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    Tzvi Hirsh

    What do people really mean when the say “Business is Business”!!!!

    Be Happy

    It is often said when friends or family are looking for toivos e.g cheaper goods.


    They mean dont take it personally.


    Something that you say which means the purpose of business is to make a profit, and that other things, such as personal feelings, must not be allowed to prevent this business is business, and if your friend can’t produce the work on time, I’ll have to find someone else.


    Don’t get personal here…?


    Its sorta like “ya gotta do whatcha gotta do”

    Or in english, whatever it takes to close the deal no matter what tactics you use, or firing your nephew, beacause you can replace him for $5/hr less.

    My personal favorite is, knowing your factory overseas employs 12 year olds, working 15 hour days, getting $6 /wk. Business is business.

    The bottom line is the only one. (not the way we CR folks do business, but thats the gist of it)


    I hope that most people mean you should separate “friendship” out of the equation when you are transacting business. It is a no win situation.


    It means come what may they will do whatever they need to (whether moral or not) to make money


    They essentially mean that whether or not you are friends with the other party, there is no room for sentiment when dealing with business issues. So, i.e., if they bought something from you and haven’t paid you, and in good faith you sold them the item, with the reasonable expectation of being paid immediately, you will treat them the same you way you would treat a stranger in the same business deal. “I don’t WANT to have to take you to Court, but business is business!”


    they mean that behaviors that would be considered wrong or immoral in other venues are acceptable when engaged in, in business.

    they mean that our standards of right and wrong are allowed to be abridged when it comes to the practice of business.

    thats how i take it

    why do you ask?

    so right

    What do people really mean when the say “Business is Business”!!!!

    That they want to be your friend still after stabbing you in the back.


    Another incarnation of this, now that I think of it, are siblings (or siblings-in-law) that take each other to court to contest wills and estates.

    Not pretty, but business is business!


    bptotty – Great defenition


    As kermit trhe frog learned, “Peoples is peoples”.

    minyan gal

    BPT Dividing a yerushah has divided more families than a feud in the old south. Makes the Hatfields and the McCoys look a childs game.


    Tell me about it. Lucky for me, my parents have already given me and my siblings the only thing of real value they have to give, and they split it equally

    (it was the 1st class parenting we got as kids, which IMHO, made us the super-duper-A++ people we are!)

    That, and the ranch in Wyoming, but that’s held in trust, so neither of us can run away with that 🙁

    Tzvi Hirsh

    From the context of when “Business is Business” was said, it implied that in business the Torah does not apply. And if it does apply why do people use it?

    Also,does the express apply only to non Jews!!!!!!

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