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    I’m looking to move to either ohio, chicago or detroit. I’m hoping someone could tell me about boys elemantary and high schools and neighborhoods in those areas. i want frum, with-it, accepting, warm…the heimish out of town feel! thank you


    They all have great potential.

    All have several elementary schools; there are distinct differences and yet they are very similar and have a lot of crossover; in any event come high school the boys mish quite well.

    Both offer good high schools too; even though people do send their boys away the options are there.

    Chicago is bigger and doesn’t have the same small town feel, though it’s still not exactly NY. You’ll be able to get a lot more house for your money in the other cities. There is the feel among older people that when they see a strange face it’s a bit disconcerting because you still expect to know everyone.

    I assume you have good parnasa opportunities in each city?

    Is proximity to extended family a factor?


    Chicago i know is a great city it is small and has a very warm and out of town atmosphere that is extremely unique, but it is not as small as the other places you mentioned, making it feel less of a hick town. If you want very small Chicago may not be what you are looking for, although most people pretty much know everyone, it is not as small as the other two. We have great schools here. Chicago is very lucky to have two main elementary schools which are great. They are both very warm and supportive in all areas. For high school,We have telshe yeshiva, which has a dorm and is a great school, and we also have a yeshiva called meohr hatorah also a great school but no dorm. They have shorter hours as well. Again Chicago is an extremely warm city very nice people and great atmosphere from what u said it def. sounds like it may be the place for u, but check it out more If u have any other questions feel free to post!


    thanks for your responses! i do have a special education degree and license and it is fairly simple to transfer the license to illinois. i have some siblings where i live now and amazing friends. i really need non-typical not just learning yeshivos for my sons. i also want a small town “where everybody knows your name” feel. i figure i could make new friends wherever i move and hope my sons could do the same.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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