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    I was thinking this over. How does it work? Whats the psychology behind it?

    Lets’ say a thread starts. You click its title. You read the first opening statement by the OP.

    WHat happens after that? Like, lets say there is going to be 15 or even 79 comments after that. Do you go through each comment, and make sense out of who said what when, and what they responded with, and where each person is holding?

    I dont! I CANNOT. it makes me crazy. I could never keep track.

    I just read the whole thing like a book, of ideas. Then once in a while I draw and focus my attention back on the left side of the comments so I get a hazy idea of who is saying what. AS far as MEMORIZING THINGS GO …impossible. But I have seen some posters bring up weeks or months later, things I or others have said.

    The only time I can put a comment to a poster is if i really like that poster because they are notorious for being a funny or intelligent commentator or the opposite.

    What about you? How do you interpret threads?

    I think personally IMHO, that if the comments were more the style layout of it’d be easier, because if you have ever seen how that works, if there is a comment to a comment, then you know which comment they are commenting on.

    Get it? Or do you wish to comment on that? LOL


    Do you know who wrote this?


    Hi arwsf.

    You bring up a good point.

    I think in general this medium is one of quick reaction and a, more or less, spontaneous stream of consciousness kind of thing.

    I am sure there are many, depending on the post and interest in that post, who take the time to read the entire thread and carefully craft their response.

    For me, after there are about 3 pages, I probably have not read the thought evolution of all three pages.

    Anything more than that, way more than that, I may jump on and comment on a post that I am sure has been thoroughly worked.

    And I am sure there is misunderstanding all over the place as we are only dealing with the written word.

    Aside from that, I dont post based on the person. For me, it is solely on the topic of the idea they expressed.

    There are some people one can feel more in line with, and others not so, or way out of line with. But for me, I dont really know much about anybody here in real life, so if there is someone I really dont bond with, for example, it’s still all good, and I will post to them depending on the content of their point.

    You are making me think that there are more dynamics going on here than just posting to ideas, too. I can think of a few things about the “culture” or “sociology” of the Coffee Room, which can range from being supportive and sincere all the way to cliquish and ulterior-motive related. But such is the way of people in general. lol

    Nice post!


    i do like working through the threads, watching the give and take and getting to know each poster’s opinion. I find it fascinating to see the different ways in which people respond.

    it’s made difficult by the fact that people don’t quote the post they are answering (a pet peeve) and that posts are later deleted

    (the very prolific and mysterious ames sowed confusion in many on old thread by leaving and taking all her posts with her)


    Hi chocandpatience.


    Reading threads…..sewing confusion….lol

    I am not trying to needle you; just sayin’…


    I can’t respond unless I read the whole thread. The exception is the revived ancient conversations. In the kind-people-only thread there were several comments that were oblivious to the updates, mentioned opinions, and even the whole OP.


    BTGuy: “Reading threads…..sewing confusion….lol “

    hey, I missed that!


    Plus needling… Tailor made for pun-lovers like me.


    Nothing is as it seams. Just don’t hem and haw about it, because I don’t cotton to this type of humor. This whole thread has me in stitches.

    Shticky Guy

    BTGuy: “Reading threads….. sewing confusion “

    lol. You should join the CR sewing/knitting club as proposed on

    looking to start Boro Park knitting group

    arwsf I’m a geek. I used to have a mental image of posters and their views. But now I’m too busy BH and there’s too many posters. But I know you have a mischievous streak and a difficult life from your posts.


    Always, I think you’re right, especially as a mother with small children, who can sit there and spend the hours that it might take to really analyze a whole thread, especially if it has a lot of posts. You’re doing what probably a lot of people in the CR are doing. It would probably be different if we were face to face and could isolate ourselves one-on-one with someone to have a direct conversation. You can’t help it when someone else joins the thread (not saying that they’re not positively contributing, just it takes much concentration to remember who said what), so just take what you can from each thread and participate when you feel comfortable.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Nothing is as it seams. Just don’t hem and haw about it, because I don’t cotton to this type of humor. This whole thread has me in stitches.

    I was going to post that (until I saw this one)


    I can’t go thru all the comments if there plenty of them and also if the main topic was already forgotten…there are topics where I look comments of particular users like aries but also arwsf because we have similar backround and lifesituations. What I mamesh dislike is the fighting, the tone of it. I love also the funny statements but since I’m not american I don’t get evry joke. Its though good to see how ppl support eachother here and I love to read diffrent opinions on a topic. Sometimes when a comment refers to another I do look for it when I’m convinced its important.


    shticky guy, ” But I know you have a mischievous streak and a…”

    well,thats a nice way to put it. thanks.


    I took care of your problem.


    Hey Shticky Guy.

    Sew I see you are the one knit picking and needling. Perhaps YOU should join the sewing/knitting club. lol

    What do you mean you’re Greek? I would think it would be hard for you to keep up with the Jewish stuff in here.

    Oh, you’re a geek! What kind of geek?

    On a final note, I know you were just kidding, but I have to say for the record that Arwsf is totally awesome; times ten.

    : )


    aw, thanks, but when I thanked him I really meant it. I thought that calling me mischevious” was a very “Gentle” way of saying something funny. Too bad posts can’t take on a tone.

    Shticky Guy

    Scissors you ARE funny. Very funny. How can I possibly forget – the thread that had me literally rolling on the floor the most was ken zayn’s

    Do you still get childish impulses to do silly things?

    in which you showed your true nature! You are such a panic its unreal. You should be in the circus. Tell us more!


    yeah, I’d be a tiger. Or the audience. That could be funny.

    Shticky, btw, tonight I popped out “BOO” at my husband when he walked in from work. He must be use to it by now.

    Btw, what of all my funny childish pranks did you think was the funniest. Mine is actually the idea of lying in the postpartum unit with a green witch mask on in bed.

    Shticky Guy

    They were all very funny. The tree for sale was both funny and clever. Right down my alley. But the OP was the funniest – I can well imagine you or me doing the same! I’m just suprised at saying boo to your husband cos it doesnt fit in with that other thread you had about him. Whats news there?


    I usually read through the entire topic and then post. Which is why I barely post on most topics, because most of what I’d say has been said already.

    Which is why I’m wondering why I’m still posting this after the thread has already gone off topic.

    Bar Shattya

    I briefly glance at the OP then I scroll down to find the things that popa posts. Anything important will be quoted by popa. If popa doesnt respomd on the first page of posts then it must be a dumb thread and I go back to the main CR page


    why shouldn’t I say Boo?

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