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    I would like to start baking challah every week but I don’t own any machine strong enough to knead the dough.

    I can only begin this new task if it isnt too time consuming.

    Kitchen Aid just came out with the newest model mixer that is made for 8 quarts and claims to have 1.3 horsepower.

    It just hit the market but isnt in any stores yet besides Williams-Sonoma.

    Which machine should I invest in since they are all pretty costly. The kitchen aid is about $500.


    as far as i know all kitchen aid stand mixers come with a dough hook and are more than capable of kneading dough.

    i have one similar to this and it works fine even for whole wheat dough, which is very difficult to knead.

    this one is $189 new and the shipping is probably free

    there are plenty of kitchenaids out there for way less than $500

    read the reviews farther down the page

    and if you are willing to get a used one you can probably go less than $100

    sof davar

    I believe that the $180 Kitchen Aid is not capable of making enough dough in one batch to separate challah with a bracha.

    My wife had the kitchen aid and I recently bit the bullet and bought her a Bosch for this reason.


    I would never invest in a used mixer even if you can kasher them because you never know how much time is left on the motor.

    a mamin

    I have the magic mill and am very happy with it.


    I have the Bosch-You can use up to 6lbs of flour and it works wonders! I am very happy with it and it neads the dough very well.


    The Bosch is the best for challa. It is the easiest.

    am yisrael chai

    Many people who are affected by the Holocaust don’t buy Bosch products because it’s a German company.

    In 1886, the Bosch company was established by Robert Bosch as a “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Engineering” in Stuttgart, Germany

    Kneading by hand sure gets those muscles moving.


    my mother used to knead the dough by hand until she had enough!!!!!! she bought a Bosch and its a wonderful machine. I plan on getting that too IY”H!!!!!!!


    There are two types of bowls/dough hooks for the bosch, the frum stores carry both. The included plastic bowl has a center column and kneads from the top, and the additional steel bowl does not have a center collum, and kneads from the bottom. Inquire about both.

    Queen Bee

    We just made challa. We kneed with our hands. It’s kind of fun.


    i’d suggest the Bosch. we have one that is over 22 years old and is still strong enough to mix 6 lb of challah. but we dont really use it cuz its the one with a center column. as soon as the weather changes i’m going to start making challah again. but its gonna be 3 lb recipes that fit in the kitchen aid. we only do 6 lb for Y”T. i’ve seen magic mills; not so impressed with them

    golden mom

    mmx601 u can not kneed dough in the “white” bowl of the bosch! i by mistake made a cookie dough in it and the whole mixing part cracked in many many pieces its only for liquids like cakes

    the silver bowl is for dough and challahs it great!


    When we bought a machine we were told that a Magic Mill makes an excelent dough so thats what we bought and we regret that decision ever since. It dosn’t have a cover so when you make a large dough you have to “babysit” the machine so that it dosen’t spill over.

    My mother has a Bosch, she bought it 29 years ago. Tousands of challos and cakes later it’s still going strong.

    Queen Bee

    Whoops. I meant knead.


    I need dough !


    Magic Mill wins hands down for challah. i still knead by hand afterwards though. I like it for all kinds of baking (with the additional beaters and white bowl) EXCEPT for cookies. for that its not the best.

    minyan gal

    I have a 5 quart Kitchen Aid (athe “professional” model with the lever to raise and lower the beater) and it does a great job with challah dough. The only drawback – for most people – is that it only holds enough dough for 2 loaves. I have also made dough in my 7 cup Cuisinart processor with no problem. However, I don’t make bread very often – being alone it is just simpler to buy a loaf of challah and from what I have read, for serious challah makers, the Bosch is probably your best bet.


    I have the 6 qt kitchen aid that I bought 3 years ago and I don’t make challah that often. When I do, I end up having to half a 6 lb challah dough receipe to get it to fit. so essentially I can only knead 3 lbs, at a time, then I combine both doughs and knead a bit more. I am not happy with my kitchenaid, and s few weeks ago, I used the KitchenAid to make a cookie dough, I think it broke. The hook turns, but it just won’t turn, if there is any food in the bowl. I think the quality of kitchen aid has gone down and they don’t make them like they use to.

