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    hi does anyone know whats the best thing to eat for breakfast that will keep you full till lunch?

    i feel that cereal never keeps me full longer than an hour or 2.

    and also how long after waking up is the best time to eat breakfast.

    this is all for healthy eating so dont tell me- donut and latte.



    ok so looks like noone eats breakfast….lol


    Well you said you dont wanna hear donut and latte, so….


    ” ok so looks like noone eats breakfast….lol “

    I was reluctant to post, becuase of the risk of being labled the “CR health fanatic”.

    Still, since you asked:

    This morning’s menu was an oat bran muffin, coffee, a bowl of oatmeal, a bananna and spoon of PB

    pet peeve

    protein is very filling……..i find that scrambled eggs with a piece of toast always does the trick. maybe with a fruit also.



    Youre such a health fanatic!

    i am here

    Whole wheet stuff keeps me going for a good while other then the wheat stuff that makes you feel all yucky it’s only filling if a eat breakfast at all.


    Make a bowl of Quinoa instead of cereal.

    It has a very low glycemic index, meaning it releases its carbs, i.e. energy, very slowly.

    If you like sweet, you can mix in Splenda or Equal, and you can add blueberries, cranberries, or whatever fruit you like.

    It IS delicious.

    *Also to delay hunger longer, sprinkle in a teaspoon of Chia seeds (they’re not just for chia pets!). They are VERY good for you. They make you feel full, help lower cholesterol, AND are a good source of Omega-3.


    I don’t eat breakfast. I go straight from davening to my chavrusa and by the time I get back It’s 11:00.


    bpt, and spoon of PB

    I hope it wasnt Skippy reduced fat…


    If you are more an eggs and toast kind of person…

    Make two or three egg whites on whole grain bread.

    I personally strongly recommend Stern’s 12 grain bread.

    It is really delicious and very crunchy due to the whole grains in it, so it is very filling.

    You can put a slice of fat-free or low fat cheese on it if you like, and again…

    I would suggest sprinkling on some chia seeds on the eggs, as explained above.


    BPT- do you actually lick PB off a spoon????? :O


    I am no health geek. I love junk food. However, I do want to be healthy and maintain my healthy weight. As such, I strive to get enough sleep (7 hours) and eat a balanced breakfast. This keeps me full until lunch and since it is 3 seperate items you can spread it out through the morning if you wish. Here it is:

    Lowfat yogurt, 1 serving fresh fruit (medium banana / apple / orange / grapefruit / grapes – you get the idea), and 1 serving of a healthy cereal (preferably w/ some whole grains and some dietary fiber). I eat the cereal dry since I also have the yogurt but I guess you can have it w/ some skim milk.


    Whole wheat bread. 250 calories worth.


    “Youre such a health fanatic! “

    Ahh.. here comes the avalanche. Glad to see I wasn’t being paranoid.

    Sac – True, I am a bit fanatical. But I (and Mrs. BP) need to be, as our future DILs (and possibly,machetenstes) will be in tip-top shape, so we gotta keep up with the competition!

    Ain Oid –

    I think I’ll pass on the quinoa mix (tried it once.. could not get past the “pinworm” look it had), but the eggs on whole wheat sounds good!

    Smartcookie –

    No, I dissolve it into the oatmeal ( and the bannana gets mashed in too)

    yerach –

    What you just described is essentially my smoothie (but without the cereal)

    Wow.. I’m not the only one who eats well, am I?


    Quinoa or Steel-cut oatmeal with some fruit, and a couple of hard boiled eggs makes for a very hearty and substantial meal.

    A good mix of protein and complex carbohydrates is a great combination.

    I also sometimes like to eat brown rice or quinoa with sauteed kale and/or white beans sometimes as a later breakfast at 11:30.


    apropos of AinOhdMilvado’s Quinoa:

    I also like to make my own cereal for breakfast. Take any grain or pseudograin, my personal favorite is 75% buckwheat / 25% brown rice, in a coffee grinder. Grind it up real fine. Add some hot water. Boil it in the microwave for a few minutes.

    Voila! a delicious whole grain breakfast for only pennies. And one that won’t leave you hungry in an hour.

    I’ve done this with: Rice, barley, wheat, quinoa, amaranth, oats, buckwheat, etc.

    I’m making myself hungry.


    BPT- not sure you’re aware of it, but most PBs have corn syrup in them.


    I eat breakfast EVERY DAY and whats listed below is been tried and tested.

