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    I read this fascinating report from an Italian doctor. He claims that cancer is just a fungus, and so easy to treat.

    Has anyone seen this?


    Easy to treat? Then how come it’s one of the leading causes of death?

    Cancer is You vs. You.


    Has anyone seen that claim, the doctor, or the fungus? Why, before publishing his claims he must have cured millions of Italians, easily. Otherwise, how cruel can a man be watching his compatriots die daily while he is writing some paper?


    No, it is not.

    just me

    I’m sure he didn’t cure “millions of Italians”. That would have been front page news all over the world. Most people cure at best in the hundreds before they publish. I hope he is right, but he might just be selling snake oil. Where was this published?


    Published in the “l’Enquirare Nationale “


    i hope hes right but i doubt it, maybe he can cure my mother and grandfather


    Where is his clinic? How is he contactable?


    cancer is the worst thing in the world trust me i sympathize with all those who r going through it now i know wat u feel like its gehenim on earth you know wat it feels like yu feel like an alien to ppl they look at you as if you fell from somewhere cuz your wearing a sheitel so they treat you all weird i hate it


    gila, it sounds like you are a cancer patient. If you are, I wish you a refuah shleima b’korov.


    So cancer can now be cured with Tinactin?


    Um, no. Just because some guy with an “MD” after his name said it does not make it so. If it was there would be clinical trials and the like. Trust me if using something that simple would work then they would empty the wards and the doctors would all go play golf, and enjoy boredom.

    Just remember any idiot can put up a web site, or publish a book, it does not make them right. And there are a lot of people out there who need hope, thus snake oil sales men.


    Would that it were that simple. Cancers are caused by uncontrolled proliferation of cells. There *are* some cancers that are caused by viruses, but none known to be caused by a fungus.


    I guess I’d better dump my newly-acquired SGP stock.


    ulisis – in general I would have to advise you that dumping at this point may be a brocho levatolo. Then again, if it was “newly acquired”, that too may be a brocho levatolo.

    I just went to a “get rich quick seminar”. The guy taught us how to turn $100 into $1,000,000. For once, this wasn’t a scam or a Ponzi scheme.

    Simply invest $100 and 5% interest and wait 190 years.


    Has anyone read through his website? can you prove him wrong? I tend to beleive this theory,


    “I tend to beleive [sic] this theory.”

    As the daughter of a man who died of cancer in 2002, I have to warn you that without even looking at this website, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man’s theory is false and utterly unscientific.

    During the two years of my father’s illness, I came to know more about the horrible disease of cancer than I ever cared to know. I spent so much time in hospitals that to this day I cannot stand the scent of ammonia because it brings back too many painful memories. My father saw countless doctors and underwent countless treatments in order to try to beat cancer, but it triumphed over him in the end. Anyone- including an Italian man with a medical degree- who says that cancer is an easily treatable fungus is either terribly misinformed or else deliberately lying.



    I am sorry to hear about your father, but that does not prove him wrong, It could be that the reason people do not know about very effective alternative cancer treatments is because people are making good money. Alternative cancer treatment are natural and don’t cost much. It would put alot of people out of business as “ZachKessin” said, the doctor’s could go play golf.

    It is worthwhile to take a look at the website



    maybe he’s right, who knows.

    but what is it that made you so convinced that he is definitely right? his website? something else?


    No, I am not sure he’s right, but he could be right.

    His website does sound legitimate.

    Clarification: has no connection to the theory that cancer is a fungus, just a website with many alternative treatments for cancer. (easier, less expensive).

    He Explains very clearly there why most people have no idea about these treatments.


    If it was true- B”H! But doctors wont risk patients lives because they want something to do, are making money, and dont want to waste their time playing golf. Many oncologists go into this profession in the hopes of healing people- not making money. Besides, they could be sued for it…



    Sorry, but I wish it were so. First of all, from what I understand, not every oncologist is aware of all these alternative treatments. But the ones in charge do everything possible not to let the word out about it.

    How would the pharmacies make a living if everyone would be healed with natural products, that they are not allowed to patent. Again, not every pharmacy is aware of this either.

    I strongly recommend looking through the website. I understand that people would be hesitant to try it, but if you insist, some alternative treatments can be done at the same time as chemo and radiation.

    As for being sued, what would they be sued for?


    “How would the pharmacies make a living if everyone would be healed with natural products, that they are not allowed to patent”

    specific formulations of natural products, as well as extraction techniques are patentable. many of the standard medications used today are extracted from natural products (ie penicillin, wasnt always generic)

    “every oncologist is aware of all these alternative treatments. But the ones in charge do everything possible not to let the word out about it.”

    if even one oncologist, out of thousands, was aware, and began using the miraculous product, he would soon be making millions of dollars a year, i assure you other oncologists would soon hear about it and began using it too.

    even if there were a conspiracy, believe me the prospect of making so much money would soon cause a huge secession from the conspiracy. plenty of greedy doctors out there.


