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    Hi everyone,

    Like many others, I was very deeply shocked yesterday morning when I opened my mailbox and saw two emails from Yeshivah Gedolah Matisyahu. Deeply shocked, I immediately arranged for my wife (who has many friends) to organize as many women as possible for Tehilim – in a few hours, she got at least 30-40 women to say Tehilim.

    I myself went to the kosel last night, at a time when I should have been sleeping in order to get up on time for work, to daven for them. It didn’t help. Well, partially, it did – the baby is B”H alive, and will probably be fine, I understood.

    When I received the most horrible and feared and unwanted news, this afternoon, I dropped everything.

    Why? I didn’t know them all that well. I cannot remember when I have seen Yehuda – it must have been at least 3 years ago. I have never met Adira. But I remember, that when I came to E”Y and didn’t know so many people, Yehuda supported me. I remember travelling home after work on erev Shabbos, and Yehuda called to wish me Gut Shabbos. I remember how much he did for another family, when their child was in a very bad situation. I know that he is, and his wife R”L was, true tzaddikim, ovdei Hashem, and I cannot explain how amazed I am at Yehuda’s response yesterday to his wife’s condition. And now, he lost his mother 6 months ago, today his wife – who will be there for him?

    I remember when my wife had to undergo a serious operation on her ankle a year ago and was hospitalized for 5 days. I remember how difficult this was for me. I cannot even begin to imagine how these days must have been for Yehuda, whose wife was in a much worse condition, not to mention their daughter.

    Please share your thoughts on this horrible tragedy. I am quite sure I am not the only one who wishes to voice his feelings. (I hope it’s ok to write this on Rosh Chodesh.)

    And please continue to daven for Tinokes bas Chaya Adira Chana.

    Daniel Breslauer


    Well, the fact is, she was niftar. How is that considered a success?

    Feif Un

    It doesn’t matter. That’s what bitachon is – whatever happens, we know that Hashem is looking out for us, and it’s for the best.

    How do you know what might have happened if you hadn’t davened? Maybe she would have died sooner? Maybe she would have lived in excruciating pain for a while before passing away?

    The fact is, we don’t see the big picture. Hashem does, and He listens to all our prayers.


    You have a point. In this situation it was difficult to realize something like that. I don’t know what else to say.


    Hashem never “doesn’t answer Tefillos”. Hashem saves every Tefilla uttered by every Jew and Uses it when He decides it is needed. We can never know what our Tefillos accomplish. Sometimes, we daven so hard for a Yeshuah, but we don’t get we want. In such cases, Hashem has decided to say “no”, and save the Tefillos to be used later.

    We, down here on earth, with our limited vision, can only hope and believe that what happens is the best for us and Hashem is taking care of us.

    I hope and daven that the baby has a Refua Sheleima B’karov, and the family has the strength to overcome this tragedy.

    May Klal Yisroel only see Simchos.


    I want to share a beautiful thought I heard several years ago, which has given me Chizuk often, especilly considering the circumstances that it was said:

    The levaya was for a wonderful Neshama, a teen who died after a car accident. Her teenage brother spoke at the heartrending levaya, and he took a few moments to address the kahal. He thanked everyone for all their Tefillos, Kabalos, help and support over the few days she was in a coma, then said: Don’t think for one minute that ANY of it was wasted! Hashem heard every word, collected every Mitzvah, every thought. Although we didn’t get the answer we had hoped for, you can be sure those Tefillos and Mitzvos will be stored in Shamayim and help someone else. (this is how I remember it)

    This was such a nechama then, especially as it was said by her tear-choked brother.

    May it help you as well, and may we see the coming of Mashiach very very soon.


    Boruch Dayan Haemet i am so sorry about this horrible tradgedy. We dont know what Hashems cheshbonot are. A few years ago i was 8 months pregnant and a similar story happend to me. By the time i got to the emergency room i was medically not among the living everything had stopped functioning so they told my husband i was gone but theyll try to save the baby. Everyone davened for the baby to live and when they went in to try and save the baby they were able to bring me back. 14 surgeries later and after numerous times of them telling my husband i was gone barcuh Hashem Im here to talk about it . Unfortunately they werent able to save the baby she only lived a few weeks but the tefilot that were meant for the baby saved my life. Even if we dont see an actual answer to what were davening for Hashem is listening to us. No tefilot are for nothing. May we only have simachot from now on.


    BEST IMA- wow!! Now THATS a real lesson in tefillah. It shows that tefillah never goes to waste but its up to hashem how to use them.

    There’s that famous story of a godel that was very sick(does anyone remember his name? My mind is blank now).

    The whole work was davening for his refuah but he passed away shortly thereafter.

    Pple were questionning, but soon learned that a little boy WITH THAT GODELS EXACT NAME had a terrible car accident at that time but he recovered completely!!

    Hashem takes our tefillos and uses them for whatever is best for us.


    wow smartcookie thats beautiful! after months and months of being in the hospital the doctors and surgeons came over to my husband and asked him if we would mind if they wrote a book about my case because they felt other doctors can learn so much from it. After they discussed it amongst themselves further they decided not to write it because most of what happened was not explainable medically. They told him it was all the praying everyone did that helped me come out of it! May Hashem always answer all our Tefillot.


    This should all inspire us to appreciate every second that we are alive and well. Especially parents- that we can care for our dear children.


    smart cookie- im almost positive the story happened with R’ Shlomo Zalman.


    i knew from a few years ago…the nicest friendliest person…baruch dayen emes


    BEST IMA: B”H you came out fine. I imagine this whole thing now must be difficult for you as well.


    Daneil i just feel so bad this story didnt turn out as well. Im so sorry for Yehuda and the baby. this is a horrible loss for them.


    I have no words to this tragedy, I don’t know the will of Hashem, I don’t know Torah, I don’t have any speeches, I just want to tell the family that I feel sorry for what happened and we should find peace with the will of Hashem.


    This is such a tragedy for this family. the baby is till fighting for her life. I don’t know the details of what happened. B”H we rarely hear of childbirth tragedies, and may we never hear of them.


    Best Ima- I dont know what to tell you but I am in awe. Yad Hashem is everywhere.


    Best Ima: Please write your story and send for publication in Hasgacha Pratis stories or Tefilla stories. Amazing! The ways of H’KBH are many and we have to appreciate everything that happens, the good and chas ve shalom, the bad. Every tefilla nad tear we shed is saved in Shomayim and we don’t know when it will help someone else.

    May Yehudah have much nechama and strength, and may the Tinokes bas Chaya Adira Chana have a complete refuah shelayma with all the cholim. Amen!


    I really have nothing to say about this terrible tragedy, Hashem should send nachamu to the family, and the baby should grow up and give a lot of nachas.



    yossi z.

    boy do i appreciate all this chizuk especially after all that i have lost and now with my rebbe’s condition not really known then i hear about my good friend yehuda……..

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