    -Eggs- High in protein- eat a scrambled egg (eat like 2/3 eggs) on a bagel or bread. That will keep you full for like 3 hours with a cup of OJ. You will be really full.

    -Cereal- if you will eat fruity pebbles or other “shabbos” cereals you will be starving twenty minutes later.

    Eating empty puffed up air cereal with no nutritional value (even if it says 5 vitamins and minerals added) will leave you hungry after an hour. Rice crispies, corn flakes, chex and the like will not keep you full. For me to be full on those cereals it takes me a minimum of five bowl to do the trick.

    To be REALLY full from cereal eat a cereal where the first two ingredients ARE NOT SUGAR. IM NOT SAYING TO EAT FIBER ONE or something of that kind because those cereals DONT HAVE TASTE. The company Kashi puts out good cereals where you dont feel like youre eating soggy cardboard, or eating an old ladies menu..For example Kashi has a cereal called GOLean Crunch. It is a very tasty cereal that will really keep you full.

    Just try shopping around for cereals where the ingredients are healthy and not so long. The longer the ingredient list is the more fake stuff is in it.

    -Another idea for breakfast people say is yogurt. Personally I dont get full on a small yogurt I would need like 2 or 3 to be full. So if you want to grab a yogurt eat it with a banana or some whole wheat crackers or something..

    -Tuna or some other fish would also keep you real full (if you can stomache it at that hour)

    – Oatmeal- Is VERY FILLING! sometimes If I eat too much of it I feel like I ate a bowl of cement.:)So either make it not so thick or add some flavor to it.

    Good luck!


    I eat eggs w/ whole wheat bread. It really makes me full, t’is dietetic and healthy!



    Yeah, the yogurt (vanilla) and fruit are great in a smoothie but you still want to get some grains.


    i eat breakfast everyday which is two slice of bread with cheese toasted. i read somewhere that evn you have a good breakfast your math skills will be batter you will be able to concentrate in math class or in any other math related issue and i believe that is very true bec bli iyn hora i do very well in math class


    On the topic of Quinoa:

    Is there a place to buy quinoa with a good hechsher in big containers? The small bags that they sell in the health food store are expensive.


    AinOhdMilvado-Quinoa rocks (good choice) it is delicious and nutritious. Amaranath is also good tasting and very nutritious like Quinoa as a Breakfast Cereal. I eat Granola with Oat Milk and maybe fresh Blueberries(good source of antioxidents)on top. Then to finish Breakfast I take Supplements-Complete Multi Vitamin, Vitamin D3, Calcium/Magnesium, Omega3 Fish Oils and Probotics.



    I had to say it after your disclaimer 😉

    Nice to see that so many people have the luxury to sit down to breakfast… Me? Diet Peach Snapple as I look through my emails, usually takes me until dinner.


    Two questions for the health conscious folk here:

    1- Interesting that no one mentioned Ezekiel bread. Do you like it? It’s supposed to be very healthy. Wheres can you get it at the best price?

    2- Where can you get health food store items like quinoa, bulgur and other similar grains, in large sizes, reasonably (with hechsherim)?


    Ofcource- As far as I know Grains in bags or in Bins with Scoops(not processed)do not need a hechsher, but they do need to be thoroughly checked for bugs and other things. If Whole Grains are manufactured in a Factory, then the product needs a hechsher. Ofcourse you can purchase all unprocessed Grains and Legumes at the Health Food Store.


    Ofcourse try if possible not to buy Whole Grains/Legumes that are GMO-Genetically Modified. I’ve wondered for awhile if it is a Shailah as far as eating food grown from such seed. This could be an interesting thread. GMO is a Global Problem, not a concern that just exists in the Northern Hemisphere.


    I like the chobani greek yogurt, not cholov yisroel though.


    Sticky- most cereals- even the healthy ones are packed with high fructose corn syrup.

    Am I the only one that’s so into this? :S


    In blender: milk, vanilla yogurt, frozen blueberries.

    U get a very filling and tasty breakfast shake – healthy,low cal (and tastes like ice cream!)in a gorgeous shade of purple.


    I enjoy PB on rice cakes. I find it filling and delicious!


    ydu, Ofcource- As far as I know Grains in bags or in Bins with Scoops(not processed)do not need a hechsher, but they do need to be thoroughly checked for bugs and other things. If Whole Grains are manufactured in a Factory, then the product needs a hechsher. Ofcourse you can purchase all unprocessed Grains and Legumes at the Health Food Store.

