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    I want to work in camp rayim this year. does anybody know if this is a good camp?


    I was there around 15 years ago as a staff member and I had a wonderful time.


    rosh chabura

    Camp Rayim is the best camp in the mountains not only because of the exiting activities but the powerful ruchnies as well, as a staff member u will experience a great time plus a shtark sader in a relaxed atmosphere.


    i have been in Camp Rayim six years already. The BEST camp in the mountains both in gashmiyus and ruchniyos.


    I was never there but my brother worked there and LOVED it.


    I visited a few times, and the place looks very nice. If you’re a serious ben torah, you’ll be a perfect fit. Abecrombie, Roots, sideways basball caps are a no-no.


    Who is the head Counselor these days?


    Rabbi basch is the head counsler he is the best head counsler ever and so r the rest of the head staff and staff . I have been there for the past 4 yrs and and wil b there I”yh this year. And am looking forward to a great summer with u!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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