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    I am referring to 11 and 13 years old boys. We don’t have TV and wife keeps and computers videos to a bare minimum and they aren’t into reading. So we are left with two boys frequently bored. Board games (excuse the pun) don’t seem to last too long until the excitement wears off.

    Any magical suggestions for kids that are bored?


    Don’t boys that age get home at about 6 from school? and then isn’t there homework? When I was that age I don’t remember having that much free time for hobbies? But maybe their yeshiva has a gym they could shoot hoops or maybe take a karate class somewhere? Sports are good for young boys and its also healthy.


    Heshy what things interest your sons? Perhaps finding an outlet (whether it be playing a musical instrument, or sports…) would help alleviate the boredom.

    tomim tihye

    Gotta find their strengths and develop them- e.g. sports, music/chazzanus, photography, carpentry or something else with tools, science experiments, memorizing (use it for countries and capitols, Malchei Yisroel/Yehuda, dates, etc.), art, organizing events or waitering, chess, or chessed in whatever area suits him, to name a few.


    Some kids really enjoy craft projects. Either put supplies together yourself or check out your local craft stores (AC Moore, Michael’s, etc) for kits. Sometimes I’ve bought a kit to try a new craft, then, if we like it I’ll buy my own supplies (in larger quantities) to make more projects.

    Some ideas:

    *The beads that you iron together (I think they are called perler beads). I know alot of boys that like these. They can start off with the basic designs and, if they enjoy it, there is sooo much they can come up with. They can make things for themselves, to give as gifts, to decorate the house, etc.

    *latch hook rugs- lots of great designs available

    *3D foam building

    *There are so many more ideas, these are just the tip of the iceberg.


    Be Happy

    You have had interesting suggestions. Have you considered gardening? Your sons could grow their own fruit & vegetables. 3D jigsaw puzzles are great. Have you thought about baking?


    “We don’t have TV and wife keeps computers and videos to a bare minimum…” Good for you!

    I also think crafts is a great idea. Its not too early to buy a craft kit for the sukkah. My nephews spent an entire summer doing a sukkah craft kit. The real big ones can be kinda costly but they take very long to complete and the kids feel like a million when it’s done and it can hang in the sukkah.

    anon for this

    I agree with previous posters who mentioned crafts. My 10-year-old son doesn’t like sports but is always looking for new projects to try. During the summer he plants flowers & vegetables. His latest hobby is origami.

    A.C. Moore & other craft stores (if you have internet access you can find store coupons online) are a good source for craft & projects kits. Your sons may also enjoy caring for small pets like freshwater fish or an ant farm. Kids that age sometimes enjoy easy science experiments such as making rock candy (you can add food coloring to make it look fancier).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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