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    Hello Kitty

    Be Happy, that makes it even harder. Every day I appear strong and try to help the close ones that are suffering but after a day of being the strong one I come home drained and sad too. At home I can be myself and cry for my loved ones. Both of them b”h have a very good diagnosis but they need surgery and treatment and it is very hard.I want to be on the other end of the bridge already.

    About screening, you are so right.If not for the screening I dont want to think what couldve happened.

    Be Happy

    Hello Kitty. I know I can’t feel your pain. My spouse B”H has great backup support. Try and find someone who can help you. Surgery and treatment is a very hard lonely road to travel…. Keep strong and know that you really can make a difference. I have had 3 surgeries, chemo and need more surgey after YomTov. It is those people that have stood by me through thick and thin who I value the most. Like I said previously my daily phonecall from one of my friends does such a lot for me.


    yea i know what you mean be happy its really hard and everyone thinks that you are strong and everything will be allright but no one understands our fears and concerns. i have a friend who happens to be a social worker and she is my best friend and i always say without her i would have never made it. she is amazing , you gotta have at least one person to cry to and let out your frustrations, someone who wont judge you and this lady is one of these people. cancer is scary and you gotta have a good support sysetem even when you are in remission


    hey people out there i dont know if anybody knows this but bikur cholim of boro park has a support group for cancer survivors and we meet once a month in their building to talk and have great people come to give us chizuk. if anyone is interested its only for women and girls and their number is 718-438-2020


    To syllogist:

    B”H i am still taking my vitamins and going strong. The doctor i use is tops in the field and is in agreement to what i am doing.His priority is to get vitamins from food. But not always are you up to eating the right foods so vitamins can supplement.

    I just referred someone to the doctor i am using. He gave her hope, where the doctor in Sloan gave her a death sentence. Yes, Hashem is the one who decides. Anyway, the doctor i am using told this friend that she can follow the protocol i am using.

    Many doctors are conventional and won’t take or let you take vitamins. Why don’t you ask them if they do?

    On a recent survey 91% of doctors said they would try alternative methods over chemo if they were sick.

    Get hold of CURE and read about such!

    Yes, i will continue taking my vitamins as much as possible. My PET scans are B”H clean, are yours?

    Refuah Shelaima to all.

    I prefer not to talk about being sick but will share with someone if it gives them chizuk.


    Many doctors are conventional and will not take or let you take vitamins? Yet 91% of doctors surveyed said they would use alternative methods instead of chemo?

    Did you even read what you wrote before you hit the post button?

    minyan gal

    I received this email this morning and thought that some of you or your friends may be interested.


    Please join Women’s League and Sharsheret, the national not-for-profit organization supporting Jewish women and families facing breast cancer, for a FREE webinar Wednesday evening, October 20th, 8:30 pm (EDT).

    This 30 minute webinar will be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about Sharsheret’s free programs available to women and families in your community and to find out how members of your community can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

    Webinar topics will include:

    Educating your community about the issues unique to young Jewish women and families facing breast cancer

    Engaging your community members through educational programs, outreach events, and seminars

    Empowering Jewish women and providing them with the tools necessary to guard their health

    Presenting innovative seminars on the impact of breast cancer on Jewish families, breast cancer genetics, and the importance of knowing your family history

    Nurturing the next generation of Jewish community leaders

    To register for the webinar and login instructions, please contact Sharsheret Director of Community Engagement Rebecca Schwartz at [email protected] or call (866) 474-2774.

    We look forward to your participation.


    Yes Mr/Mrs Syllogist,

    I definitely did read what i wrote and hope you did too!

    Refuah Shelaim too all and a Gutten and Gezunten Chodesh!


    Check out my blog at – recovering from a BMT for ALL

    Sister Bear

    A close relative was diagnosed with cancer around five years ago. He had a 4% chance of life and doctors weren’t hopeful. They were debating to do chemo because if he was going to die anyway, he should do it peacefully.

    Thank G-d they did chemo and lived for an additional five years. Unfortunately he was just niftar, but he was in remission a bunch of times, they had gotten rid of the cancer. He even had a kid while he was sick!

    I know it’s not exactly a happy ending, but never ever give up! Even when everything is going bad and it doesn’t look like they’ll get better, because they might, everything is in G-d’s hands. Not the doctors.

    May everyone have a refuah sheleima!!!!

    Be Happy

    I have great news to report. I had My 4th major surgery Nov 1st. B”H the lab results have come back clear. I only have to go back in 4 months to see my oncologist. Yipee! What shall I tell you, I have been to gehenim and back!! If anyone has ideas to help me regain my koaches I would really appreciate them. I daven all those who are sick should have a refuo shlaimo very soon too.


    Be Happy, wow, BH!! SO nice to hear!! May Hashem grant you many, many happy, healthy years to come with much nachas from your entire family! May Hashem bentch all those awaiting a refuah a quick and easy one!



    Be Happy-

    B”H – that’s truly excellent news that all of us can “Be Happy” to hear.

    Over Shabbos I was thinking that we hadn’t heard about your situation in a while, and maybe a post letting you know we hadn’t forgotten about you would be a good idea.

    I don’t have any advice (sorry), but I know cancer survivors who over time regained their strength, hair (where applicable), and other physical attributes.

    IY”H may you continue to have a refua shelaima.


    May we continue to share in many more simchos

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