    Why would he be making millions if anyone could grow the cure in their own backyard, or buy it in the health food store for $5 or $30?

    Doctor’s are making millions doing their “most effective treatment” (sarcastic). Yes, as you say, plenty of greedy doctors out there.



    look at this guys website

    he proposes delivering bicarbonate to the tumors using medical vascular catheters, or oral antifungal prescription medicine

    besides you think someone with cancer, in general, wants to get treated by a health food shop, or by their doctor

    do you grow penicillin in your back yard, or ever heard of someone who does?

    oncologists do not make millions (per year)

    someone administering a sure fire cure for cancer, could easily make 20, 30, 40 or more millions a year.

    what are you arguing about?

    Devora K

    Every few years a charlatan garbers notice with some absurd claim

    There was the guy who could stick his hands into your body ( without creating a wound) and pull out the cancer.

    This is no different



    “besides you think someone with cancer, in general, wants to get treated by a health food shop, or by their doctor”

    I think people would like to be treated by someone who can truly help them.

    Devora K

    “This is no different”

    You may be right, but you may be wrong.

    Maybe we can think positive, this can save lives!


    This theory may have a little truth to it in that there are environmental cancr causes. But cancer is primarily genetic. its been proven. come on, an ‘extracellular phenamanon.’ any doc writing on this site should have been trained ohterwise.


    Alternative treatments are generally very unreliable, because once they have been proven to work, they tend to lose the label “alternative” and become mainstream.

    Theoretically, he could be right, but I can’t allow for any more than a tiny fraction of possibility. Doesn’t it seem like too much of an easy answer, a “quick fix” for a problem that has plagued humanity for so long?


    Genetics, Enviromental, Diet, Lack of Exercise, Anger, Atitude, and the list goes on, all these things may predispose one to RL having Cancer. Does Sloan Kettering do research using Alternative Methods such as Herbal, Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese, Aruvedic… Hadassah in Jerusalem did at one time, I dont know if they are doing it today. If these Hospitals dont, are there treatment centers in the World that do. Are there any Posters doing rearch with Alternatives to Chemotherapy and Radiation?


    yank, i think you may want to look up the definition of a predisposition. if cancer isn’t killed, you are. that simple. take advantage of the treatments that have been proven. don’t kill yourself looking for something without sideeffects. the effects of cancer are so much worse. currently, we just don’t know any other effective treatments. there are just so many different causes that you can’t just say come up with a treatment. these things are complicated and take time. one major idea out there now is find each environmental cause like HPV which is on the news alot now. there are tons of researchers looking for easier methods. but, if there was one proven, it would be in use in the general population within a very short period. don’t worry about that. thats for the docs to make sure they are aware. just do what the doc advises. don’t waste any precious time.

    There is tons of reseach going on in almost every hospital on cancer.


    Tal- I don`t have Cancer. Did not mean to mislead anybody, I was curious if other factors (besides Genetics) are responsible for Cancer. Eating healthy is important to me, as it has been for over 35 years. Everybody has to make the decision whether we eat to live or live to eat. Tal again thanks for concern.


    There are a lot of risk factors for Cancer

    1)Smoking can cause Lung Cancer

    2)Exposure to ionizing radiation can cause some forms of cancer

    3)Some cancers can be caused by viruses, for example the Human Paploma Virus(HPV)* can lead to Cervical Cancer.

    4)Exposure to coal dust can lead to lung cancer, this tends to hit miners and the like.

    5)Some chemicals can lead to cancer

    Mind you none of these things are 100%, but all can increase the risks. Best advice is to not smoke.

    *There is now a Vaccine for HPV


    And yet my father, a healthy nonsmoker, contracted a fatal case of cancer. It’s best to stay away from these risk factors, but nothing is a guarantee.


    My condolences, Tal. You’re right, it’s hard. There’s simply no other way to put it. Kol hakavod to you and your family for working to prevent further pain and suffering for others.


    quoting from website

    “Why are Laetrile and many other substances used in alternative-cancer therapy not readily available in the U.S.?


    the best way to prevent yena machlah is early detection

    YW Moderator-42

    Is Joseph a fungus?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Is Joseph a fungus?

    Nah, he’s just a fungi.


    Cancer is NOT a fungus.

    Cancer happens when normals cells become abnormal and therefore cannot carry out the proper function of a cell. The abnormal cells also multiply very quickly, which is partly why cancer is so hard to beat. The immune system is not strong enough or quick enough to combat all the cells. Similar situation with HIV, except it’s a virus.

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