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    Let us start a movement among Orthodox Jews (or anyone else for that matter) to boycott the N.Y. Post!

    I am sure that most Orthodox Jews would not touch such a slimy paper simply because it is full of immorality. However, unfortunately there are Jews that will.

    We need to get the word out that no one should ever give them a red nickel simply because they are heartless thugs. If it gains traction then even the non Orthodox/Jewish may jump on board. We also need to boycott their website.

    How can anyone even consider supporting this trash after today’s headlines?


    I wrote them a letter:

    Stark Reality

    So remember when you said that Max Stark had a list of enemies a mile long? Well I guess he had more friends than enemies, and now it looks like your list of enemies is two miles long.


    Boycott the major ADVERTISERS in the Post. That will hurt them much more.

    Start a FB page for the cause. List them. Contact the companies on FB. Make as much bad PR for them as possible.


    The New York Post, the Fox television networks, and now the Wall Street Journal have been specializing in this kind of sleaze ever since Rupert Murdoch bought them. But too many people in our community have excused them because they promote right wing political causes. Hopefully this will finally wake up some of the folks who haven’t yet figured out that Ayn Rand isn’t Moshe Rabbeinu.



    lol. i like you 🙂

    the voice of reason-

    great idea! Lets get this party started




    Are you upset with how they reported or that they reported it at all


    Honestly, how will a boycott, help?? I was reading some many of the negative comments and gave up, trying to respond. You want help and bring change, a permanent one? Pick up a Tehillim and daven for Moshiach and it will end this craziness once and for all. A silly boycott, will make the goyim even act worse. I honestly am scared that after this mess, knockout games are going to come back in. I don’t feel boycotts will get us anywhere, while Davening and becoming united will get us everywhere.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    How they reported it.


    Create a white house petition!!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I have a beautiful PDF file I created, featuring that headlines in ‘der sturmer’. Anyone knows how I can get it out?


    Post it here in 64. Make a Facebook account and put it up. You can also Tweet it with a hashtag.


    There’s a petition up and running on – please sign it!

    A boycott will help as it will hurt newspaper sales, mazal.


    How could frum Jews possibly boycott the New York Post. Unlike some newspapers (e.g. the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times if you ignore its editorial bias), the Post doesn’t provide useful information about public affairs or economic life. It frequently has offensive stories from a variety of perspectives.

    You have to be a patron of something first, in order to boycott, and what frum Jew would admit to have been a regular customer of the Post?


    The Post doesnt care about your boycott, It loses millions of dollars a year and is kept alive because Murdoch wants a newspaper paper in NYC


    I also sent a letter, but it looks like they are enjoying this publicity.


    This whole story honestly makes me sad. Apparently this is the sort of drivel the Post always writes, but Frum Jews are only upset now that the target of a moronic article was a Frum Jew. Where was all the outrage when they called non-Jewish murder victims deserving? Are we really so insensitive to others’ pain?


    The only thing newspaper owners, editors and other similar types of rodents fear is loss of advertising revenue.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Sam2- they should never have such headlines, ever. However, it’s only natural that we should protest more when it’s one of our own. It’s only human nature.


    I think more attention is focused on the family by protests and boycott actions. You better be very certain that you are on solid footing before sounding off.


    Gamanit: “It’s only human nature” is an awful excuse. Plenty of things are “human nature”. It’s our job (as human beings, not only as Jews) to rise above that. Life is about understanding natural tendencies and going against them when they are wrong.

    Avram in MD


    Apparently this is the sort of drivel the Post always writes, but Frum Jews are only upset now that the target of a moronic article was a Frum Jew.

    Actually, it seems like most frum Jews already considered the Post to be sleazy and full of despicable articles. Your point would only make sense if frum Jews considered other articles fine up to this point – but that’s not the case.

    Where was all the outrage when they called non-Jewish murder victims deserving? Are we really so insensitive to others’ pain?

    That’s an unfair accusation. It’s natural to have a greater visceral reaction when your own family is under attack.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Sam2- I have signed other petitions complaining about their headlines. It’s not that people have been turning a blind eye until now. I do not get the New York Post. Since this is a case of interest to me, since it’s from my own community I heard about the headline. I don’t know what my reaction would be if I saw this headline about someone else. In all likelihood, I’d be upset but not as upset.


    Create a white house petition!!

    Why? What do you expect the White House to do? Shut down the NY Post?

    The Wolf


    I am not so sure this is anti Semitic in intent. Would we be “up in arms” if they wrote this about an Asian, African American, Hispanic or some random caucasian?

    took out a line that I think came out differently than you intended.


    I am disgusted by what I saw the NY (com)Post printed (I don’t get the Post, but saw it online). But I tend to believe that the active and obvious boycott or negative publicity will only stir up our sonim, to raise the old canard of “The Jews control the media.” Given the fact that such a statement is really intrinsically flawed, since if we truly DID control the media, we would never allow such a headline to be published, nonetheless, anti-semites need no help in their irrational hatred of Jews.

    I would simply stop my subscription (if I had one). The power of the almighty dollar is stronger than we know. We don’t need to publicize it, but just to DO it.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Where was all the outrage when they called non-Jewish murder victims deserving?

    I don’t read the Post, so I wouldn’t know what they write on other occasions.


    the post is a trash filled tabloid. what do you expect to find when you open a garbage can, if not for garbage?


    Every time I post here, I’m boycotting that trash.


    Why should the post care that all these jewish organizations are condemning them? are we regular consumers of their product?, of course the headline was horrible but that’s what kind of a paper they are, would you expect truthful reporting from the National Enquirer? then why would you expect anything else from this tabloid? yes we should be outraged but why should they care that we are?


    New York Post was always trash. You don’t buy trash, you pay people to take it off your hands.


    I probably wouldnt have known about this if not for YWN and matzeivah posting news stories about it.

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