    I just want to know how much is the Bosch Mixer? I would for sure make Challah if I could make a 5 -6 lb dough in one mixing.


    I think the quality of kitchen aid has gone down and they don’t make them like they use to.

    They still make some of them like they used to but in addition they make more models that look exactly like the old ones with weaker motors. I think the decline started when Whirlpool aquired the KitchenAid brand from Hobart.

    golden mom

    mazel its like $500 about


    thanks, golden mom.


    I had a Kitchen Aid for years, and was happy with it except for the size. When the motor died I got a Bosch because it’s bigger. I’m very happy with it. I don’t remember when I bought it, but it’s way over 20 years ago. When my girls got married I got them the Bosch.


    Cud u make me challah also??

    minyan gal

    There are now so many different models of Kitchen Aids and some are much better than others. I believe it is horsepower that you have to check. If you want to put it to heavy duty use, you need one with high horsepower. My best friend got one as a wedding gift 48 years ago and it is still going strong. She does some pastry catering from home, so it is used constantly. She would love to get one of the new ones in a nice color, but said that she can’t justify getting a new one while the old one still works. During this period of time, she has gone through at least 3 food processors and now she bought a Kitchen Aid processor.


    Robert Bosch tried to help the resistance against the Nazis YMS and helped some of their victims. The firm remains in the hands of a charitable trust that Bosch set up when he passed away. I would davka buy Bosch if Siemens, one of the worst of the abusers during the war, were not involved. If I ever bother to buy good power tools, a waste of money because repairmen charge very little where I am, I would buy only Bosch (no Siemens involvement there).

    BTW you’ve got to see what he looked like…he would not have looked out of place in Boro Park of today!


    I have a Bosch and am very happy with it. Bosch did come out with a new mixer that is not nearly as good as the old one. DO NOT purchase the new one (blue cover). Make sure to ask for the old mixer if this is the brand you want to purchase. And yes, the metal bowl with the special dough hook is a necessity.


    I have an older version Bosch and for making cookie dough, I bought an attachment that is called “Cookie Paddles”. This is instead of the whip attachments that the device comes with standard. This will make a good batch of cookie dough, probably with 2 cups of margarine if you want to make a double batch.

    I know they came out with a new model and I know that the last time they came out with a new one it was definitely not as strong as the old one, which has a mechanical drive motor as opposed to the new ones that have an electronic motor. Unfortunately I believe they stopped making the old one, so if you find one, even used, let’s say at a moving sale here in Jerusalem, then I would grab it. I’m even thinking about it for my daughters since it’s so invaluable.

    The metal bowl and its attachment is what lets you make the larger batch of dough to take challah with a bracha. I use the smaller plastic bowl with its dough hook and take challah without a bracha.


    Being old timers we have two Kitchen Aids (one for Pesach) and they have never failed us. I also have a good respect for the design having worked around the big Hobarts, the floor standing three phase big brother of the K-A. As the stand in for the woman of the house, I also treasure my trusty food processor, but for challa and other breads, only by hand. It helps that I am big and muscled (with chronic tennis elbow both sides) and that my sourdough mix is wet and soupy for the most of the essential mixing, but there is no reason a slighter person can not manage it, as our grandmothers did. Also there is a kabalistic notion that the time of kneading and forming of the bread is an eis ratzon. Why blur the spiritual space with the whine of an electric motor?


    Just googled him and Im rolling. you are right! He could have been a RAV in Lakewood!!!


    Hatzlacha. Sorry I can’t help you. I have a kitchen aid and love it and once kneading was demystified, now knead everything by hand. (OK, I lost the dough hook years ago…)

    Is all else equal among the options? Challah’s not the only thing you’ll be using it for, right?

    Whatever get, use in good health and with simcha.


    why would someone buy a kitchen aid now? they are so heavy and u cant make challah in it.

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