Can someone explain to me why some frum people are cavalier about corona virus

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    Thanks, mexipal. I am sending my kids out to play in traffic.


    @Nomesorah! The Heilege Bashefer of course!!

    Dear A maamin,
    Oh. I’m sorry. let me reread your post. Ummmm. No, maybe read it this way. Oh, you meant that. Nope. Still do not get. Please explain.


    I am unaware of the concepts of common and uncommon applying to danger. Each risk of life needs to be analyzed on it’s own terms.

    Jersey Jew

    I think part of the problem is you. You’re busy looking at other people to see what they’re doing and why they’re doing it instead of looking at yourself. Take a good look at yourself. Worry about yourself!

    I see far too many people here and on other supposed Jewish sites that are very worried about what other people are doing and what other people are going to think about them. Perhaps you should be worried about yourself? are you being to think you have control over this disease? Don’t you realize it takes someone to be breathing with droplets coming out of their mouth staying in the air long enough for you to happen to walk by and for you to inhale it. And even so you don’t necessarily get sick. It could very well be that your body will fight it off and you’ll never know about it.

    Stop playing Gd! Leave Gd to play Gd!


    Doing My Best is right on, but missed a few
    11) Masks are a sign of submission to the government
    12) masks are unconstitutional edited

    And so forth. I can’t believe, this far along, that we still have to have a discussion about odds. 10% chance of hospitalization, 5% chance of ICU. 1% chance of death. That’s outside of NYC which have higher stats. And, I thought if you did show symptoms, you really really show symptoms. Are my odds of winning a lottery so great?
    Car accidents really? How do you drive? They have defensive driving classes.

    I could never figure out the point of viruses, but now I finally see it. There is something to say for infinite wisdom. Something so easy to prevent, and people don’t because of their nature. Amazing.


    Dear Jersey,
    We should stop playing Jew, and be Yidden. That is what Yitzy is getting at.


    Where would be the fun in that? ūüėČ


    Mochel lach. It’s understandable how one would think I was referring to COVID, considering that’s what this whole topic has been about, and nobody’s going to read through every post.

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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