”

    Usually he means, “I hope this keeps it on”.


    A bigger yarmulka would keep it on. Is he getting a smaller yarmulka to make a statement?


    Usually he means, “I hope this keeps it on

    unfortunately thats not what he means, not the bachrim at Telshe.

    maybe the buchrim at yu mean that, i dont know.


    My rebbi used to tell me “ONLY GOYIM USE BOBBY PINS”. We would crack up and say yeah only goyim wear bobby pins to keep their yamys on!!!


    As a telzer for more than 30 years, I can not figure out what the esteemed #80 means by bobby pins in Telshe Yeshiva!


    If the brochur is “rebelling” and making a statement by wearing bobby pins, then Kal Yisroel is in good shape if this all he is doing to make a statement…sorry I don’t see how this is an issue…


    there arent any.

    that was my point.

    a few yrs ago there was a bachur who began wearing one

    it was a big problem

    most people here wont understand this, but this little bobby pin was a sign of discontent and rebellion

    it threatened to poison the Holy atmosphere

    it was dealt with

    first kindly and gently, then more firmly

    i dont know the eventual outcome

    see both of my posts

    in my first one i said Telshe was makpid on not wearing bps.


    Shrek, since when is playing sports and exercising “goyish”? many frum yeshivos have a gym where bochurim can blay basket ball bec its good to have them move around a little….

    minyan gal

    “My son (who is a regular yeshivish bochur) uses velcro inside his yarmulke.”

    We carry this product at the gift shop at my shul. It is called “Kip-On” – a play on words, as you can see. It is very inexpensive. The only problem is that having velcro constantly attached to your hair can be damaging.


    sorry I don’t see how this is an issue

    of course you dont


    Its funny (rather not very). When I went to volunteer in the search for Leiby a”h, nobody cared that I had a bobby pin holding my yarmulka on my head. Nobody cared that part of the search group included a fellow wearing shorts and a small leather yarmulka either. Why is this an issue when there is no tzara to unite us?


    reminds me of the goyim that are aghast at frum Yidden who wont look at a womans arm

    those that understand, understand

    those that dont, wont

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