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    Do people who smoke cigarettes or/and e-cigarettes deserve to be publicly shamed for their disgusting habits?

    The little I know

    Not sure, though the question is whether the bullying is an action that is permitted. It is without question that those engaged in these dangerous and offensive habits well deserve the shame.

    But the real question that should be in focus is whether there is a heter according to halacha to engage in these behaviors. That has been debated here numerous times, and probably should not be repeated except for the links to previous threads. So except for the offensiveness, the fact that the halachos are being violated publicly may be a point of discussion – can public shaming be employed as a form of rebuke.

    Perhaps some of the CR resident poskim can weigh in on this.


    No, nobody deserves that treatment for bad habits


    No. For some it is a recovery from real smoking. For most it is an oppurtunity to show off how ‘cool’ they are in front of other friends. It is a Busha and a direct violation of ‘Ushmartem… Nafshoseichem’. I would ban it in front of everyone.


    No. It will not stop them.


    While not the posek hadorah, I would venture to say that it is assur to publicly shame/bully/harass an individual who engages in smoking or vaping in private in a manner that does NOT expose third-parties to second hand smoke or could be seen by children. Such individuals may sadly be addicted or are using a vaping device to move away from their addiction. However, when such individuals insist on engaging in their activities in a manner that exposes others to second-hand smoke or might arouse the interest of children, than we should firmly “discourage” their behavior in a non-violent and lawful way, if they persist after being asked to stop.


    Its completely unconstitutional that flavored e-cigs were banned.
    Scary times


    So you are implying that you want to have permission to shame people for a unhealthy behavior. By saying that, you are implying that you don’t do anything wrong. If you did , why can’t people shame you for any other bad deeds that you commit. Who are you or anybody else for that matter to be able to see my person for something they do wrong


    How is smoking e-cigarettes a disgusting habit? Unlike real cigarettes they don’t produce offensive odors, messy ashes or buts.

    too geshmak

    Is it because it’s a disgusting habit as you say? Why only bully people with this specific “disgusting habit”? Maybe we should bully people who talk with food in their mouth, or dont cover their mouth when they sneeze, or leave dirty tissues behind in shul? I bet you have some habits that others might find “disgusting”, should they bully you about it?




    My father would go over to a smoker and tell him it wasn’t a good idea! Sometimes there were others around. He wasn’t doing it to embarrass the the guy, but sometimes they took it that way.

    Uncle Ben

    While bullying and public shaming are harsh actions, there are other options. Recently I was in a shul restoom and smelled obnoxious cigarette smoke. I was able to see from which stall the smoke was wafting out. I rapped on the door of that stall and said No Smoking in Here! a couple of times. So, I protested the obnoxious behaviour without publicly shaming the perp. My action might be defined as bullying, however we didn’t even see each other so that diminishes the bullying factor.


    The issue is not that we are shaming or bullying them for THEIR behavior…that is 100 percent their business. Its only when THEIR dangerous habits affect the health and well-being of US and OUR children that we have both the right and obligation to affirmatively seek to redirect their behavior so it doesn’t affect us. Think about a scenario where you are sitting on an airplane and the guy sitting next to your kids insists on watching (legal) pritzus on his laptop that is easily visible to your kids. Wouldn’t you first ask him to put it away, and if not then elevate the issue to the flight attendants and publicly pressure him to discontinue his legal but otherwise harmful behavior. Call it bullying or shaming if you want but in that situation, I have no problem.

    Reb Eliezer

    If it hurts others like talking in shul and simple admonishments don’t work, the Rambam says you can ashame him in public.


    Should I shun my neighbor who uses Eagle Energy?


    There are bigger problems than smoking that we should be discussing there is a heter to scream, yes scream at someone who is talking during Chazaras hashatz and I don’t see anybody doing that!

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