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    I’ve been having this problem for a while now and was wondering if anyone else has it, or knows information on it.

    I am constantly yawning. Not like regular yawns, but deep yawns and every 10-30 seconds usually (unless I’m not concentrating on it, and it might be less). Also somethimes if im doing something else, and not concentrating on the breathing, the yawn gets like stuck in my chest, and doesn’t finish. And then i feel like I need to yawn again till it was complete. I’m constantly short of breath as well..

    I’m not overweight, or have any respitory problems. I went to my allergist and my oxygen levels are normal…

    Does anyone else out there have the same (or similar) problem??? Or any advice??


    maybe you need more sleep.

    sometimes it happens to me that i yawn very often because these days i’ve been sleeping very little


    R U a teenager? I had a similar problem a few months ago and when i went to the doctor I asked them and they said that it’s a teenage stage and that many ppl have it but it will pass. i’d probably say to go c a doc anyways just in case.


    i have s/t similar – without the yawns, but like i can’t always take good deep breaths and then i feel short of breath which is really frustrating. and no one has been able to tell me what to do. s/o did tell me s/t the other day; she said it helped her, i didn’t really see it, but maybe it’ll help you – to take as deep breath as you can thru ur nose and breath out also thru ur nose slowly and then try to take that regular deep breath. she said it helps. hatzlacah


    Yup count me in. Have it for years without any reason. I know others like that too. Perhaps it’s a lack of sleep? Donno. Wouldn’t be surprised though!

    (Plse have ur lungs checked anyway. Do not rely on my “diagnosis”)


    Check your iron levels, I am severely iron deficient, and this has been one of my problems. Since I drastically improved my iron levels B”H, this symptom disappeared. A checkup by your GP is probably a good idea.


    You may have something like Chronic Bronchitis or simply be ot of shape.

    In either case a little bit of exercise should (in my non medical opinion) help.

    It can probably be a very minimal amount of exercise.

    Even running for say half a city block, twice a week might help quite a lot.

    Also in general (Not necesasarily for this ailment, but who knows? It might help for that, as well) drinking more water is usually good for most people especially those who usually have only soda, and other junk food types of drinks.


    I’ve had it for many years – seen doctors – it’s most likely stress-related – more sleep also will help

    tomim tihye

    If a doctor doesn’t find the answer, making sure your posture is good may help you breathe more easily.


    I have the similar thing ur describing. No doctor was able to tell me what it was or help me in any way. One Doctor told me it might be stress related and square breathing would help it..You breath in through your nose hold it to the count of 4 breathe out and hold to the count of 4 so on and so forth. do it for about 5 minutes it should really help.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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