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    any info?


    Please be a little more specific. What info would you like?

    The Wolf (whose sister, wife and daughter are all Sternberg alum)


    Can’t comment on Sternberg, but I attended Mogen Av and Heller, so they may have similar traits.

    That said, MA / Heller is less rah-rah, exotic trips and more bein odom l’chavairo, as the mix of kids tend to be a real mixed bag. (not all kids have 2 parents at home, not all kids come from Yeshivish homes, not all kids are 3rd generation USA, ect)

    I benefited from the experience, and for the right kid, its a smart move.

    But one thing you will not have at Sternberg, which we had at MA, is Rabbi Sacks at Shalesh Seudos (any MA Alums out there?)


    My daughter who is in her early 30’s went to two camps in her camping days. One was Sternberg and the other was a prettier, cleaner (IMHO) well manicured lawn type of camp. She had curtains on her bunk window and even doors on the closets. So nice and home like. Each time we visited her in Sternberg in was raining and muddy!!!!

    Guess what, she LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Sternberg!!!!!! I was so shocked because she was a pichecheleh and neat freak. Go figure. I really haven’t heard of anyone he didn’t love it.


    I could go on forever…what would you like to know?


    I asked the wrong question-are there are any Sternberg fans around here? Seems like it!


    BP Totty-

    I was a camper in MA from 1967-76. Then I worked there until 1980. I only enjoyed one summer….when I was 14 and in teenage camp (it was not called Heller yet).

    The reason for this is that the camp was so regimented and run like a boot camp. I am not the only one to have complained about this. The teenage camp was more relaxed (i.e. you did not HAVE to play a sport if you hated it. You got to choose which sports and workshops you enjoyed).

    As a staff member, things were better though being a Federation camp the pay was lousy.

    Yes, Rabbi Sachs was great but I enjoyed his shiur to the staff even more than “Ha’aderes V’ha’emunah”. Terrible that his wife Malka was taken so young. She was truly a tzadekes and an eishes chayil.


    I was a sternberg camper for many years.Some years I liked it and some I hated. Now many years later I am friends with a lot of the staff and my kids are campers and love every minute of it.


    Yanky 55 –

    See? Its posts like ours (even though they are about MA, and not Sternberg) that paint a true picture of what the “non-manicured lawn” (I love that expression!) camps are all about. You were a camper for 9 years, ( I was there for about the same length).

    Bottom line? Its a great way for today’s kids to see a broad spectrum of yiddin.

    Pashuteh Yid

    One thing about Sternberg is the pure pashtus. The kids live with so little. Plain wood floors and just a mattess on a wooden bunk bed. No A/C. Open wooden closets. Simplest bathrooms, but they are so happy.

    The kids dress so simply, and there are so many different backgrounds. Much ahavas yisroel, and not chasing after gashmius. On visiting day, sitting by the tires and swings is so relaxing. Always meet many people we know. They have their own zoo, and the animals make a special minyan every day. Ok, maybe the last thing is not true, but it is a great camp, and traditionally the price has been much less than others, although with the bad economy, the subsidies were less last year.


    I was a camper there years ago. It was not a snobby camp at all. Good atmosphere,


    so i could go on forever about sternberg im looking forward to my seventh summer iyh and it is the most amazing place in the world. it teches the girl real life skills with fun activities. the girls meet mentors there that they know they can call thoughout the year when placed in a difficult situation. they make amazing friends and grow tremendously in their yiddishkeit. for real it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.


    kcdanceact-i for sure know you!!!! i’m a staff kid and have been going all my life, AND LOVE IT!!!! what year did you start going…??? i wanna know if your my age…



    kcdance- what did you do last summer in camp and which half?

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