    1- Do most here buy grains in bags/bins with no Hechsher? (I will ask my Rov, if I hear that the prices are way more reasonable and are available nearby)

    2- Are they much cheaper that way?

    3- Where in NYC (preferably Brooklyn) is a reasonable place?



    I’ve bought Quinoa, the SAME brand sold in the kosher supermarkets/groceries, online from Amazon for a MUCH better price.

    I think I had to buy like 4 or 5 bags at once, but it doesn’t spoil and does get used.

    Interesting point about Quinoa…

    It’s NOT chametz, so theoretically you could eat it on Pesach, but it might “sorta” fall into the category of kitniyot.

    It’s a good question for a posek because it isn’t REALLY kitniyot either, it’s just that (because it originates it South America) we have no mesora about it regarding Pesach.


    Ofcource I am pretty sure I am right about no need for a hechsher for Grains/Legumes if not processed. I repeat you must check thoroughly for Bugs/Worms and other creatures large and small before Cooking. Any Food Processed in a Factory snd sold in a Food/Health Food Shop needs a Hechsher. Please ask your Rav. by all means. Please ask him if there is a problem to eat Genetically Modified Grains and Legumes. Food purchased unprocessed is not as expensive, because you are not paying for anyones labor except for your own and your time to make your own food. Natural simple heimish food is yummy. If you are serious you would need to invest in a Slow Cooker/Pressure Cooker, and Cook Books. I live in the Southern Hemisphere so you will need to ask Brooklynites where to shop. Good Luck.



    Someone just introduced me to chobani fat free greek yogurt, they are really good. Although sometimes after eating one I am still a little hungry.


    On the brakfast topic, anybody else in Lakewood notice that the main frum supermarket raised the price of the Givat Yogolite small yogurts from .59 to .69? Also Lebens were raised from .89 to .99.


    Yerach Ben Yomo…

    The cows are demanding a cost of living increase!


    “Me? Diet Peach Snapple as I look through my emails”

    Ah the joys of youth.

    Just wait till you’re in your 40’s. Then you’ll get to know the value of fiber.

    And yes, I know PB has corn syrup. But a guy’s gotta live!


    how long after you wake up do you eat breakfast?



    Like the sound of that smoothy recipe. Think I’ll try it.

    Could probably have it come out thicker if i put the yogurt in the freezer for an hour so before making it.



    “Wow.. I’m not the only one who eats well, am I?”

    No…But I seem to be the only one who doesnt eat well.

    Anyone else ever sit down to a breakfast of cookies, cakes or danishes?


    “But I seem to be the only one who doesnt eat well.”

    Hardly. Its just that no one else posted their menu.

    Danish and cookies? Yum! But the winter is almost over, and the sweater / coats will no longer hide the damage.

    Start fresh now, and join the Spring / Summer fun!


    CharlieSmall, a chobani yogurt is not really enough for a breakfast. I usually eat two of them in addition to a fruit/banana and a bowl of oatmeal.


    speaking of the costs of dairy products, orange juice is going up too. Tropicana is upping the cost of their juice by eight percent.


    To those who have posted their breakfasts, do you really eat the same breakfast every day forever? How long do you eat the identical breakfast before you think it’s time for a change?


    I have a grilled cheese sandwich with ketchup and voila, deleeeshus! Seriously, It tastes great, and lasts me till lunch 🙂

    Don’t forget the glass of milk!



    I’ve been doing this all my life and there hasn’t really been much damage. I know I know- eventually it’ll all catch up…

    Also- I havent been hiding much of anything this winter- Here in EY its spring all year long!



    Not sure what part you’re from, but look at it this way; Can you make it up and down the hills of J’lem with ease? Then your OK.

    If not, the “winter” has caught up with you. Make a few changes, and you’ll be hoofing it up the trail to Masada for your Chol Hamoed day trip!

    always here

    I alternate breakfasts, following 2 coffees first thing. I usually eat within 2 hrs. after the coffees, so I can take my Calcium w/ Vitamin D (which should be taken w/ food).

    — oatmeal w/ raisins, craisins, & sliced almonds. -or-

    — 3 sunny-side-up eggs layered on 2 slices of multi-grain whole wheat bread. -or-

    — 2 slices multi-grain w.w. buttered toast w/ a slice of cheese atop each slice, (sometimes grilled). -or- much less often:

    — a bowl of non-sugary cold cereal w/ raisins or banana, milk, splenda.

    waitin’ for the possible onslaught re: THREE eggs 😉

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