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    pet peeve

    I am interested in buying a used car–I’d like to spend as little as possible, but I am not interested in paying extra “hidden” money in maintenance that is bound to come up in the future (although I do understand that all cars require maintenance, I don’t want to buy a lemon that is constantly in the shop). It sounds like buying anything other than a Toyota, Honda, Nissan, or possibly Hyundai is not a good idea. Any tips and advice on how to be smart in my search, and what to be aware of when looking? Thanks.


    Check out places that sell car rental cars. They are well serviced but have mileage.

    Also, check out


    we are also looking to get a “new” used car. We’ve been told that even the used cars are expensive now, because people can’t afford to buy new ones and now looking at the used car market. So with the increased demand of used cars, the prices have gone up. All cars require maintence and it can be expensive. The cost of a new transmission can run you a few thousand dollars.

    Also, I think American brand cars are also somewhat cheaper to repair then the Japanese brands.

    My husband wants to lease because he is thinking that the cost of maintence and repair per year on a used car is more expensive then leasing a car. Good luck on your search.


    Leasing is the most expensive option, in the long term.


    you might want to invest in carfax to determine the history of the car – how many owners, accidents, real mileage etc.


    carfax spends a lot of money on advertising but autocheck is far, far cheaper and probably better as well. when you shopping for a used car you have to check the cars history all the time. carfax is 30 dollars for 5 reports. autocheck is 30 dollars for unlimited reports for 6 months. when i was shopping recently i checked car histories probably a hundred times. thats $30 vs $600

    minyan gal

    I bought a “new” car about 3 months ago. I did a fair bit of research first. The most highly recommended car was a Honda Accord, but the used Japanese cars do not depreciate as much as the American cars do. I ended up buying a 2009 Chev Malibu. It had 39,000 km (I am in Canada) on it. Because I was buying a used car, I was able to get a far more luxurious car – leather seats, sun roof, electric seats and seat warmers, compass and OnStar – which I do not use. This car still has over 3 years left on the new car warranty. I am not a person to go “gaga” over any vehicle – if it has good tires and good brakes, I am happy. My last car was 15 years old and I hope to drive this one for just as long. Incidentally, I bought the car from a car dealership. The car drives well and gets me where I have to go. When I asked people-in-the-know, most recommended the Honda or the Malibu and I am happy with my decision.

    Sister Bear

    Just be very very very careful when buying a used car. Don’t let anyone talk you into fixing it up. I would say do research first and then go find used car dealers who sell that, and do not get swayed. Also, know about the lemon laws.

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