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    Now’s the time to buy if you’re in the market for new appliances in New York State

    from Friday’s NY Daily News

    Sick of that old washer, want a new fridge? This might be your lucky day!

    Friday kicks off the “New York’s Great Appliance Swap Out” program (a.k.a. “Cash for Appliances”), where you can get money back when you purchase Energy-Star applicances.

    Here are the rebates, according to WSYR-TV Syracuse:


    Refrigerators: $75 rebate. You could get $105 back if you have a receipt proving you recycled the old one.


    Washers: $75 dollar rebate or $100 with a recycling receipt


    Freezers: $50 refund or $75 if you recycle the old one.


    If you bundle all three items, or any two plus an Energy Star dishwasher, you can get a $500 rebate, $550 with recycling receipt.

    The program is first-come, first-serve, and there is about $17 million set aside to fund the initiative in New York state, according to the Web site. The program officially ends on Feb. 21. You can learn more about “New York’s Great Appliance Swap Out” and fill out a rebate application online at

    For those of you who are not New Yorkers, visit for details about the program and eligibility.

    From government rebate site:

    Types of Appliances


    Central air conditioners

    Clothes washers



    Furnaces (oil and gas)

    Heat pumps (air source and geothermal)


    Room air conditioners

    Water heaters

    Time is of the essence since the program is only open for a short time.

    Other states also have this program, but dates and rebate specifics vary.


    Good. Investment in energy efficiency could save us enough to significantly cut our dependence on foreign oil. I just wish the program offered even larger incentives for those few appliances still made in this country.


    Yeah, I just checked out an appliace store online, and you can get


    Refrigerator – $105.00 With Recycling $75.00 Without Recycling

    Freezer $75.00 With Recycling $50.00 Without Recycling

    Clothes Washer $100.00 With Recycling $75.00 Without Recycling

    It is really worth it, and I think this is only good for one week!


    I guess I should mention the site I took the info off of:

    I think they are located in BP.


    They take $10 in excessive taxes and give back 20 cents and we are supposed to say “Thank you wise and benevolent government”.

    And it does not even apply to everything anyway, like stoves and ovens for example.

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