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    I’m sure this post idea came up before, but I’m gonna start one of my own. I have to get a new camera and I’m having a verrryyy hard time choosing the right one. Can someone give me ideas about which 1 I should choose?

    Thanks sooo much!!!

    ED IT OR

    how about a digital one?


    panasonic lumix. cant be beat.


    i gave up finding a camera a few months ago. reason? canon doesnt make their SD line with view finders anymore. and i dont like their A line cameras. love their rebel line though. esp with the extra battery pack holder with extra shutter button for easy vertical picture taking.

    don’t get a nikon, they break too easily (sis broke 2 or 3 of them)

    she has an olympus now. the one which is drop proof and water proof. so far so good bli ayin hara.


    Yea I’m going for digital. Toi are you sure it’s a good camera? I don’t want any bad cameras. And 1 last question what are magapixels?



    I strongly recommend you research specific models with your parents and/or older sibling(s).

    I haven’t researched specific models recently, but here are a few general rules I previously posted on this topic that still are true:

    The most important question is: digital, film, or whatever’s best?

    Assuming digital (most people want that), for a snapshot-taker (as you seem to be) the three major criteria are:

    a) portability – if you can’t easily carry it in, say, a shirt pocket, you won’t use it much.

    b) ease of use – shutter / aperature / white balance / ISO adjustment are nice to have, but if you can’t simply point-and-shoot you probably won’t want to bother potchking with it.

    c) picture quality (most important) – sharpness, color accuracy, fuzziness around the edges, red-eye reduction, image stablization (both digital and mechanical), zoom (optical and digital) for both indoor and outdoor pictures.

    Other factors:


    price range

    stills only, or occasional video as well

    Based on your age, I assume you are most likely a snapshot-taker, too.

    If you would like to see past threads on this subject, go to Google and past the following into the search window:

    Digital camera site:

    If you have specific questions, please post them here. Good luck.


    yentingyenta- I have the same issue. I finally settled on a canon powershot 100 HS. It doesnt have a viewfinder though…

    and the rebels are nice…but i want a 60D


    the lumix is extremely user friendly, has an intelligent seting that adjusts for environment and lighting, and comes with a leica lens standard. that may not mean anything to you but ask anyone into cameras- the two things that really matter are the sensor and the lens. all point and shoots have a half-sensor, but the lens will be the decider. and the lumix has a darn good one.


    ICOT first how do you know my age? 2nd what is b? like i’m having a hard time understanding what you wrote, because I don’t know what all those words are. Can you explain them?


    whatrutalkingabt, i think i looked into the 100hs at one point. do you know how it compares to other canon’s?

    my father has the rebel T1i. i LOVE it. if the ti1 takes such good picks, cant imagine what the 60d takes

    ED IT OR

    not all lumix have a leica lens,

    also the main thing in a digital camera is the sensor size (not to be confused with mega pixels) you will find the sensor make and model hidden in the back of the camera manual!

    the best way to choose a camera is to go to a shop with a wide selection and choose the one YOU like best,



    …how do you know my age?

    You mentioned either your age or your grade on a different thread – I don’t remember which.

    Not to hijack this thread, but as others have pointed out (specifically “Charlie Brown” and “Jothar”), that’s info you should be extremely cautious about sharing. I am deliberately not repeating the approximate age/grade info here.

    2nd what is b? like i’m having a hard time understanding what you wrote, because I don’t know what all those words are. Can you explain them?

    Sure. I won’t bore anyone with in-depth explanations, but briefly, here’s what they mean:

    -shutter = how fast the camera’s shutter opens and closes. the faster it is, the less “blur” will be created by a moving subject.

    -aperature = how large the opening in the lens is. the larger the opening, the less light is needed for the picture to come out.

    -white balance = color adjustment for when the lighting isn’t quite right.

    -ISO adjustment = sensitivity of the sensor to light. this is a holdover from film cameras.

    Your questions confirm (to me, anyway) that a nice point-and-shoot camera is what you are looking for.

    “whatrutalkingabt” and “Toi” may be able to answer whether the cameras they recommend are good fits for what you need (and how much they cost).


    Why would anybody care to have a viewfinder on a camera. Picture aren’t any better; the LCD is automatically smaller. I have with; I wish I would’ve known the disadvantage when I bought it.


    i want a view finder b/c i’m old fashioned. also, your hands are more stable and less shaky held up to the face vs holding your hands further out. also, my father has at times used my camera and he finds it easier to use the view finder. the only time a person needs the lcd is if they are taking a pic of a slide under a microscope. then its nec to have the screen.


    Thanks guys for all your help! When I was searching through which camera I wanted, /i had your tips in mind. The Lupix was too expensive so I decided on a Olympus! So far it’s great!

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