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    What is the difference between Ir HaKodesh and Ir HaTorah?

    (Besides the 7 time zones)


    “SJS asked how far away from the yeshiva is considered another town. That is a fair question. In my humble opinion, if one shops in the major shopping areas in and around the town, then her home is considered to be a part of that town.”

    This would imbue the whole southern New Jersey with the restrictions of LKWD.

    The Second Temple did not imbue the whole of Judea with the status of Jerusalem.

    Rosh Cham

    Know whats awesome? the fact that in the USA anyone can move anywhere,dosent make a diffrence who you are and where you want to live. there /thread


    Know what would be even more awesome? After you moved to wherever it is you wished to move, you would be able to get your children into the local yeshiva (I’m talking a situation where you toe the line so to speak, but still can’t get in because you are perceived as “them” not “us”).


    This thread provides insight on at least two Torah laws:

    Prohibition of Bamos once the Mikdash was built in Jerusalem and

    Requirement to eat the Second Maaser in Jerusalem


    Josh31 that was a great comment. Insightful and thought-provoking.

    But I’m not sure I’m ready to equate BMG and the Bais HaMikdash.


    The prohibition of Bamos shows that a small elite group should not break away from the rest of the Jewish people and form their separate path of serving G-d.

    See my earlier post about the tribe of Levi.

    The mission of the tribe of Levi is to interact with the Jewish people, not to be isolated.

    Maaser sheni being eaten in Jerusalem shows that having places where all Jews can eat is a part of the most holy city.


    Thank you for clarifying, Josh.

    However, as I mentioned, it would be inappropriate to equate BMG with any other place, no matter how holy, or to equate the BMG community with any people who preceded them. The feeling they project is that they are in a class and category of their own, above all others and above reproach.

    The rest of us should take heed.



    Lakewood was once that.

    So was other places .

    We need to surround ourselves in good. we should not be basing our lives from what other people are doing/ dressing/ acting.


    Why do you find it necessary to bump this thread and respond to someone who probably doesn’t remember that he wrote it? What are you trying to accomplish here? just to stir up some controversy?


    @ thinkingoutloud91

    it seems to me that you were born in 1991

    this thread began 4 years ago

    that means that at that time, you were the equivalent of someone who was born in 1995


    And one who was born in 1995 was the equivalent of someone who tried to be born 4 years later four years ago, minus 4 years adding four years.


    you dont needa bump something everyone knows theres a thread on


    Little Froggie

    It troubles me why you explain it the way you explained it. It can be said much simpler.

    One who was born in 1995 was the equivalent to one who was born in 1999


    Give or take four years


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    “To be or not to be? That, my friends, is the question.”


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    you are not alone

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    That is also a question.-100


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    The poster doth protest too much, methinks.


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    I only started this as a response to the person who bumped this thread trying to create controversy.I Thought that making a joke out of the post would stop him in his tracks although I may have gotten carried away. And asking for a new subtitle is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit and lost without deserving

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    Does that make me a troll? No I’m new to this posting business. Welcome I’m asking seriously.

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    Has the landscape of Lakewood changed even more since this thread was started 4 years ago?


    Mod, while we have you here, why was my name shortened to BoruchSchwartz? It was originally BoruchSchwartzenegger

    It wasn’t me. -100

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    Arnolds copyright lawyers, perhaps?


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    @ boruch schwartz

    seems like you werent paying attention in math class because obviously you dont know how to count

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    Hmmph, uncultured boors *unintelligible muttering*


    how do i not know how to count?

    were you not the equivalent of one born in 95 4 years ago?


    He was 95 four years ago, that makes him 99 tomorrow



    if he was born in 91 lets say he is 23

    therefore, 4 years ago, in 2010, he was 19

    that is the equivalent of one who was born in 1995, which would be a 19 year old


    You are right. and in reference to you’re previous remarks from yesterday, I do not love Shakespeare, I just think his plays have a lot to say about our human condition


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    To be or not to be

    let me test you

    say a jew was born in the year 1980

    what was his equivalent year of birth 15 years ago (in the year 1999)?


    I was never good at math. 1965 ?



    You made the same mistake all the beginners make

    Think of it like this

    He was born in 1980

    So hes 34 now

    15 years ago how old was he?


    What year was a 19 year old born in?



    I am not bound to please thee with my answers

    -The Merchant of Venice,Act 4, Scene 1

    That was going to be my second guess


    Listen, math was always my weakest subject. To me, Algorithms are sayings attributed to a former vice president and global warming alarmist.I used to wear glasses during math because it improved division.


    Come home to Eretz Yisrael and you can live in entire cities and towns that are Torah based.

    This is the Jewish country why you trying to implant yourselves on foreign lands, when you can come home.

    This is crazy.

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