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    Hi everyone, it’s erev rosh hashana and I am really broked hearted!

    I don’t know where to begin, how do I do Tsuvah? What should I take first

    When I was in school every year i felt so good I just tried my best! but now My heart is soooooooooo COLD! where do I start??? Anyone????

    Thank You,

    From a Broken Heart 🙁


    I know how u feel..the world is COLD in general these days…

    well to start…pick one mizva ,that u know you will keep, and make sure you do it…

    then there is one chessed a day..for no good reason, do something good for someone, call a friend u know who needs it..offer a ride even though you are not going in that direction(if u drive that is)…the ideas are endless..HATZLACHA RABBA.. and A GITT GEBENCHD YUHR!


    Thanks all for your chizuk. One thing I remember from my teachers.. the tought of thinking that you don’t know where to begin comes from the yetzer horah bec. then u don’t even start we gotta strenghten ourselves and start with 1 small deed!! thanks 2 u all! may we all have a good gebentched yur b’ruchnies, v’goshmeas :))


    the garden of emuna is a great sefer to start with.


    It sure is!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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