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    I hope she has 7 sons who are all kohanim gedolim, or at least gedolim.


    Do they ever change the kohein gadol before he dies? Because if not I wouldn’t want 7 of my sons to be kohein gadol probably.


    Yes. If a kohein gadol becomes tamei etc they can temporarily replace him. I think that’s what happened in that story.

    And in Harry Potter they wear dress robes on fancy occasions and regular robes otherwise and jeans and t-shirts when among muggles.


    Yes, and according to the story, hermione the girls looked good in their dress robes even though they sound kinda baggy.

    The movies don’t count–they don’t use real dress robes.

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    Popa’s wife is so tzanua, she wears an invisibility cloak on Shabbos


    I am embarrassed by my first response on this thread. I should have gone straight to the second one.

    Derech Agav

    there is a problem with robes and many people would say so! Many people allow robes just in the house and then your wife could go with the smaller size because when in the house a woman is supposed to dress for her husband minus her personal chumros.

    at a wedding people get more dressed, if they were walking down the street in what they wore to the wedding it would be immodest.

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    Derech Agav- how is a woman to get to a wedding in the summer without walking down the street even for a bit?


    isnt there a problem with wearing a full body covering (like a burka) in Judaism? Isn’t that overly Tzanua? Becuase then your doing exactly the opposite of tzanua, drawing attention to onesself


    According to the Mishpacha article, burka wearers say that even if the burka draws attention, it’s not really to them. After all, they’re fully covered head to toe.

    Personally I think clothes should not be big enough to transport rare animals under. We’re still representatives of Hashem. I don’t think we’re supposed to be so Tznius that we can be mixed up with the muslims.

    However, if they truly believe this is what the Torah tells them to do, then I have no complaints. Just another branch of Jews who believe they’re right. Nothing new in history there. Unless anyone on here is a Burka wearer, leave them alone.

    Me? I walk out wearing camouflage so no-one will see me.

    On my serious days though, I try to balance Tznius with Good Appearances. I don’t want a shlump to represent Hashem, but I don’t want to become so concerned with my appearances that I waste my time on it either.


    “Anything too, is no good for you. “

    The question is only, in who’s eyes lies the measuring stick, mostly it’s all relatively e.g. To the rightist it’s left & to the leftist it’s right.


    Burqa ladies


    The answer is no because once a woman is wearing tents with paper bags on her head, it is no longer about tznius. Tznius is what is proper for a woman. Wearing clothing that makes it impossible to recognize that there is a woman is not “more tznius”, it’s just being ridiculous.


    Just making a point: Every time there is a shiur on Tznius, many people think “uuggghhhh another speech” but when its up for discussion in the coffee room, its one of the most commented-on threads!

    The reason for this is because everyone knows deep down what the Halachos are, but your just trying to find loopholes. Well guess what? I’ve got news for you: THERE ARE NONE!

    So throw away your short skirts and tight shirts and learn the Halachos!


    Rising sun- agreed buddy. But its unfortunate Cuz the high school I went to doesn’t event teach the halacha and girls dress however they want. I had to find out last year how I’m really supposed to be dressing irs unfortuante cuz many girls don’t feel beautiful they think they need to show themselves off. Our community must reconsider the way we teach tznious we must make it the most appealing rhing cuz we r loosing the intrest of curious girls


    Risingsun, that’s because speeches are very boring, but in the CR you get to be part of things.


    Risingsun: In school it’s preachy and one-sided; here, it’s a give-and-take.

    Same with internet/technology speeches.


    and here, you can respond 6 months later to someone who probably doesnt even read YWN any longer. try hanging out in a classroom for 6 months before responding to a teacher.


    Risingsun: it’s because everyone is obsessed watching/talking/thinking about one thing but according to the Torah, we are not allowed to do so. Instead we like to talk about it in the only way we can by talking about tznius. It’s still the same conversation but from a different angle.


    Not if she’s really, really ugly.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    No such thing as being “overly tzniyus as long as it’s l’shaim shamayim! However, it’s a powerful weapon when used to hurt the other spouse and there will be gohenim to pay for such actions.


    When I was in school, I never did ask or answer a question immediately.

    world cup

    Interjection “spot on!”:-)

    yaakov doe

    Yes, too tznius would be to wear that get up with only the eyeslits like the Moslem women do which some women in Israel have copied from them.


    Rising: What are the halachos? Where in Shulchan Aruch do we have the halacha of how long skirts, shirts, styles should be?

    Don’t quote books, shiumrim or rabbies. All that is based on their perspective which other rabbi’s may disagree. I would like to know the Halahach from the source.


    Yaakov doe, that’s not more tznius, that’s just extra sun protection.

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